Neopets Altador Plot

Head over to the Hall of Heroes and click the Yurble Janitor in the background.

Talk to him, and he’ll say that he can’t figure out what this button does.

Click the button. (It has been reported that the Yurble’s button is no longer clickable, for people who are just getting started on the plot. Try copying and pasting this link in wherever you need to push the button:

Click Continue. The Yurble gets super pissed, and starts yelling at you for pressing it.

Leave the Hall of Heroes, and go on over to the Altadorian Archives. GO into the room on the right and talk to the Lenny. He says that he has heard of the button and doesn’t know what it does either, but maybe one of his books says something about it. So, let’s look around for books!

There’s a likely-looking prospect. Let’s click on it.

Of course. It couldn’t be that easy. Press Continue, and the Lenny says that if he had something three inches tall, he could stabilise the table with that instead. SO, off to find something flat and three inches tall. Luckily, right here in Altador, there is a Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry. How convenient! You can use that link to get to the Quarry, or you can click on one of the tiny trees at the bottom of the Altador map.

Ignore the Jubjubs arguing over some inane, inconsequential detail, and start looking around for a rock. Remember, the rock is only three inches tall, so it is very small. You should find it up on the ledge to the upper right.

So now, obviously, go back to the Archives and give the rock to the Lenny. Click on the book under the table leg again.

Another amazing coincidence! Unfortunately, the book that was under the table is completely blank except for a prologue. The archivist is completely fascinated.

He puts the book up on the marble pedestal, where you can read it by clicking on it. It is called The Book of Ages. To turn the pages, click the folded upper corners. Here’s a screen of the only page that has words on it– the rest is blank.

Now, go back to the Hall of Heroes. If you click the Yurble Janitor, he tells you that maybe the gears of the button have siezed up because they are dirty, and suggests you find something to grease them up. Click around the base of each statue until you find the Oil. This can be tricky, but don’t give up. If you really can’t find it, double-check that you have completed the steps so far. Make a note to yourself of which statue you find it behind because it might be significant later in the plot. I found mine behind the Darkest Faerie… I wonder what that means…

Go back to the Yurble Janitor again. He says that oil is what he uses to polish the plaques, and suggests that you put some on the button mechanism. Click the button again, and suddenly…..

Now the Yurble is all mad again because it’s bright and he has to mop instead of “guarding” the button. He yells at you again. Dang, Yurbles are mean. First the Yurble Foreman, now the Yurble Janitor. They must all hate their jobs.

When you see the Hall of Heroes again, it is all prettyfied and lit up. A staircase has also appeared to the left…

So, go up the stairs. You find yourself in a dome-shaped room….

Ooooh, what could this signify? Well, if you go back to the Hall of Heroes and click on the statues, now if you click the top row of pixels of each picture, a pattern of jewels appears. Are they constellations somehow related to the observatory above?

If you go back to the Archivist, he is amazed that the ceiling opened. He wonders if there are any clues about the Book of Ages there…

On March 25, the bulletin board in the main room of the Archives changed. There is now a new flyer up on it, right in the center, that you can click on. DO IT!

A Blumaroo that looks like a cross between Harry and Ron greets you. Don’t believe me, that’s what he looks like? Check this out:

Ok, so I did draw in the wand and Hedwig. So? He still looks like it.
Anyway, obviously click on “Join the Astronomy Club.”

So here are all the big nerds of Altador… you should fit right in! Haha, omg. Get a load of that Buzz over there. Hahahaha! I just circled it because it was funny. You can’t click on it or anything.
Oh wait, what was that about a gift? Well, scroll down, and see…

Oh, sweet! Somewhere high altitude to use it… hmm… with a dome… and an empty telescope holder… AHA! Let’s trek back to the good ol’ HoH (as many Plot buffs have begun to call the Hall of Heroes). Remember how to get to the Observatory? By clicking the stairs to the left? Well, go there.

Click on the empty telescope stand to place your little cheap telescope up there.

Wait while your stars load…

Ok, so now you’ve got this… contraption. Your stars will change every few hours. It starts you off with the pen. If you click stars and then click another star, it will draw a line between them. If you mouseover the big red button, it will let you select from a menu scroll. If you select “Add Star” it will let you click on stars with the hand, and they will stay highlighted.

You can also delete (unhighlight) a star you have selected, or all the stars you have selected. Anyway, let’s try highlighting a few stars.

Wow, when you’ve selected a few stars, the “Submit” button appears. It looks like you can submit a constellation that you think is right. If you’d like to see a star map of your stars, go to the star mapper. He made a little script thing that lets you just copy and paste your star info and it will make your map right there!

As a last note, the Archivist says, “Ah, I see you’ve joined the Astronomy Club. Is there more excitement to be found than in observing the heavens, and mapping the intricate patterns of the cosmos?” The janitor says, “Hm, so you joined an Astronomy Club, eh? That sounds like fun. I wish I had the time to join a club.”

The Sleeper
A tomb in Altador can now be viewed! Click on the bottom left hand building on the Altador map.

You will see a tomb door.

Click on the dots, and they will light up!

Go back to the Altadorian Archives (IMPORTANT!) BEFORE looking for the constellation. You cannot find the constellation until you talk to the Archivist. You need to find the constellation that is on your tomb door. It is the constellation of The Sleeper (the Darkest Faerie).

It helps a lot if you make a star map.

Tips on constellation finding (works for all constellations so far):
–Make SURE you’ve completed all the steps. Your stars should be mostly small, white ones.
–Navigate within the telescope by clicking on blank space. The place you click will move to the center of your crosshairs.
–Get your coordinates. You’ll need them for the starmap maker, and you’ll also need them if you need help from anyone. You should copy them into a Notepad file so you’ll have them on hand.
–Use the map maker to view all of your stars. Find the constellation there, then note the coordinates of some of the stars and make sure you pay attention to the stars around it.
–Your constellation will PROBABLY (not definitely) have AT LEAST one nonwhite star in it. This has been the case for the vast majority of constellations that I’ve found.
–The constellation will probably not be very near the edges of your star map, because your telescope needs to be able to center in on it. The telescope can’t get into the corners.
–Navigate in your telescope in the general direction of your constellation, until you see some of the stars around it/in it.
–Make sure you connect the stars in the way they are shown in the picture. Simply highlighting stars with lines between them or connecting them improperly will not work.
Here are a few examples of some constellations that I helped people to find, so you can see the formation and size.
-Example 1
-Example 2
-Example 3
(Dreamer is usually near Sleeper)
-Example 1
-By “near Sleeper,” I mean, NEAR the Sleeper.

Here is my constellation. My stars were not all the same color, but some people’s were. Click Submit, and it will say…

Click continue, obviously…

Woohoo! Spooky… So now, go back to our old loquacious Lenny buddy, the Archivist. He blathers on forever, but basically he says that some new pages of the Book of Ages have been filled in.

So let’s click on the Book of Ages (remember how? It’s on top of the white pedestal) and see for ourselves!

Well, that’s fairly grisly for Neopets (killing things and carrying back their heads). Also, apparently I haven’t been working on Combat’s homepage enough. Which… is true.

If you go talk to the Janitor, he is all mad at you again.
The janitor shouts at you, “HEY! Stop leaving the lights on in the observatory! It’s wasteful! I CAN’T STAND WASTEFULNESS!! RAAARGHH!!”

If you’re interested, I drew the Astronomy Club President. I left out the owl and wand, though.

If you go to the Darkest Faerie’s statue in the Hall of Heroes and do the clicking the top row of pixels trick to look at the ceiling, the jewels of her constellation have lit up.

Oooh, ahhh.

It has been brought to my attention that I did not mention that the Astronomy Club hails you as some kind of hero when you go talk to them after you find the constellation. It takes up, like, an eighth of the sky. What have they been doing, twiddling their thumbs?

The Astronomy Club members crowd around you as you enter. “Wow! You discovered a new constellation! That’s really awesome, so soon after joining!” They cheer and celebrate, assuring you that you’re destined to be one of the greatest astronomers in Altador, if not all Neopia.

