Neopets Art Gallery

I have only gotten into the AG once. I know my pictures have been at least equivalent in quality to many of the pictures I’ve seen published, and in some cases I know I’ve spent much longer on my picture than they possibly could have on theirs. I’ve been so frustrated and infuriated that I’ve emailed TNT.

First of all, you should probably only try to get into the AG if you already like drawing and would draw a Neopets picture anyway. That way, you will be less likely to punch someone in the face or cry fountains of salty, bitter tears when your pictures repeatedly don’t get in (which is very probable). You also will be less likely to feel like your picture was “wasted.” You can still put it up on your pet lookup or pet page for people to see.

Unfortunately, if your username has something that’s seriously copyrighted (like pokemon_pikachu3838 or playstation_ratchetandclank or something like that), it looks like you might have a harder time getting in. I’ve hardly seen any usernames with copyrights in them in any of the places you can be “published.” It might be coincidence, but I think it’s not. If you don’t get in with your main, you might try with a side-account that has a less “company-oriented” name.

Basically, it’s up to luck, timing, and perseverance. (What I’m lacking is the perseverance.) The person who decides what goes into the Art Gallery has to like your picture. Try looking at the AG to see what types of pictures get in. I’ll give you the best tips I can, but be prepared to be frustrated.

Deciding What to Draw
First off, you have to decide what to draw. According to my calculations, your chances are pretty much 75% better if you submit an image relating to a “Day” that is coming up soon. To figure out what days are coming up, check the Calendar, or even easier, check theSubmission Page. They have a scrolling Marquee with “Upcoming Specials.”

Before you start, check the submission rules. If you don’t meet the guidelines, you won’t get in no matter what.

“But I’m not good at drawing Zafaras for Zafara Day!”
Many (and I mean MANY) people get away with drawing a costume of the pet whose day it is on their pet (Example: A Zafara costume on a Lupe for Zafara Day). So if you’re a slacker, you can do that. A more original way is to draw your Lupe (or what-have-you) and add a title or text relating to Zafara Day. Like, if you have a picture of your Lupe looking sad, add some text that says “Why does it have to be Zafara Day? Why can’t it be LupeDay?” or something like that. TNT are suckers for cheesy things like that.

“But I can’t draw AT ALL!”
Don’t worry. Anything you make that is Neopets-related can go in the art gallery! Clay sculptures, stuffed animals, crochet, a blanket with Neopia on it, a cake in the shape of a Kiko, anything works.

Submitting the picture

Once you’ve drawn your picture, head over to the Submission Page. Make sure your image is under 80k, and saved as a .gif or .jpg file. Title your image and select its theme. If it has more than one thing in it, (like an Eyrie AND a Korbat), arbitrarily choose one or the other, or say it falls under “Other.” I don’t think it really matters.

Now all you have to do is hope it gets in! Good luck with that. Most of the people that get into the art gallery are “regulars.” TNT always chooses their pictures. If you look at the AG enough, you’ll start recognizing names. Many of the people whose pictures are published are something like “95x picture champions.” I’ve even seen people with two of their pictures on the same page of the gallery. This hardly seems fair, does it? I agree. But there ain’t nothin’ we can do about it. So try your best!

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