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Welcome to GetNeopoints, we’re a team of professional Neopets players who are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers. All of us have been playing Neopets since the beginning and so we’re very experienced in this business. Over the years we’ve acquired the safest methods of transfer to ensure our customers have the maximum protection. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers, if we jeopardized that then we’d have no customers left!

If you are tired of spending all of your time playing Neopets games and carrying out the Neopets Dailies while still struggling to increase your wealth then you have just entered your ideal site where you can buy neopoints from us and within a few clicks you can become an extremely wealthy Neopian. Our item range includes low end products and extends all the way to the higher end of the scale including all of the most sought after battledome items. We are always updating our prices and keep our neopoints prices cheap to ensure our customers keep returning to get neopoints from us. All of the neopets products we sell here are obtained legitimately so all of our customers keep their neopets accounts safe.

We check the prices of our competitors daily to ensure that we are giving our customers the best value for their money. We’re also proud to have the most active, helpful and friendly customer support service to answer any questions or solve any problems that you may have. Do you want to make an enquiry about a certain amount of neopoints or a certain neopets item that you want? Do you think that another site is seriously beating our prices on neopoints? Do you want to see if you can receive discount if you are buying neopoints or neopets items in bulk? Are you still unsure after reading our FAQ’s on how to get neopoints? We have the best prices for selling cheap neopoints and we also have the customer service team to back our products. We are Paypal verified and therefore are reputable sellers on Paypal. This also means our buyers are covered to up to $1000 if GetNeopoints.com do not deliver a satisfactory service to them.

We have been open since the start of 2010 and therefore we actually know what we are doing by now and hence why we are still around beating of our competitors. You can now buy neopoints from us in the form of preloaded neopoints shell accounts. These accounts are all extremely safe and secure. The Neopoints on these accounts were put on them several years ago and they have not been logged into since! Buying Neopoints this way is definitely the safest method possible. We recommend that you do not transfer Pure Neopoints between your accounts. Instead we advise that you use the preloaded account to buy easy to sell items and then transfer the items between your accounts. Once you have the items on your main you can then sell them on there. If you are looking to buy neopoints preloaded shells of a larger amount that is listed below, please contact us and we will get back to you with a quote.

We hope to be the company that you always turn to when you need to buy Neopoints, Items, Pets and Accounts – we won’t let you down!

We have a number of packages for you to pick from. We sell neopoints from as low as five million all the artifice to progressive increments such as twenty million and above. Our prices are the cheapest concerning and we are for ever and a day varying our prices to keep competitive.

No event what get-up-and-go neopets item youre chasing (a plushie paint brush for your Aisha, a rare TCG or plushie for your gallery, a morphing potion to morph your needy Lenny into a scarce Lutari, or even finding that strong weapon for your pet to battle later than in the Battledome) there is one thing you need: NP. Probably lots of them.

Unfortunately, its tedious and maddening to earn NP in-game; for the average player, even earning plenty to buy a Baby Paint Brush can endure forever! Games are slow, and lets be honest they’re boring, especially because you have to comport yourself the same games over and over. Even if you enjoy them next you first begin playing, they become a chore without a lot of payback pretty quickly. lead you can be a wonderful gamer and not earn a lot because Neopets caps the amount of NP you can earn per game, which makes the grow old you have to invest in game playing even more frustrating.

And restocking? Unless you taking into consideration tedium, have hours to spend upon it, and have a super-fast computer *and* internet connection forget virtually it. We wont even quotation learning how to take what items are fine for restocking and what arent unless you want to believe upon a part-time job to learn the ins and outs and then spend daylight after day work it, its probably not worth your time. For all but the most hardcore players, restocking is something augmented left to the pros who else needs that kind of play up in their hobby?

So where does that depart you, quick of exploit your dailies and saving forever? And what happens if the item of your dreams comes taking place for sale at a price youll never prominence again but you just don’t have the points? Don’t worry GetNeopoints has you covered. We sell every the NP you’ll ever need, in convenient increments suitably you can always buy exactly what you need. solitary dependence a few things? buy 5 million its the perfect total to stash in the bank and buy something here or there. Ready to purchase some expensive battle gear? Dont trouble we sell increments of 20 million, too!

Our NPs are delivered in the most discreet viable mannerism upon preloaded accounts straight to your email. This means you dont have to upset very nearly someone catching upon that you’re using a Neopets cheats site because there are no in-game transfers from us to you. Its as easy and as safe as it gets. And the best part? If you want fast service, your in the right area all of our NP packages are instant delivery, which means that they’re in your email as soon as your payment goes through. Its that easy!

So what are you waiting for? end spending every of your times saving and begin enjoying your hobby. quick simple neopoints are solitary a few clicks away. whatever desire you’ve been chasing, the GetNeopoints has you covered!

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