The Dreamer
You can now find the constellation “The Dreamer.” First of all, click on a little wispy cloud in the top right of the Altador Map.

This will fire you out of a cannon or something. Anyway, now you’re way high in the sky above Altador.

Ooh, what’s through that little opening? Ahh! It’s The Dreamer!

I bet I know what we need to do now! You MUST talk to the archivist BEFORE looking for The Dreamer. So let’s go!
The archivist says, “Another pattern, floating in the clouds? What wonders you find! Perhaps it corresponds to another constellation. Off to the observatory with you!”
What a surprise. He always has the same expression. Show a little feeling once in a while, dude!!! Anyway, we’d better listen to him, and head off to The Observatory to slap our telescope in the holder again.

Here we go again, guys. It’s time to get your new coordinates. Then, let’s put them in the map maker.

This constellation is a bit harder. I actually used the star map for a little bit of this one, but then ended up ultimately finding it in the telescope. It helped me to keep the window with the cloud picture open, and a little window showing the telescope next to it, so I could compare. Having trouble? Check the tips for constellation finding.
Most people found the Dreamer very near to the Sleeper. Observe.

Looks like someone’s having some very pleasant dreams about someone gazing at her through a telescope… Anyway, on with the plot.
Now we know what happens next, guys! Let’s go talk to all our buddies and brag about our findings.

Ok, well, the janitor is just disgruntled today instead of rampagin’ mad. He also seems to be an extraordinarily lazy janitor.

The janitor says, “Those lights above each statue sure are pretty when they light up. I wonder what they mean?” He shakes his head. “Oh well, too much cleaning to do, no time to figure it out.”

Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, let’s go take a gander at what we just uncovered. By clicking on Psellia’s statue, and then the top row of pixels, we can look at the pretty lit up jewels.

Enough here, let’s go boast at the Archives. Clicking on the flyer takes us to the Astronomy Club, where the President’s head is about to explode, he’s so excited.

The Astronomy Club members crowd around you as you enter. “ANOTHER constellation? Good grief!” says the club president. “You’re really a great astronomer already! I can’t wait to tell everyone that one of my club members has found two whole constellations!”

They should really stop paying attention to you and help that Buzz out with her fashion disaster. Seriously. Anyhow, off to our old Lenny codger friend.

The archivist says, “Ah, you found another constellation! Most excellent. And another chapter has appeared in the Book of Ages! This one seems to concern Psellia, also known as the Dreamer.”

The archivist examines some notes on his desk. “I’ve been thinking about what’s going on. Why these clues are revealing themselves to someone such as yourself. And why this did not happen until after the Darkest Faerie was defeated, and her grip on Altador broken.” He shakes his head. “It makes sense, intuitively, but I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve been looking through the Archives, trying to find something in our histories that could explain this, but I’ve been having trouble even finding the histories in all this mess.” He shakes his head. “I’ll get this place cleaned up one day, I swear…”

Yeah, whatever, buddy. Let’s see what’s new in the Book of Ages. You know, that Lenny is probably writing it while we’re not around, and making it up as he goes along.

What a flattering picture, huh? Also, what I want to know is how the Blumaroo got up there in the first place.

Go back to the Restive Tomb. Click the 1 or 2 pixels in the very bottom-most left corner. Alternatively, highlight the image with your mouse, press tab 3 times, and then press enter.

You “turn around,” and see the sun impaling the HoH with its holy spear.

I suggest clicking “Return to Altador” (fewer clicks). Or, just go straight there. Aren’t I nice?

Well, would you look at that. It’s Siyana’s statue, all lit up like a princess. She’s gleaming like she just won the lottery. Let’s find out what’s got her all riled up. Hmm… nothing. She’s just brighter than usual… Let’s look at the other statues.

I’m bored of looking at statues. Let’s look out the window behind Sasha the Dancer’s statue.

Well, would you look at that. All that pretty streaming light made a big circle of light in that park. Click on one of the light spots.

And whaddaya think happens when you do that? Suddenly, there is some kind of eclipse or something except for those spots. Looks like another constellation to find, kiddos!

Cha-ching! Off to that dirty old bird, the Archivist.

The archivist says, with the same exact expression on his face, “A pattern of sunlight on the road… The sun itself conspires to bring us wisdom, it seems. All these clues… perhaps I should start keeping a list of these clues, for easy reference. While I do that, it’s off to the observatory with you. Find that constellation!”

Time to use the Star Mapper!

Let’s go talk to our smug friend, the Archivist.

The archivist says (smugly), “Ah, Siyana. The First to Rise, as she is called. How fitting that her constellation should be revealed by the rising sun.” He chuckles. “I’m afraid I haven’t much more to tell you about why this is all happening, though perhaps we can learn from what I haven’t found. You see, I’ve gone through the entire archives twice — and I can’t find a single history book. I can’t fathom there being thieves in Altador interested solely in history books, though…” He shakes his head. “But I’ll keep looking, and see what I can find.”

The archivist clears his throat. “Oh, by the way, if you want to see all your previous clues collected into one place, I’ve made up a list for you here.”

If you click the link, you get taken to the lit-up little constellation clues you’ve found so far. I guess that’s ok. Not, like, amazing, or anything, though. Also, don’t you guys think it’s suspicious that the ARCHIVES don’t have any HISTORY BOOKS and the dang ARCHIVIST HIMSELF hasn’t noticed until NOW?

Let’s leave the incompetent Lenny alone for now, and check out the new Book of Ages developments.

So basically, Siyana exploded with light to wake up the villagers. I guess that’s pretty cool.

Let’s go brag to the Astronomy Club. Look! You get a special badge to show what a smart young lad or lass you are.

Uh-oh. Looks like Mr. President is getting jealous. Maybe he is really the Darkest Faerie in disguise! Oh, well. Geniuses can’t help being geniuses. Don’t feel guilty. Go sell or display that badge in your gallery with pride!

Let’s tromp back to the Hall of Heroes.

When you rub your success in the Janitor’s face, he (understandably) gets mad again. What a moody guy!

The janitor shouts, “HEY! What’s the big idea putting your grubby hands all over the windowsill?! I have to clean those things, you know! Were you raised in a barn?!”

Looking above Siyana’s statue shows you your lit-up gemstones, as well.

The Farmer
Let’s closely peruse the Altador map… HEY! What the heck is that?!

It appears to be a FARM. How ironic. Let’s go there and see what sort of farm it is.

It’s… a… hay-farm. So, basically, a field. Some farm. That Moehog’s pitchfork is pointy and his hat is ugly. Hey, windmills are cool, let’s go check this one out. How to get in? Click the door.

Oh, my mistake. It’s a wheat farm. Hey, what does this lever do? Neopets teaches us to mess with equipment that 1. we don’t understand, and 2. is other people’s property. Oh well, let’s pull the lever!

Understandably, Farmer Follies gets irritated. Leave other people’s stuff alone before you break it, you little vandal, you! Escape his wrath by diving face-first out the window. Make a break for it!

Ooohh… hm. It’s a little bit high for a face-dive. Maybe you could get one of those wheat piles to break your fall. Click on one to test its softness.

HOW UNEXPECTED! A clue, a clue! Let’s go talk to that old feather-sack and see what it could POSSIBLY MEAN. (Once again, you MUST talk to the Archivist before you can find the Farmer.)

The archivist says, “A clue revealing itself in a pattern of wheat in a field? Remarkable! There must be strong magics afoot indeed, if these clues can be found in such subtle and unexpected places.”

That’s your cue to be off to the observatory.

Cashin’ in on more constellations, whoopee!!!

Going downstairs, we talk to the janitor. He seems to be in a better mood today.

The janitor says, “It sure is interesting watching those lights on the ceiling light up. What are you getting up to in that observatory, anyway?”

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Speaking of those pretty lights, let’s go check out ol’ Flory’s statue.

Let’s strut over to the Archives and wave our success in the Astronomy Club’s face.

