Make One Million Neopoints

One desire that many Neopians have these days is being able to have a massive amount of neopoints. For people starting out, don’t make your goal automatically 1 million neopoints. A good thing for you is to start out at 250,000 NP and then if you don’t mind the work instead increase that amount to 500,000 NP and finally to one million neopoints. If you start out large and find out that you can’t get 1 million neopoints in a matter of one week you might begin to get discouraged. A good start is to always create a shop. Your shop will be one of the places you earn most of your neopoints along with playing games. When opening a shop don’t worry too much on the exact size of your shop. Right now my shop is only a size 5 and most of the time mine isn’t full to its max. Your priority right now is to earn neopoints instead of wasting it on having a 50+ size shop.

After your shop is created its time to earn yourself a few neopoints to start off with. The best way to do this is to play games. I know not everyone can spend hours playing games but no one is bad at every game. Try out a few games and you’ll find out that there are games that are quick and will earn you a lot of neopoints. Even if you can’t do flash games there are other games that don’t require flash. These include Sutek 21 and Pyramids – both saying that in one-day you can earn up to 5,000 neopoints. That would be 10,000 neopoints if you played them to the max in one day. Don’t just stop with one game! If you spend 30 minutes playing games that you’re good at most likely you’ll earn yourself at least 5,000-10,000 neopoints. Depending what games you play you may even earn more.

Now its time to visit your freebies. Do this each and every day. You don’t ever want to miss out. Some freebies you might have to pay money to do but most of the time you’ll earn more out of it. Freebies include: Tombalo, Coltzan Shrine, Fruit Machine, Wheel of Excitement, Healing Springs, Omlette, and the Snowager. Note: With the Healing Springs you can go there every 30 minute so if your pet gets sick NEVER buy medicine for it. Your pet won’t die and the healing springs will end up healing your pet after a few times. Also you’ll want to visit the Scratchcard Kiosk in the Ice Caves. If you want to scratch it you can but if it was me I would go ahead and sell it. Most of the time you’ll at least make a 100 NP profit off of it and a profit is a profit. Remember, every last penny counts.

So after doing your game and your freebies you have some neopoints saved up. Now its time to learn the game of restocking. By restocking I mean going into a regular Neopian Store and buying items there and reselling them in your store. Once you get use to the cost of items you’ll learn which to buy and what you’ll make a profit off of. I’m always in the Book Store considering you can get books for 400-600 neopoints and sell them from 1,000 neopoints or more.

After buying the items place them into your store. Before pricing make sure you check EVERY item with the shop wizard. You don’t have to go extremely below the lowest price but depending on the item a 100 neopoints lower won’t hurt you. By doing this you’ll get more of a business and you’ll also learn respect from others. Nobody likes to see a shop that’s over priced.

After you’ve done that you’ll want to go over to the message boards and make a board up saying what you have to sell. Don’t make it something like “Huge Sale” because considering there are many of those most people pass on by. Make up something creative and new instead to catch someone’s attention. Also don’t just leave your board then. Stay for a few minutes and afterwards add some facts about your shop in different messages to keep your topic on the top. Don’t just use bump – but by using facts it can get someone more interested in visiting your shop. Also provide a direct link to your shop.

The regular Neopian shops aren’t the only place to make a profit off of items. Once you’ve gotten a good deal of neopoints you should go to the auctions. If you’re good with punching in numbers stay in the 21-40 item range of the auctions. A lot of times you’ll be able to see codestones going for as low at 2000 NP – and remember most of them can be sold for 4,000 neopoints. Grab as many as these up as you can to resell and if you’re lucky to get one for 2,000 neopoints that’s double a profit. Sometimes if you’ve reached 50,000 neopoints you’ll see lab ray map pieces going for 20,000-30,000 neopoints so try to get these as well since most get sold easily for 50,000 neopoints. Now that you’ve sold the items you’ve gotten off of restocks its time to go to the bank. Set up an account and make sure each day you put some of your neopoints in it but don’t take them out unless you know you can easily get them back. A lot of people make the mistake of saving 100,000 neopoints and then blowing them all out on a paintbrush. Your pet will be find being red until you reach a good enough amount so you’ll still have some neopoints left. For me I usually take ½ of my shop till and put it into my bank. Once you’ve built up enough neopoints doing restocks, the amount added to your bank can get up to 20,000-50,000 a day.

Note: Always get your interest. Even if its only 5 neopoints – every penny counts. After doing this for about a week you’ll begin to realize the amount of neopoints you’re earning. Learn to earn and not to overspend. If you love spending though then don’t think about having a million neopoints. This goal is for people that are willing to save and not buy items that they don’t need. Your pets will love you with a 15 neopoints toy instead of a 500 neopoints toy.

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