Neopets Cooking Pot Recipes

At the Neopets Cooking Pot, you can bring your culinary skills to life, by mixing together various items found within Neopia, to create even more funkier items! Below are some combinations that are possible. 

Food Recipes

Apple Onion Rings=Green Apple + Onion Rings
Asparagus=Magic Potion + Sunflower Seeds
Baked Fish=Lemon and Lime Fish Pop + Organic Carrot
Banana Grub=Organic Bananas + Wriggling Grub
Barga Burger=Bargasaurus Steak + Prime Veggie Burger
Bargjelly Sundae=Carburnujelly Sandwich + Bargil Suprise
Bargil Suprise=Bargella Root + Dargil Meat
BBQ Porkwich=Bread + Neopox Pizza
Blopple=Spooky Jelly Brains + Baked Apple with Cream and Jam
Cabbage Sorbet=Vein Cabbage + Mud n Mayo Dip
Caffeine bubbles=Neocola + Wine
Cake Coffee=Chocopie Slice + Coffee
Carburnujelly Sandwich=Carburnup Pepper + Felrum Jelly Cube
Carrotberry Smash=Organic Carrot + Blueberry Snow Puff
Chebu Chebu Grub=Cheeseburger + Woo Woo Grub
Cheese Cookies=Vegan Cheese + Neo Crackers
Cherry Neocola=Cherries + Can of Neocola
Chickayo=Chicken + Mud n Mayo Dip
Chicken Bread Bowl=Orange Chicken + Neowaiian Bread
Chicken Roll=Spicy Wings + Hot Cakes
Chocberry Pizza=Pizza + Choco-Strawberry Muffin
Chococherry Suprise=Cherry Pie + Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter
Chocolate Asparagus=Chocolates + Asparagus
Chokito Wrap=Sausage and Cheese Roll + Chocolate Neodrops
Cho Sticks=Spironut + Cheese
Cone Dog=Cone-Shaped Watermelon + Chili Cheese Dog
Corn Crunchies=Popcorn + Kau Kau Farm Milk
Cream Roll=Strawberries and Cream baby food + Jam Pastry
Cup of Hot Borovan=Hot Chocolate + Asparagus
Deliwich=Bread + Deli Turkey Slices
Deluxe Chocolate Chia=White Chocolate Chia + Chocolate Chia Truffle
Deluxe Organic Salad=Organic Red Grapes + Flowers
Dung Cake=Chewing Dung + Snow Cake
Ergy Broccoli=Broccoli + Ergyfruit
Fruit Loaf=Banan + Bread
Fruity Seafood Delight=Boiled Sea Serpent + Strawmelon Jam Burger
Frosted Doughnut=Doughnutfruit + Snowberries
Fundus Fruit=Fungi Fruit + Strong Berry
Fungi Pizza=Fungi Fruit + Pizza
Grundo Stick Sub=Grundo Stix + Fresh Baguette
Gummy Parcel=Gummy Star + Black Eyed Peas
Ha Ha Grub=Ham + Woo Woo Grub
Ham and Cheese Sandwich=Ham + Grilled Cheese
Hot Chocolate=Hot Soup + Chocolate Milkshake
Hotfish=Fish Pop + Cornupepper
Iced Hamwich=Milky Moo Ice Lolly + Green Ham
Jelly Doughnut Smoothie=Ice Creamy Jelly-Large + Doughnutfruit
Lemberryade=Lemint + Cherryberry Krawkade
Lolly Snot=Runny Snot + Lollypop
Matoast=Baby Tomatoes + Stale Bread
Meatball Broth=Snowghetti and Meatball + Hot Soup
Meat Stars=Lime Starfish + Pork Snout
Mechabread=Mechaberries + Bread
Mechadoughnut=Mechaberries + Purple Doughnut
Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast=Tigersquash Mega + Mechabread
Mecha Veg Toast=Mechabread + Veggie Sausage
Mechagrapes=Mechabread + grapes
Mec Mec Grub=Mechaberries + Woo Woo Grub
Melted Delight=Crablett + Faerie Block Mellows
Mint Stew=Metalicious Ice Lolly + Green Mouth Wash
Muntando Fruit=Kraku Berries + Teal Juppie
Plum Cheese Bread=Plum + Grilled Cheese
Plum Crunch Cereal=Plum + Neo Crunch Cereal
Purple Icewich=Purple Juppie + Snow Sandwich
Roast Gargamon=Roast Gargapple + Salmon Steak
Sausage Wrap=Sausage + Bread
Saucy Veggie Balls=Asparagus Balls + Brown Sauce
Scabergy=ErgyFruit + Scabu
Seawich=Tut Trout + Peachbread
Solid Toast=Grapes + Mechabread
Spiced Melon=Combomelon Plant + Spiced Apple Pie
Spoc Spoc Grub=Spotted Pudding with Custard + Woo Woo Grub
Sticky Stack=Golden Juppie + Hot Cakes
Strawnella Shake=Strawberry Chia Pop + Vanilla Milkshake
Stuffed Eel=Honey Blossom + Pickled Eel
Stuffed Suprise=Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) + Chewing Dung
Super Veggie Baguette=Lettuce and Tomato Baguette + Green Negg
Sweet Ham and Fruit=Muntando Fruit + Joint of Ham
Thorn Cookies=Thornberry + Chocolate Chip Cookie
Thorn Cream Cone=Thornberry + Toffee Ice Cream
Tropical Pudding=Spotted Pudding With Custard + Scabergy
Twice Veggie=Green Cabbage + Leek
Veggie Chicken=Chicken + Asparagus
Watermelon Soup=Juicy Melon + Bottle of Water
Wa Wa Grub=Watermelon Soup + Woo Woo Grub