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room… except the club president, who seems a little upset. “Okay, we get it, you’re a great astronomer. I mean, four constellations? So quickly? That’s just… Are you sure you aren’t… cheating, somehow? How could you know so much about the sky, when we’ve lived here all our lives and never been able to find any constellations?” he grumps.

Sounds like the club President is harboring some resentment. Look at his sad face! Luckily, that poor, hideous Buzz still loves you. Lucky for you.

The archivist says, “Ah, yes, a constellation representing Florin, the great Farmer of Altador. Truly, our land has flourished because of his wise oversight in bringing us foodstuffs.”

He turns away and coughs gently. “Um… it seems that I’m still having trouble finding any history books in the Archives. I’m beginning to suspect that some magic might be involved. But such magics do not bear the stain of the Darkest Faerie; I do not believe the missing history books are her doing. I think I shall investigate and see if any other history books can be found within Altador. The Archives are not the only store of knowledge here — merely the largest, and most impressive!”

Magic? Or are you just a bad archivist? I think you lost them and are blaming it on imaginary “magical” reasons. Anyway, nevermind you, we’re going to barge past you and look at the Book of Ages. You may want to use my link to go directly to page 16/17, instead of clicking there manually.

So… apparently they raise petpets on farms in Neopia. Also, I am starting to think these “heroes” did pretty lame deeds, except for the Darkest Faerie. Maybe she felt like everyone else didn’t deserve to be placed at the same level as her, because their deeds weren’t as cool.

More added when it happens!

The Dancer
While prancing around the Archives, notice that there is a new, very scientific club. The Dance Club. Let us get our groove on by joining said club.

Click the flyer to check it out.

Wow, it looks like we’re really unpopular. That Quiggle hates us. Maybe the Club Presidents get together and have little potlucks or whatever, and the Astronomy Club President was talking about what jerks we are, for showing him up, and now they have a conspiracy against us. Anyway, we don’t need to join his stupid club to get our clue. Click on one of those six lights.

Look! A clue! A clue! Let’s put it in our handy-dandy… notebook! Rather, let’s go tell that balding Lenny.

The archivist says, “Ah, another clue? Right here in our very own Archives? And in some kind of underground dancing establishment operating on the premises?! Who authorised that? Go, find that constellation, I’ve got to deal with these hooligans.”

Sure, whatever, dude. Anyway, it’s off to the Observatory for us.

Woohoo! Let’s head downstairs and see what’s going on with our janitor pal.

The janitor shouts, “My favorite underground dance club got closed down by that stinkin’ Archivist! GRAARGH, THAT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!” He hurls his mop to the floor and stamps his feet.

What a bipolar guy. Except not manic/depressed. More like grouchy/infuriated. Looks like Ol’ Finneus meant business about shutting down those dancing punks. Sorry, Yurble. Let’s check out the pretty jewel lights above Sasha’s statue…

Back to the archives, to gloat to the Archivist and the Astronomy Club. The Astronomy Club is my favorite, so we’ll save that for last for today. Man, I adore that hilarious Buzz. I even made her my AIM icon.

The archivist says, “There, those dancing ruffians have been taken care of. By sheer coincidence, the leader of their little gang looks just like the nice boy who runs all those clubs here in the Archives.” He shakes his head. “Kids these days.”

He claps his hands. “Anyway! On to business. I see you’ve found a fifth constellation: Sasha, the Dancer. And of course another chapter has appeared in the Book of Ages. We’re drawing ever closer to completing that book.” He shuffles some papers on his desk. “And on that note, it seems that there are no history books to be found within Altador. Not a single one! And what’s worse — nobody can seem to remember any of Altador’s history. Not even me!” He shudders. “So much knowledge, stolen away somehow. We must find out who is responsible and stop them! Altador’s knowledge must be restored!”

Let’s look at the new section in the Book of Ages.

Uhh…. okay. Moving on. To my favoritest part, showing off to the Astronomy Club! I wonder if they’ll kick us out…

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room… except the club president, who seems increasingly upset. In fact, he only looks at you for a moment as you enter, then looks away.

Another of the club members, a Korbat, approaches you. “Hi there… I just wanted to say, don’t worry about the president, he’s just in a little snit because you’re such a good astronomer. We know that we shouldn’t take it personally.” The Korbat looks over his shoulder at the president. “Although when you’re not around, he’s always bragging about how his club members are so great, and it’s because of his leadership that you’re finding all these constellations…” He shakes his head and returns to his telescope.

Aww. So secretly, deep in his heart, the Club President is proud of you! Dang, I wish that Korbat hadn’t come to talk to us. I want to get to know that Buzz. She seems pretty rad.

Until next time!

The Wave
I was just puttering around Altador, when I decided to go to the seashore.

Oooh, what a refreshing sea breeze. Making the water all choppy… hey, what is that weird pattern in the waves?

Suddenly, it becomes night, and the foamy sea spray catches the moonlight and forms this pattern:

Let’s hurry off to tell the poultry. To the Archives!!!

The archivist says, “And the waves, too, bring us further clues… it seems that this magic is permeating all aspects of Altador. But where does it all lead? We must find out. Go, and find the next constellation!”

You got it, buddy. Let’s book it to the Observatory.

This one took me a while because it was in a cluster of other stars. Anyway. With one more constellation under our belt, let’s go check out what’s happening downstairs, with the janitor and the ceiling lights!

The janitor says, “Ah, you lit up the gems above Marak, the Wave. It’s so soothing going down to the seaside and watching the ocean. Just the thing I need when I descend into uncontrollable rage.”

Well, at least the guy knows he has a problem. Speaking of those lights, let’s take a little look ourselves.

This is really a routine now, isn’t it. Well, trudging onward to the Archivist and the Book of Ages, once again saving my beloved Astronomy Club for last.

The archivist says, “Ah, I should have suspected — Marak, the Wave, revealed by the sea. Excellent work. And as usual, another chapter of heroic deeds has appeared in the book.”

He sits down at his desk and sighs. “This peculiar situation we’re in seems to have created a logical dilemma. I’ve done some research, and examined the nature of the magic involved. It seems that there are two, identical magics present. One is that which has stolen our history, and the other is that which reveals these clues. They are the same magic. And neither magic feels hostile in any way; but nonetheless, whoever has perpetrated these magics has stolen our history from us. That seems to me an unforgivable crime!” He shakes his head sadly.

“I’ve also taken a trip to the Hall of Heroes, and looked at the gems embedded in the ceiling above each statue. Half of them are now alight; and it is not unreasonable to guess that we will find more clues, and have the remaining constellations revealed. But in what order? And to what purpose? What is going to be revealed?”

Blah, blah blah. Quit summarizing. We did it all ourselves, we already know that half the gems are alight. Interesting that it’s the same magic which stole the history and reveals the clues. Does that mean that it’s the old Lenny’s incompetence that is responsible for all of this? All will be revealed in time… Let’s look at the BoA.

This is one of the few that actually makes sense as to why they would become one of the Protectors.

Let’s hurry to the Astronomy Club!

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room… except the club president, who ignores you completely.

The other club members come over to you. The Wocky clears her throat. “We just wanted to say that we appreciate all the great work you’re doing for the Astronomy Club. Finding those constellations has really made everyone impressed with us! So, because of that, we got together — except for Mr. Pouty over there –” She glares at the club president. “–and got you this!”

Broken AstrolabeThe Wocky continues, “Sorry it’s broken, but we don’t have a lot of money. In fact, we found it in the storage closet here… But it’s still a cool little item, isn’t it?”

Cool, something nifty for your efforts. I wonder if the Toy Repair place can fix it.

Oh look, he can! It’s cheap, too (should be about 400 NP)! Now you’re rocking out with your Shiny Astrolabe!

That’s all for now! I will have the screen caps of the BoA and whether the Astrolabe is useful up later/tomorrow.

Ok, so let’s go to the Colosseum, as would be expected of a constellation called The Gladiator.

What the heck are we supposed to do here? We can’t go in the door…. let’s check out the windows. Start clicking. This part is terrible if you are me, who can’t remember anything for more than 0.05 seconds, and I kept forgetting which windows I had already clicked on.

