Buy Neopets Battledome Items

Everything your aspire getting through the plot, beating Defenders of Neopia, or participating in tall tier fight events, whether youre a beginner in the fight ground or an archaic gain bearing in mind lots of experience, the GetNeopoints has a range of weapons for your Neopet that is certain to fit your budget and your needs. Our gigantic growth ranges from starter weapons invade for a lower-statted pet to intermediate weapons suited for the average battle pet, and all the pretentiousness going on to summit of the extraction weapons for the more elite battlers. everything your needs and goals, GetNeopoints can back up acquire you outfitted quickly; dont waste any more times digging for weapons in game with we have literally all you habit right here. Its all instant delivery, thus you can find yourself armed in a business of minutes it takes isolated as long as you receive to find and checkout!

We carry every the major categories of weapons. Offensively, we have you agreed covered. in imitation of it comes to bombs, we have the classic Honey Potion best suited for beginner arsenals, and the ever well-liked Ghostkerbomb, which packs a enlarged punch for more innovative sets. If youre looking for constants, we carry the totally well-liked anagram swords (Sword of Thigl, Skardsen, Thare, Tawre, Reif, and Ari), each of which packs a strong punch as soon as a exchange icon tilt and is a good correspond for intermediate battlers. Beginner battlers will adore the cost involved Ylanas Blaster, which packs a punch for a lower price. At the sophisticated end of battling, elite battlers will adore the double-whammy knock-out that the Ghostkersword and the Faerie Sling Shot, not to citation the Grapes of Wrath, offer.

Defensively, weve got your encourage too. The ghostkershield is one of the most well-liked shields in the game and we always have it in gathering and ready to deliver; its a good shield no matter what kind of battler you are. For the more elite battlers we furthermore carry Thyoras Tear, which is one of the entirely best ways to shut your challenger by the side of flat. And all set, no situation what tier youre in, needs a healer its a must-have for battling. For beginner and intermediate battlers the bag of Healing dust is a good constant healer that will heal 50% of your Neopets hitpoints that heal could create the difference in the middle of a win and a draw, or even a win and a loss. Of course, for elite battlers and stronger pets, there is clearly no replacement for a full heal in battle, which is why we hoard the Leaded Elemental Vial. (Be cautious to equip it even though dont accidentally drink it!)

And finally, in a class of their own, one of the single most important pieces any battler can have in their arsenal is a freezer. The 100% freezer is one of the investments every battler needs to make as the extra approach a freezer affords cannot be replaced by any supplementary weapon. We deposit both the freezing Potion and the H4000 Helmet, as well as the Magical Marbles of Mystery.

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