How to Make Neopoints Fast

There are many ways to earn neopoints fast. One is by playing games. The other is through restocking (buying items for low price in official Neopian shops and selling them for a higher price). In this article, we’ll tackle about the things you need to know about the Stock Market.

Neopets Stock Market

You can go to the Stock Market through the following ways:

  • At the Neopets Homepage, scroll down to see the Yellow Chia with a cellphone (Nigel the Commodity Broker).
  • In the Games Room, right at the bottom of the page, click on Nigel the Chia.

Now that you’re there, you’re ready for investing!

What are Neopets Stocks

“A company can choose to offer a percentage of itself to the general public. This means everyone can invest in this company if they want to. When you want to buy a portion of a company, you need to buy a share. A share is the name given to that portion of the company. This doesn’t mean you own the company, it just means you have invested in it.”

The ones you see scrolling at the top of the page are the different companies and how much each stock has progressed throughout the day.

These two to four letter-words are called “Ticker Symbols”. Ticker Symbols are the abbreviations for the companies. So instead of saying the whole company name, we’ll just call them through their Ticker Symbols. For instance, AAVL = Alien Aisha Vending Ltd.

Finding Stocks

So, you’re brought to the Stock Market Page. Now what do you do? First, you have to find stocks to buy. Choose from the wide selection of companies in which you’re going to invest to.

You can either search for the company name by typing its Ticker Symbol here, or you can view the full list of companies from which to choose from. I suggest you look at the full list first.

You’ll then be directed to a table with a wide selection of different companies. We’ll now go in-depth as to what each of these columns mean.

This is the picture/trademark representing the company, which helps you identify the company in your Portfolio.

AAVL = Nerkmid
ACFI = Juice

And so on…

As stated above, Ticker Symbols are groups of two to four letters which represent the abbreviation or acronym of a certain company.

This column states the whole company name (what the Ticker Symbols mean).

This is the number of shares that have been bought and sold so far in a single day. As you can see, in this screenshot, there are currently no activities going on in ACFI and BUZZ on that day. This is because you are not allowed to buy shares lower than 15 NP. We’ll get to this rule later on.

This shows the opening price of the stock, or simply how much the stocks cost at the start of midnight NST.

This shows the current price of a particular stock. This changes every 30 minutes, and is essential in making decisions at investing. Through this, you can keep track on how the prices of stocks increase or decrease.

This shows the percentage of the company’s loss or gain in a day. It is generally better to buy stocks that have negative percentage (decrease in price), because there’s a high probability that its price will increase again later on, so you can sell them for higher price.

Company Profile

After choosing which company to invest from at the Find Stocks page, you’ll then be directed to the company’s profile page.

There’s nothing much of importance in this page. It just shows the company’s logo, name, current price of a share/stock, and the company’s description.

There are some companies that have competitors (You can see them at the bottom of the page). This is just another one of those “gimmicks” by TNT. Competitors do not affect the price of stocks in any way. Just because a company’s stock has increased in price doesn’t mean its competitor’s price has decreased.

When you click on the Company Name, it will then bring you to the “Buy” page.


In this page, you can have the option to type in how many stocks you want to buy in that particular company. The price of one stock (in this case, 22) is stated on the company’s profile. However, there are rules in buying stocks:

  • You can only buy stocks that are priced 15 NP or over. This is to keep the market in balance and prevent crashes and inflation.
  • You can only buy up to 1,000 shares per day.

Selling Your Stocks

Now that you’ve chosen which stocks to buy, you are redirected to your portfolio. This is where the stocks you bought are listed.


  • Open – This shows the opening price of one stock at the very start of the day.
  • Current Price – This shows the current price of one stock (changes every 30 minutes).
  • Chg – How much the stock has gained or lost so far in the day.


  • Qty – Shows how many shares you bought (over-all).
  • Paid – Shows how much you paid for all the shares in that company. (meaning, number of stocks you bought [Qty] times the price you bought them for)


  • Mkt Value – Qty x Current Price
  • % Change – How much you gained or lost from that company.

At the left of the Company Logo is a grey arrow facing to the right. If you click on that arrow, it will point downwards, and will bring a drop-down list which contains information of all the shares you bought in that company.

The amount of shares you bought from the company.

Paid NP
How much each stock cost you.

Total NP
Shares x Paid NP

How much each share of stock costs right now.

Mkt Value
How much your shares cost now (over-all).

% Change
Shows how much you gained or lost per share (over-all).

And now you’re ready to sell your stocks whenever you want! Remember to sell them at a higher price! Of course, what’s the point of investing anyway? It’s pointless to sell stocks without gaining interest, isn’t it?


And now for some basic things you need to know when investing:

Basic Knowledge of the Price of Stocks
As what have been stated a while ago, it is better to buy stocks when their prices are low. Familiarize and try to follow what a stock price has been before buying. If the stock price suddenly dips, that is normally a good time to invest.

For example, LUPE averages at about 200NP per stock. When a share decreases to about 140NP, that’s a good sign you have to invest now. There’s a high chance it will go up to 200 one day, and so you’ll gain 60NP interest per share. If you bought 1000 shares, you’ll gain 60,000NP of interest in LUPE alone!

Be patient. Remember that you are always at risk when investing at the Stock Market. If all your stocks drop, remember that one day, they will increase again. And wait until you gain a reasonable amount of interest. Don’t just sell your stocks when you see that it has gained 10%. If you’re patient enough, you can even gain up to 800% of interest!

Don’t just invest in one company. Make many options.

This is a common problem to investors, including my case. There are times when you need money desperately, but all the stocks in your Portfolio have decreased in price. What do you do now? You’re either forced to withdraw your money (losing the interest), or just leave them there.

If you have variation in stocks, you can guarantee that everyday, there’s a certain stock in your Portfolio that has gained interest, while some of them lose interest. It is better this way, rather than having all your stocks from one company go down, and you’re forced to withdraw the money losing the interest, isn’t it?

Sell in Large Masses
Always remember that everytime you sell stocks, Nigel the Chia charges you 20 NP on each trade you make!

And that’s the end of our guide. Hope it helped you in having knowledge and gaining tips on investing at the Stock Market. And remember, if you need any more help, there are always those people at the Neoboards willing to explain stuff for you.

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