You will become very familiar with boring, empty windows.

You’re looking for this guy:

…Okay, dude. Whatever you say. Just follow him. Anything to stop clicking on windows.

What a bunch of weirdos. Ready for more clicking? No? TOO BAD.

What you’re looking for here is a combination of 3 punch bowls. This part is the most irritating, obnoxiousestest part of the entire plot so far. Because, you see, there are 36 possible combinations. And you, you special little pumpkin, have your very own random combination, different from 35/36ths of everyone else in Neopia! It’s best to do it methodically, by following the list below. (1=first bowl, 2=middle bowl, 3=bowl on the right)
111 – 112 – 113
121 – 122 – 123
131 – 132 – 133
211 – 212 – 213
221 – 222 – 223
231 – 232 – 233
311 – 312 – 313
321 – 322 – 323
331 – 332 – 333

Between each combination of 3, try to click on the golden goblet that I put a square around and made “awesome lines” radiating from. This part took me the majority of the time this section of the plot took. Even more time than clicking windows (and that, let me tell you, was a long time). At some point, I got kicked out of the punch club for some reason and sent back to the colosseum, where I had to find the Grarrl AGAIN. He was in a different window (it’s random) so it was complete backtracking.

Finally. That blasted goblet. Instead of examining it closely, I felt like flinging it very hard at the hairy Grarrl’s head. Anyway. Click on it, and you will get your clue!

From here on, it’s just like all the others. Visit the moulting bone-bag in the Archives, and he’ll be all,

“Another clue, on a drinking vessel? How strange… I don’t think any of our heroes are called ‘The Thirsty’ or anything like that. I wonder what that shape is… Well, you’d better go find the constellation.”

You’re the boss, boss. Off to the Observatory.

Bling bling. Let’s see what old mop-n’-bucket has to say. I bet he’s mad again. “You drank punch WITHOUT ME?!” or some such nonsense.

The janitor shouts, “Punch Club?! You went to Punch Club without me?! RAARGHHR! I LOVE PUNCH!! I WISH I HAD SOME RIGHT NOW!!!” He foams at the mouth and growls incoherently.

Oh my god. I was completely joking. Apparently I was not completely joking. I swear to you, I did not go to see what the janitor said before I typed that. (In fact, I usually write the guide as I go, which is why there are sometimes some halts in the process if you are trying to read as I’m writing.)

Now, off to the bone-bag. As usual, he is full of blah blah blah and bloo bloo bloo.

The archivist says, “Ah, of course, I should have recognized it. A shield, for Torakor, the Gladiator. And found at the Colosseum, no less. Of course, the Book of Ages has gained a new chapter.”

“Now, this is very important, so pay attention. I’ve delved even deeper into the magics that have stolen our history, and I’ve realised that they seem very familiar. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’ve definitely seen magic like this before. The problem is that what the magics most remind me of are… well… I don’t know who, specifically, but I believe they are similar to magics wielded by one of the Heroes of Altador. I don’t know who, though; all of the Heroes use magic to some degree or other, and I don’t know if I can identify who, precisely, might have created the magic in question here.”

He sighs. “The problem, of course, is that if one of the Heroes is responsible for the magics that have stolen our history… well, that would be a great tragedy. Imagine! Another betrayer among the ranks of the Heroes! But who could it be?”

Interesting… I wonder if it’s true that it is a different Betrayer, and not the Darkest Faerie again. No one thought about that one, did they! Also, how could the Archivist recognize the magic used? Was he alive when the Heroes were, to recognize it? How is that possible.

Let’s look at the newest chapter in the BoA.

This is actually a pretty awesome story. Torakor and the Darkest Faerie are the bravest and most heroic of the Heroes so far, in my opinion (based on their stories).

Oooh, my favoritest! Let’s go to the Astronomy Club and visit that stylin’ Buzz!!!

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room… except the club president, who ignores you completely and mutters imprecations under his breath.

A couple of the other club members–the Wocky and the Korbat–come over to you. They motion you over to a corner of the room. “Listen, we’re all pretty unhappy with how the club president is running this place. I mean, we can do what we want, mostly, but he’s just really grouchy and being a jerk lately. We just wanted to let you know that, um…” She glances around furtively. “He may not be the club president for much longer, if you know what I mean.” She winks meaningfully at you, then goes back to her star charts.

Awww, they’re going to kick the club president out? Though, the Wocky does seem to be implying you will get to be the club president! Sound the trumpets! Poor club president. I’d probably be cranky if I was him, too.

Anyhow, until next time!

The Collector
Go into either the magic, armory, or food shop in Altador. It doesn’t matter which you choose.
I chose the food shop, so that is what this guide will follow. The steps are identical for all the shops, except the item you will receive will be different.

Check the inflation in the shop, and multiply it by one hundred. For example, 4.95% inflation = 495 NP.
Go to the National Neopian Bank and either deposit or withdraw until you are holding the exact amount of Neopoints (in my case, 388), and click the back button until you are back in the shop.

Refresh the shop (you can click the shopkeeper).

If you are having problems, you should try a different shop. The inflation rate will be different, so you’ll have to repeat the steps from the beginning. You should only have to refresh once, maybe twice.

Either Altadorian Scales (magic shop), Chocolate Coin (food shop), or the Altadorian Coin Purse (armor shop) will appear in the shop you are in.
Click the item. The clue will appear upon closer examination of the item.

The shop doesn’t take your NP. You don’t get to keep the item.

So, let’s go talk to the Archivist.

The archivist says, “Ah, an item relating to money, with another clue on it… how fascinating. What are the odds of finding such an item, I wonder? Well, off to the observatory with you.”

Well, at least he kept it short and sweet this time. Let’s go to the observatory.

Back downstairs to the Janitor. I bet he’s ok now– grouchy, but not yelling…

The janitor says, “I’ve been reading this great book, ‘101 Ways to Calm an Infuriated Yurble.’ It has a lot of good ideas for keeping my cool when I get upset about something. Although some of the ideas AREN’T SO GREAT!!” he shouts. “Whew, almost blew my top there.”

Well, whaddaya know. He seems to realize he has a problem, and is taking measure to correct it! AMAZING!!!

Oooh. Aaah. Back to the bird. Let’s hear his speech.

The archivist says, “As I suspected: Gordos, the Collector. There are only a few gems unlit on the ceiling of the Hall of Heroes, so that narrows down which Hero’s constellation is to be found next.”

He coughs. “And in that vein, I’m examining the remaining Heroes, the ones whose gems have not yet been lit. Fauna, the Gatherer; Kelland, the Thief; Jerdana, the Protector; and of course, Altador himself. I am forced to suspect that one of these Heroes may have been the traitor I spoke of before.”

“I know it is unthinkable that one of them might have stolen our history, but I see no way around it. Kelland is an obvious suspect; could he have gone back to the thieving ways of his youth? Or perhaps Jerdana’s power has grown to the point where she desires to challenge Altador for the kingdom. Fauna, well, I can’t think of why she would do something like this… maybe beneath her outward appearance of kindness there lurks a heart of malice. And Altador himself, well… it would be unfathomable that he might destroy the history of his own kingdom, but he might have had reason. Shame, perhaps, over letting the Darkest Faerie conquer the kingdom…” He shakes his head sadly. “It is a sudden betrayal that I inevitably curse.”

Whoa! So, the Archivist, at least, thinks that one of the remaining heroes is the Betrayer! Holy crap! That’s interesting… bets, anyone? I think it’s Jerdana. That girl is just too honorable.

Looking at the latest chapter of the BoA, we see that Gordos has been filled in.

Shame on all you jerks! You all thought that Gordos was the Betrayer “because his eyes shifted when you zoomed in on his statue.” That was just because Neo had to redraw him after you unlocked the stairs behind him, and they probably messed up. What an honorable dude. Speaking of dudes… let’s check up on our sulking friend, the Astronomy Club President.

OMG! Sad!

