Why should I buy from GetNeopoints?

This is what is doubtful in the mind of most, and it is also the best question out there. First of all, GetNeopoints.com started as a small selling Neopets site which quickly grew in a profitable business for us. Our stock is earned entirelylegitimate and has been earned over the years. That means you will not be doubtful or even regretful when purchasing from us, because all of our stock is entirely legit. Here, at GetNeopoints.com, we use the safest transfer methods possible and offer the most helpful support with unbeatable prices. By the safest methods, it does also mean delivering most of our items with the account they come with, because we care about our buyers and will do everything to keep them as safe as possible. For two, our prices are unbeatable, meaning we have the lowest possible prices on the market and if you happen to find the same product, elsewhere, for cheaper, we will gladly match the price and give you a discount of 10% on the final price. Why? Because we care about your budget.

Do you need my Neopets password?

NEVER! Anyone who asking you for this information is a pure scammer. We usually will not even need your username, but for orders were we do you will always have the option to use a temporary account or even your side account, and we encourage you to do so to assure a smooth transaction. Most of our products can and will be delivered in a preloaded account containing the neopets, items or pets you have purchased to ensure your protection. From that account, you will be able to safely, slowly transfer the purchased product(s) to your main. In other words, you can decide to not have to give us any information when purchasing the products you want.

How are your Neopoints obtained?

Our website is operated by a team of seven players who have started playing since the site was first created, back in 1999. The neopoints we sell are earned from playing games daily, restocking, reselling, investing, etc. This is why you will never have to worry when purchasing from us. Our net value of neopoints, put together, exceeds your expectations. We even use these neopoints we have hardly earned to buy the rarer items and make your life easier. For example, the Candychan Stamp is worth well around 50,000,000 nps. Earning 50k a day means you will need 1000 days of hard play to purchase only one item. Here, we do the work for you and put it for sale for the most reasonable and suitable price because we want you to leave happy.

What payment methods do you accept?

The primary payment gateway we use is Paypal. Not everyone has Paypal, so we also accept payments via Interac eTransfer for Canadians, Moneypak for US Residents, Bitcoin that is International and finally, Western Union. These payment methods have to be manually processed, so please send us an email if you wish to use one of them.

How long does it take to process the orders?

Products that are labelled with ‘Instant Delivery’ are sent out immediately after purchase to your email. Other products will be delivered within a 12-24 hour time frame. 

I want something, but it’s not listed on your site?

If you’re after a particular item that we do not have listed within our stock, do not hesitate to mail us. We will more than gladly fill your custom request and get reserve the item for you whenever we obtain it.

Can I be a seller for you site?

For secure reasons, no, unfortunately. We can not take the risk to publicly hire people for the simple reason that we care about our clients. Doing this will put our customers in a vulnerable position, meaning they will be at risk. For this reason, our staff are the only buyers.

Some of your prices are a little higher then they should be?

We have many, many items in stock and we can not adjust the prices according to the unstable economy of everyday. If you would want to buy an item and think that the price we have should be different, just send us a mail and we will adjust the price accordingly.

My question isn’t on this page, what should I do?

The question right there are the most frequently asked questions. If you have one that is not listed, we will gladly answer it by mailing us through the Contact Us form.

How will I receive my bought neopoints?

The neopoints you will purchase from us will be delivered on a complimentary account to ensure your safety. After your purchase, you will be emailed the login details to an accounts, containing your neopoints. At that time, you will be able to move them to your main account and enjoy becoming richer.

Can I know the username to an account or pet?

For safety reasons, we are not able to disclose names prior to purchase. You are free to inquire about the username format you’re after and if it contains underscores and numbers. If you have any other questions about the account, ask us and we will gladly work out to find what suits you the best.

How will I receive access to my purchased pet?

Two options are offered to you when it comes to purchasing pets. The first method is to leave your username at the moment of checkout so that we know where we will have to send the pet to. The second and safest method is to receive the pet on a preloaded shell account.

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