I hope after this plot is all over you get to be friends with him again. The poor guy. I also love how they redrew all the club members to look worried…. except our good old friend the Buzz, who is just off in her nerdy, oblivious world. I love her so much. Hahaha. Those of you who know me on AIM (and for those who don’t, it’s leiapico ;D) know that I changed my buddy icon to her a few weeks ago.

Sorry it took me so long to update today, guys. I had a lot going on when I got home (at 8:00 PM NST). I also may be a little late on Wednesday, because I’m babysitting. I’ll try to have it up late Wed. night, though.

Someone requested some comics about Altador. I drew one and put it up for you guys. Hopefully it will bring you a giggle.

The Thief
Let’s go visit our buddy the Archivist… wait a second! Who is that outside his door? Is that the Lenny Conundrum Lenny?

Let’s see what he says…

Ok, maybe if we help him he will give us a hint on the next LC. Let’s see what we can do. Go in and talk to the Archivist.

Dangit!! He’s staring straight at us. How can we make him look away? I know. Let’s punch him in the face and knock him out! Hmm, that’s kind of mean. Let’s throw something at his monocle, then he’ll be temporarily blind. No, too obvious. Throw something at something behind him? That vase will do. Quick, what have you got in your pockets?

Interesting that he turned around even though he was staring at us while we threw the rock. Oh well! Swipe!

Riiiight. Anyway, we’ve got the gross old plushie. Go back outside the office and give it to the Conundrum Lenny.

OMG! What are we, slaves? And quit talking in conundrums! FINE. Let’s look around some more. Who’s up for some good, old-fashioned snooping and prying? Click on the handle of the door behind the ropes. The one we’ve been wanting to sneak into for so long.

What have we got here? How messy…

It’s Lots of Clicking Time! Ok, what you’re trying to do here is get through the little door circled in green. Click the doors circled in red. They will lead you to identical rooms. Just keep clicking around until you can open the door circled in green. Ready? GO!

What… wait, what? He has a box of identical Meepit Plushies? Oh well, since we are now dirty criminals, we will hide the box.

Hang on… what kind of reasoning is that? He will too find them, if he has the patience we had. Plus, all the closets look the same, so he will probably not even notice that they are in a different closet. He probably has to look for them when he wants them just as much as we had to look for them. In any case. Let’s get out of this creepy maze. Go back to the Archives. Go talk to the Archivist again.

The archivist frowns as you enter. “Hm, I seem to have misplaced my box of replacement Meepit plushies. I only have one other one… my favourite.” He pulls a battered old Meepit plushie from a locked cabinet, and sniffles as he examines it. “This little guy was the first Meepit plushie I ever bought!”

Eww, dude! So, that’s the one we have to steal… let’s punch him in the face this time! Oh, fine. Throw your dumb pebble at that same vase again, and steal it while his back is turned. He’s pretty senile to fall for the same trick twice.

The archivist shrugs and turns back around. “Oh well. I’m just hearing things as I get old, I suppose. Oh no! My favorite Meepit plushie is gone!” He sobs, dismayed.

Aww. You gotta kinda feel sorry for the old codger. Just kidding. Go give it to the LC Lenny.

“Excellent!” he cheers as you bring him Finneus’s favourite Meepit plushie. “This is the real one. Now, let me just put this ribbon on it–” RRRRIP! “Uh oh.”

WHAT UH-OH?! Did you just ruin that old man’s only friend in the world, a gross old Meepit Plushie?! YOU MONSTER.

Oh my god. I seriously laughed for like 3 minutes straight at this. How can you rip its head off by accident while you’re putting on a ribbon?! Isn’t he supposed to be smart, seeing as he is the Lenny Conundrum Lenny?! Let’s punish him with that dagger he so carelessly revealed! Then maybe we can fix the plushie somehow.

Well… I guess this means we have to go tell the Archivist now.

The archivist sniffles as you enter. “Oh, my poor Meepit plushie! My absolute favorite! But at least my nephew meant well when he destroyed it by accident. And of course, it led to finding a clue! How fortuitous! Well, you best be off to the observatory while I mourn my poor Meepit plushie.”

Um… guy? How can you have a plushie for so long without noticing it has a DAGGER inside of it? Oh well. Off to the Observatory.

Ok, now let’s make the rounds, to the Janitor (who is probably mad again), the Archivist, and the Astronomy Club Buzz. I mean, the Astronomy Club.

The janitor hurls a book of Lenny Conundrums to the floor and shouts, “RARRRGHH!! THESE CONUNDRUMS ARE TOO HARD!! I’LL CRUSH THAT LENNY IF I SEE HIM!!”

Take it easy! Better not tell him the LC Lenny was in the Archivist’s office like 5 seconds ago.

Ooh, aah. Pretty! Anyway, off to the Lenny.

The archivist says, “Naturally, Kelland, the Thief, would have his constellation found on a dagger. Indeed.”

He lets out a sigh. “This would seem to remove Kelland from the list of suspects. It would have made the most sense, ’twere it him, but alas. I still cannot accept that Fauna, Jerdana, or even Altador himself could be responsible for this!” He blinks. “Unless… wait a moment… something is stirring in my memory…” He glances up at the ceiling for a moment, as if peering into the distance. “Ah HA!” he shouts. “Yes, I think I know where to look. This search may bear no fruit, but I must try. I will have to go into the archives for a while. But continue your search; there are only three constellations left to find, and we may not have much time left.”

Oooh! The plot thickens. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it will get more difficult. Because so far it has been pretty fun. Let’s check out the BoA to figure out how exactly a thief got to be a hero.

All I’m sayin’ is.. if Kelland was part of my thieves’ guild, he’d be kicked out. Thieves shouldn’t steal from thieves! I guess he was kind of like Robin Hood except that he stole stuff back from thieves and gave it back to the people they stole it from.

A cute pun, but oh no! The Astronomy Club President! How upsetting! That Wocky seems like kind of a jerk. I don’t want to be part of a mutiny! Plus, it’s pretty funny that he threatened us with a protractor. Like in elementary school when we put them on our hands and pretended they were “blades.” And we were from X-Men or something. No harm in that!

Until next time. Sorry it took me so long to update, I had a lot of things going on here. I don’t plan on ever being that late again. 🙁

While skipping around Altador, you find the Vaeolus at either Follies’ Farm, the Docks or the Quarry (remember how to get to those places?). I found mine at the Quarry. Click on it.

No need! I already know just what to do with him. Cook up some nice Vaeolus and dumplings, that’s what.

The archivist says, “Oh my! What a poor little Vaeolus! I wonder what happened to his owner. He seems very ill!”

Maybe a health potion would help this little crippled Petpet. Hmm.. Health potions for petpets… the Healing Springs? No… Maybe the Alchemy Club can brew us up something.

That punk! A potion for a sick petpet, and he’s charging us up the… ahem. Buy the potion. Don’t have 30,000 NP on hand? It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t actually charge you. Maybe we could lie to the Archivist and say he charged us, and the Archivist will “reimburse” us, though!

Hahaha! Serves that Quiggle right. He just got smacked! Looks like the club presidents in this joint really get out of hand. But we didn’t get a potion to heal the little guy with…

Click Continue to go back to the Archives. Hey, maybe we can give that little petpet some other potion… juice… punch?! Punch! Let’s see if there is any, like, special “medicinal punch” or something. Unfortunately, this means that we have to go back to the Colosseumand find that psychotic Grarrl again. Do this in the same way you did before, by clicking on the windows until you find him. *sigh*

I’ve had enough punch by now to last me 9 years. Oh, hey! What’s that? Pie? Well! Don’t mind if I do! PIE GET!

Whaaaaaaat? The pie doesn’t appear in my inventory, so I can’t eat it! Well, screw this crap! If I can’t eat it, no one can. Let’s throw it somewhere no one will ever find it. Hmm… how about that musty old tomb we found like 2 months ago?

Click on the bar across the door to go inside.

Ew! Let’s refresh after about a minute to see if it’s gone yet. Refresh at exactly 59 seconds past the minute by looking at the NST clock to the left, on the sidebar.

Oh, gross! It’s not gone… wait, look! Its bandage is unravelling… maybe we can swipe it to fix that petpet’s leg.

Suh-weeeeeeeeeeeet~~!! We did it! We stole some manky old bandages! Not very sanitary… but better than nothing. Let’s haul these back to the Archives, to treat the Vaeolus!

Oh, there he is. Click on him.

You need to click “check on the Vaeolus” one time per minute for about 10 mins and care for it appropriately. Refreshing will not work, you have to click “Check on the Vaeolus.” Don’t click it more than once per minute, or it will mess up, people are saying. To determine how to care for it, look at the pose. After you’ve clicked the correct treatment, the pose will not change until the next treatment. Sometimes you need to do the same treatment twice in a row, so if it’s been a minute and the pose hasn’t changed, click the correct treatment again. If you mess up (like I did, GRAGH) just go back to the Archives and start over.

Dingdingding. Update. Lots of emails/neomails/ comments that people are having trouble with the Vaeolus. Here is a very extreme to the max step by step guide to taking care of the stupid little rat.
1. Click on the Vaeolus from the Archivist’s office. To make it easier, click on him right on a new minute (ex. 11:10:00 NST).
2. Click once on the correct treatment for the Vaeolus when you first see him.
3. Wait one minute. Pay attention to the clock.
4. At any time during the second minute (from 11:11 to 11:12), click “Check” once.
5. When the page refreshes, treat the Vaeolus appropriately by clicking once on the correct treatment.
6. Wait until the next minute (11:13 to 11:14) and click once on “Check.”
7. Treat appropriately by clicking once on the correct treatment.
8. Repeat until the Skeith shows up.

For those still having trouble, there is a shortcut trick someone discovered that is a bit tricky but it will guarantee your success.

It should not take you more than 11 minutes. Try for 12 min just to be sure, but if it’s still asking you to care for it, start over so you’re not wasting your time!

Asleep — Wait

Paw over mouth — Give medicine.

A Skeith will knock on the door on the 11th minute and give you a certificate.The Vaeolus seems to be feeling better!
A Skeith knocks on the door just then. “Why, hello there!” he says. “I’m from the Petpet Protection League, and I heard you were nursing this poor little creature back to health. Very helpful of you! I’d like to present you with this certificate on behalf of the PPL!”
Shhhh! Don’t tell him that you zap your petpets! He’d never give it to you then. Hey… what’s that? Click that picture on there… that looks like Fauna!

Well, what do you know. It IS Fauna. And a clue for the next constellation! Take it to Old Meepit Lover. Go back to the Archivist’s office by clicking the button.

The archivist says, “Ah, the Vaeolus seems to be feeling much better now. He can stay here until he’s ready to leave, of course. I’m sure he’d like to get back to his owner!”

“And another clue!” he says. “It seems we draw ever closer to solving this mystery. Quickly, to the observatory!”

Its hateful, neglectful owner. Anyway, none of our business. Though the Archivist might not want to keep a flaming Petpet in among his giant stacks of extremely flammable paper… but that’s his problem. Our problem is finding the the constellation. So off to the olde observatorio with us.

Wow, that constellation did not look that much like the clue. Without this site that finds your coordinates for you, I may not have been able to get it.

So, now it’s downstairs to look at the ceiling, then to the Janitor.

The janitor says, “Wow, it’s getting really bright in here with all these gems lighting up on the ceiling. Only two left! I wonder if anything special happens when all of them are lit up. Now that would be something to see.”

Wow, foreshadow much? Thanks. Off to the Archives and the BoA. Man, the Archivist has got a speech in store for us this time, I’m sure.

The archivist says, “It was obvious, really — Fauna, the Gatherer, protector of Petpets. How fortunate that you happened upon that wounded Vaeolus. He finished his recovery while you were gone, and left to find his owner.”

He opens a book on his desk to a particular page. “This is an ancient Altadorian spellbook. It doesn’t have any history in it that I could find — no real surprise there — but it does have some magics which might have been used as… parts of a larger spell, I suppose. Now, this evidence is rather circumstantial, but the kinds of magics in this book are about hiding knowledge and erasing memories.” He flips to the inside cover. Some words are hand-written on the front page:This book donated to the Altadorian Archives by Jerdana

He swallows, looks around nervously, and whispers to you. “You must keep this secret! If Jerdana were to hear of this, well — she might kill us, or worse! And that’s assuming she even remembers what happened — she might have made sure that the spell affected her own memory, so that she could honestly deny any knowledge of what she did. At least, until the spell was broken, and then…” He shrugs. “Who knows what machinations she’s planning?” He coughs. “Assuming that Jerdana even is the one behind this. She might just be a pawn of Altador’s, or some other power entirely… We must be vigilant if we are to survive this.”

Whoa, buddy! “Survive this?” Is there some impending disaster we didn’t know about? Criminy!

Aww, Fauna sounds awesome. I wonder what happened when she had carnivorous animals, though, that needed to eat the other animals to surive. Anyway, off to the Astronomy Club.

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room… except the club president, who isn’t here.

The Wocky, Korbat, and Buzz approach. “No, we haven’t gotten rid of him yet. He left just as we were about to take over. We’re gonna wait by the door, and when he comes back in, that’s when we’ll make our move! Get ready!” They hide by the door, waiting for the club president to return… although it could be a few days.

I think they are kind of over-reacting. Why do they have to “make their move?” Can’t they just tell him they are kicking him out? MUST ALL PROBLEMS BE SOLVED WITH VIOLENCE!

Until next week.

Here we go, off to find the Protector! Go to the Quarry and click on the path at the tippitiest top of the picture.

It’s Diagon Alley! In much the same way, look around the brick wall until you find a “loose brick.” Click it.

WHOA! Where did that Kiko come from! It must be part of the spell that opens the wall. Ahem. Yes, that must be it.

Ahhh! Scary dude! Wait… ooh! Man. That is so shiny, floating on that pedestal like that. I want it. You want it. Let’s take it.“You are not worthy enough to pass!”

The Guardian, though made entirely of ethereal mist, projects a field that forces you back! You cannot approach the pedestal.

Well, dangit! Stupid mystical creatures and their sci-fi force fields. Pff. Let’s go bother someone our own size. Click Continue, then let’s go off to Farmer Follies’.

Farmer Follies eyes you as you approach. “Well howdy there,” he says. “You’re from the city, eh? I’ve got a ninth cousin there, works as a janitor, maybe you know him.”

Wtf! A Moehog has ANY kind of cousin that’s a Yurble?!! What the heck kind of family tree does that guy have? Wait, no, I don’t want to think about it. Stop talking about that, dude! Refresh until he starts talking about something less… awkward. This took me a while. In the end, I went back to the secret cavern and clicked Continue and then manually went back to Altador and clicked on Follies’ Farm, rather than using shortcut links. It worked OK after that.

Farmer Follies waves as you approach. “Hello there! Are you from the Altadorian Water Department? The irrigation ditches near my farm have been filling up awfully quickly! If the water flow doesn’t slow down, I’m going to lose my crops! FARMING DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY!”

Upsetting! Let’s see if we can find the source of this impending disaster.

What have we here? A water tower.

No, really? A mad wizard designing it is a bad idea? Tch. (If they didn’t say this, refresh until they do.) As my picture indicates, please note the drawing of a flamethrower on the wall. Then go through the door.

Ok, guys. Here comes the hard part. There are 3 levers, 2 pipes, and 2 tanks. You can go through doors to either side to go to the two other rooms. You have to mess around until it works. When you are finished, it automatically takes you out to the main room, so you don’t have to keep checking the main room to see if you have done it.

This is what the center room looked like when I was finished. As soon as I saw that something had changed in the room, I left it and went to the next room.

I did not turn/flip every lever. I just randomly clicked a few. The round leverse only have two settings, “on” and “off.” I don’t think there is any method to this madness, you just have to fiddle around until you get it. It took me less than three minutes, though that may be sheer luck. Please don’t hate me.

The engineers cheer. “You did it! The water’s been rerouted properly, and there’ll be no flood.”

Those guys are telling me they didn’t try to fix it, basically. Oh well, lucky for Altador, we are awesome. Hey, we have done so much for Altador that maybe they will have us be one of the Heroes after this is over! Woot! Ok, let’s go see if now we’re “worthy” of that medallion. Back to the Diagon Alley Wall. Click on the medallion again.

Oooh. This looks pretty. Let’s look closer.

Holy crap! We did it! We are so awesome! Let’s run off to Finneus with this!

The archivist frowns as you enter. “A necklace on a pedestal? Guarded by a spectral beast of some kind? Surely these are not the tools of someone with nothing to hide. Go, find the next constellation.”

Run! Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m off to… uh.. the Observatory… *sob* I suck at poems. Before I release you to find your constellation, I will remind you ofthe cheater way, because this is a tough constellation to find.

Nice job, guys! Let’s see what Farmer Follies’ 9th cousin has to say about it.

The janitor shouts, “HEY!! Why are the lights off?! I was having fun looking at them, all shiny and stuff… RAAARGHH!! IT REALLY MAKES ME ANGRY WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OFF!!”

W… what?! OMG! The shiny lights in the ceiling are gone! What the heck! An interesting development, though… if you click on a statue, and then click on the statue’s neck, it wears the medallion you just got from the Minitheus…

Let’s go see what this means for Altador… because apparently Finneus always knows what things mean for Altador. Off to the Archives!

The archivist says, “And, at last, we come to Jerdana. The ‘Protector.’ Indeed!” he scoffs.

He peers out into the lobby, and then softly closes the door. “I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this, but the lights above the statues in the Hall of Heroes are no longer lit. None of them, not even Jerdana’s. From what I gather, this happened about the time that you took that necklace from its pedestal.” He shakes his head. “I’m guessing that the necklace was the power source for the magic that have been providing you with the clues to this puzzle. And, apparently, magically powered the gems in the ceiling of the Hall of Heroes. That accounts for half the mysterious magic, at any rate. The other half, that which has stolen our history, remains as strong as ever.”

He pauses for a moment, listening, and then continues. “I trust that you have kept this to yourself. We must uncover this riddle before Jerdana learns of our efforts. It is our only chance to reverse the effects of the spell, and return our stolen history to us.”

He peeks out the door. “I should do research in the main archives. I left them unlocked once before, by accident, but this time I’ll leave them open for you if you want to wander around.”

Nice of him… let’s see what’s in the BoA.

Jerdana seems pretty cool. I don’t know. She founded the city with Altador! She doesn’t seem like a Betrayer to me!

Last but definitely not least, let’s see what has become of our old buddy, the Astronomy Club President.

AHHH! My best friend, the Nerdy Buzz, finally bestirs herself! Hey, guys, let go of him! Wait, what’s that flap? PULL IT!


I need to go console myself with a lot of chocolate now, you guys. Thanks for your patience in waiting for me to update this, I had to drive down to my parents’ yesterday to celebrate Mother’s Day. See you at the end of the plot!

Latest updates!
The Hunter
Ah, in the Observatory, gazing at the stars, waiting in quiet despair for the 12th constellation to finally come to us… sigh. Well, let’s call it a day, and head home. Going to the stairs… oops!

You lose your footing! Peering down, you see the HoH below you, with some nasty piles of something on the floor. What the heck are those, anyway?

Oh! So that’s what they are! A clue… Let’s go talk to the Archivist, then. Off we go.

The archivist says, “Ah, the last constellation! Go and find it, I suppose. We may as well get this over with.”

Okay… so go back to the Observatory, I guess. (Don’t bother looking through the telescope, you won’t be able to find anything.) Looks like we don’t have enough clues. What now, old bird?!

The archivist says, “Wait, I’m sorry, did you say there were only three stars you found in the clue? Well no wonder you can’t find that constellation… three stars isn’t enough for a constellation!” he scoffs. “You’ll have to go find the other half of the constellation, I suppose. Hm, it probably isn’t in the same place as the first half. That would be too easy.”

Oh thanks, MR. EXPERT. How KNOWLEDGEABLE you are. Thanks for sending us off on a wild LUPE CHASE. Anyway, it seems that we are now hot on the trail of our LAST CONSTELLATION! I will get out my pipe, Sherlock Holmes hat, magnifying glass, and you are Watson! Your job is to agree with me and follow me around. Let’s interrogate the first witness! Off to the Janitor!

The janitor says, “I saw you almost fall out of the observatory! That reminds me, I’ve been thinking about closing the ceiling again. Our heating costs have gone way up, now that we have all this extra air to keep warm. We keep our boilers in the basement, y’see. I keep having to go down there and adjust the settings. It’s a real pain and MAKES ME ANGRY!” He coughs. “Sorry. Been taking some medication to keep me calm. Anyway, if you want to go down to the basement and take a look, just let me know.”

I don’t trust him… let’s grill him some more! What? We’re in a hurry? Oh, fine. He gets off easy… this time. Let’s go off and question some more suspects citizens. To the Quarry.

Hey, what’s that?! Evidence?

One of the quarry workers blocks you as you try to step into the quarry. “Hey, you can’t come in here! This quarry’s for official business only!”

The other quarry worker nudges him. “I think they want one of the rocks,” he says. “Couldn’t hurt, could it? Just a rock, not like we don’t have a million of ’em here anyway.”

The first quarry worker grumps. “Fine, you can have a rock. But it’ll cost ya — 50 neopoints!”

This could be valuable evidence. We should not let it slip through our fingers! Buy it, I say!

The quarry worker takes the 50 neopoints and hands you the rock. “Well, there you go. Don’t know what you’d want a perfectly flat three-inch rock for, but…” He shrugs, which is a neat trick, considering JubJubs have no shoulders.

Ahah! We are victorious. The evidence is ours. Let’s see if it has a connection with this mysterious locale the Janitor speaks of… the Basement. The Janitor expresses suspicion at our rock. Could he be hiding something?

Anyway, down in the Basement… *pries around with rock* Click the gears and pry around with your rock. Ehhh… this is useless.

Make sure you grab your rock to bring it with you, and let’s go get our money back. This isn’t evidence of anything except our idiocy in paying 50 NP for it. Back to the Quarry.

Hey… they are ignoring our complaints! How rude. Throw the rock right at that one’s head. He’s wearing a hard hat, so it’ll just startle him a bit. Let’s see… I’ll aim carefully… ok, aim right THERE.

The quarry workers turn around at the noise of a rock being thrown into the quarry. “Hey, what was that?” one of them says, peering around curiously.

Dangit! I missed! Well, I do suck pretty bad at throwing. Let me grab another one quick while he’s turned away.

Grab the closer one while they’re not looking, then grab your first one back. You did pay 50 NP for it after all… hey, I feel better now that I stole another rock. Not quite as… vengeful. Ok, 2 rocks. I guess that’s better than no rocks. 25 NP each, if you divide the cost… but what should we do with them? Let’s go see if there is a rock club or something at theArchives. I bet I could be Rock Club President, with TWO rocks.

Hrm… there doesn’t seem to be a rock club… let’s try the Leaf Club, that’s pretty naturey. Click the poster with the leaf on it.

The Quiggle sniffles a little, despairing over his situation. “This Herbalism Club was a terrible idea. No one wants to learn about plants or flowers! Maybe I should have stayed in the circus.”

Dude, no one wants to join your club because you’re a jerk. Not because they don’t like botany. I love botany! I want to be a freaking botanist! But being around you is terrible! Anyway, let’s humor him because we want to milk him for info. Remember, we’re detectives! Well, at least I am. You’re my sidekick, though, and that’s a pretty OK job.

The Quiggle’s eyes brighten up as you ask about the circus. “Why, yes! I used to be the greatest juggler Altador had ever known. But after that incident with the Bearog on the tightrope…” He shudders. “So I had to branch out, find something new to occupy my time. Starting all these clubs seemed like a great idea, but now…” He looks around, wistfully. “Oh, the glory days of juggling…” He glances at you out of the corner of his eye…

Shut up! Just teach me to do something useful with these rocks before I clomp you in the head with them.

O…kay. That picture of the Quiggle is really scary. Moving on. Hey! Let’s go show off at the Quarry! They’ll be all “what? where did you get that other rock?” It’ll be hilarious. Tap one on the shoulder when you get there (click on ’em).

The quarry workers look at you as you approach. “Bored? Yeah, I guess we are kinda bored. We’ve been having the same argument for months. Can’t think of anything new to talk about. I guess that’s what can happen when you’re surrounded by square rocks all day. They’re not interesting at all.”

He perks up as you explain your request. “You want to show us your juggling skills, eh? Well, it looks like you’ve only got two rocks there. That’s hardly a challenge to juggle!”

“Unless you’re a JubJub,” says the other quarry worker.

“Well, yes, obviously,” says the first one. “But if you had three rocks to juggle, now that would be something.”

So give me another one, you greedy punks! And… surprise surprise, they do! And they don’t charge you for it this time, those swindling jerks.

The quarry workers cheer as you demonstrate your juggling ability. “Wow, that’s the most fun I’ve had at work since I started here!” says one. “You bet,” says the other. “This is quite possibly the greatest day of my entire life.” He sniffles, holding back tears.

Ok… well, that’s pretty pathetic. Now that we have 3 rocks, let’s go mess around in machinery we know nothing about! That seems to be the ongoing theme of this plot. “Foul up complex mechanics!” Bahaha. Back to the Basement.

Ok. I suggest opening one browser to the Janitor while you work on the gears. You want to jam the gears. Refresh a few times at the janitor, and click his button to look at the ceiling. He will tell you when it is jammed. The ceiling will not open completely. You want to click the rightmost dot when it is visible.

I am currently trying bluestarr from the boards’ strategy, which is as follows:
Open two pages, on with the janitor, one with the gears.
put rocks in three gears, i picked 1 3 5 .
go to the janitor page and PUSH the button, then refresh( alot) .
every time you jam it (every tenth refresh) put the rocks back in the same gears.
eventually, that will be the right combination!!!

Sorry it took me so long! I didn’t end up using bluestarr’s method, though it has worked for some people. I just fiddled around until it worked. So once it looks how it does above, click on the circled dot.

Finally! Let’s go talk to the Archivist and tell him we finally found it.

The archivist gasps in surprise. “Ah! What a tricky bit of puzzling that last clue was to find. And not powered by magic at all, but simple physical mechanics. Well, you’d best be off to find the constellation, then. We have precious little time.”

Yeah, yeah. Back to the Observatory. This is a fairly tricky one as well. If you are lazy, use the site that automatically gives you your coordinates. (Tip: When you are on the page with your coordinates, press Ctrl+A to select them all, then put your cursor in the box back on the main finder page and press Ctrl+V to paste! Much faster than highlighting it all by hand.)

Connect like so:

Whoa, guys!!! We just found the 12th constellation!! Let’s go tell the Janitor!

The janitor shouts, “WHAT?! After all that, I don’t even get to see the ceiling all lit up pretty? NONSENSE!! This is ridiculous! I demand reparations! I demand satisfaction! Something must be done! ARRRGHH!!” He starts running around in circles, frothing at the mouth and growling incomprehensibly.

Aww, poor guy. Let’s leave him to his ranting and go to our favorite place, the Astronomy Club!

The Astronomy Club members greet you warmly as you enter the room.

The Wocky approaches you. “Well, aside from the whole drama with that nasty Quiggle, you sure have found a whole lot of new constellations. I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out and being such a great club member. In fact, right now, I’m preparing a new paper for the Altadorian Journal of Astronomy, all about how new constellations can be identified in the heavens. If you don’t mind, I’ll put your name on it as co-author, since after all, it’s your findings that the paper’s based on, so you really deserve the credit.”

The club members gather around you. “Three cheers for you! Hooray!”

Ahh, at last. The hero worship we deserve. Muahaha.

The archivist says, “At long, long last, King Altador, the Hunter. You have found a constellation for each of the twelve Heroes of Altador… and all twelve of the constellation gems in the ceiling of the Hall of Heroes would be alight, except that the magical source of their lighting has been shut off.”

“However, the Book of Ages has revealed another chapter. I believe that the Book contains a weak magical power source, which reveals a chapter each time a constellation is found. I think I failed to sense it before because the other two enchantments, being so much more powerful, drowned it out. Alas, the magic in the Book of Ages does not seem to be connected to anything else, so it is of no use to us in unraveling this mystery.”

He sits at his table, shuffles through some papers. “And now we wait. The history-hiding enchantment is very strong, and will probably take some time to wear off. We should slowly begin to regain our memories of past history as it decays.”

Let’s check out the BoA.

The end. Hmm.. doesn’t that last line seem a little ominous to you? “…forever.” Whoa. Ok, to get the Spellbook, you need to click on the Fire Faerie’s hands right there on the last page.

Then talk to the Archivist again.

The archivist says, “Strange, I’d overlooked that drawing of the Dar–” He hesitates for a moment, and gathers his composure. “The Betrayer. But you think it means something, you say? But what?”

He plops into his chair and rests his chin on his hand. “The fire in her hands… well, it’s practically her trademark. And the picture does resemble her statue in the Hall of Heroes. Except on the statue, the flames are stone, just like the rest of it. Perhaps there’s some way to bring the stone to life? There might be such a spell in the Archives somewhere, but the cataloguing system doesn’t go into detail about specific spells, just the titles of books.”

He shakes his head. “Of course, there are thousands of spellbooks in there… tens or hundreds of thousands, perhaps. I wouldn’t know where to begin to find the proper spell. Finding the coordinates for the correct room, just searching randomly, would be… madness of some kind.”

Ok, go back to the lazy constellation page. Scroll down to the bottom and it will give you the “Spellbook Room” coordinates (2 numbers, multiples of 3).

Go into the Archives by clicking the doorhandle. Click one of the doors at the top or right. Then look at your URL. It will look all crazy, like this:

Do you see where it says “arcx=0&arcy=1”? Well, replace “0” and “1” or whatever numbers they are with the your two Spellbook Room numbers (mine were 6, 6), so it says “arcx=6&arcy=6”.

Now just methodically start on one shelf and click all the books you can until you find the spellbook. (Be prepared to click a lot of books There is about one clickable book per shelf.) Of course, with my luck, it was on the very last shelf of the last bookcase I clicked.

Cast spell 29884, with no comma (not 29,884). It says “Nothing happens,” but if you go to the Hall of Heroes, the flames in the Darkest Faerie’s hands are lit up!!! Click on her statue.

Put Jerdana’s Necklace on the statue (by clicking around the DF’s neck).

Go to the Council Chamber and click on King Altador to collect your prizes! Don’t forget to go back every day (at least for a while), to get the Finneus avatar and other prizes!

The flames in the statues of The Darkest Faerie’s hands have been reported by a few people to have gotten larger. It has been thought that she may “break out of the statue” as she did in the PS2 game. Here are before/after images.

Mysterious “stars” have shown up around Mystery Island and a few other worlds. What could they mean?

When the Altador map is zoomed in on (by right-clicking and selecting “zoom in”), I found some interesting statues. There are 2 Aisha fountains, one of which is wearing a purple shirt. More interestingly, there is what looks to be a plain old cat on the fountain at the base of the map. Most interesting of all, there is a cat in a throne with a cane sitting atop one of the aqueduct walls?

Those last two definitely don’t look like any Neopets species… and a random cat on a throne?

I noticed a strange tile to King Altador’s right (our left) on the wall behind him, under the windows. People on the chat boards are trying to draw correlations between Altador and Mystery Island, and were saying that it was a map of Mystery Island. I got curious and blew it up in Photoshop.

It’s certainly vaguely the shape of Mystery Island, Altador, Krawk Island, or any other Island, but you can’t tell anything yet. It is also vaguely the shape of DUNG. Could there be any connection between DUNG and ALTADOR?!?!?! O_O

Could the names of the heroes correspond to the months of the Neopian Calendar? I’ve associated them here… but are their positions significant?

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