Negg Recipes

Bomatoge=Negg + Sausage
Deviled Negg=Purple Negg + Milk
Ice Chocolate Cake=Ice Negg + Chocolate Cake
Negg Cream Cookie=Scrambled Rainbow Negg + Chocolate Chip Cookie
Negg Stew=Yellow Negg + Blue Negg
Orangetti=Orange Negg + Mummy Spaghetti
Pizapple Surprise=Cheese + Negg
Punegg=Purple Negg + Chocolate Ice cream
Rainbow Vanilla Negg=Rainbow Negg + Vanilla Milkshake
Ranegg=Rainbow Negg + Chocolate Ice cream
Scrambled Rainbow Negg=Rainbow Vanilla Negg + Cinnamon Swirl
Sliced Neggs=Orange Negg + Purple Negg
Yenegg=Yellow Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream


Blooky=Angelpuss + Triffin
Combobot=Neotrak + Avabot
Drackobunny=Drackonack + Snowbunny
Flaming Wuzzle=Flaming Torch + Purple Fuzzle
Foobug=Buzzer + Fungree
Froiler=Bloop + Baby Fireball
Gulpfir=Gulper + Fir
GX-4 Haseebot=GX-4 Oscillabot + Hasee
Haseepuss=Hasee + Angelpuss
Hooklen=Gruslen + Snarhook
Huggy Bear=Huggy + Cool Purple Teddy Bear
Moink=Snorkle + Flishy
Moltenna=Moltenore + Tenna
Noilkeet=Noil + Pawkeet
Popblew=Poppit + Puppyblew
Romeep 3T3=Meepit + Roburg 3T3
Spallard=Spardel + Mallard
Spoppy=Spyder + Poppit
Slorgclops=Meowclops + Slorg
Ultra Pinceron=Wheelie + Pinceron
Ultra Mega Bot 2000=Combobot + Ultra Pinceron
Uggazew=Uggatrip + Mazzew
Wuzzer=Buzzer + Dwarf Tree

Sand Sculptures

Angular sand sculpture=Bottle of Black Sand + Bottle of Green Sand
Bottle shaped sand sculpture=Bottle of Red Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand
Curvy sand sculpture=Bottle of Blue Sand + Bottle of Green Sand
Heart shaped sand sculpture=Bottle of Red Sand + Bottle of Black Sand
Modern Sand Sculpture=Bottle of Purple Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand
Rainbow Sand Sculpture=Rainbow Sand + Invisible Sand
Regal Sand Sculpture=Bottle of Purple Sand + Glowing Sand
Spiral Sand Sculpture=Bottle of Purple Sand + Bottle of Orange Sand
Swirly sand sculpture=Bottle of Red Sand + Bottle of Green Sand
Triangular sand sculpture=Bottle of Black Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand

Toy Recipes

Cuddly Yoyo=Pink Spinning Top + Neonip Critter
Flaming Wuzzle Toy=Flaming Torch + Purple Fuzzle
Gumglobe=Gumball Machine + Snowglobe
Kau Springy Toy=Yellow Kau Plushie + Springy Shoyru Toy
Soft Quiggle Puzzle=Blue Quiggle Plushie + Wooden Building Blocks
Super Springy Poogle=Super Blue Poogle Toy + Springy Toy
Uni bear=fuzzie bear + 100% fake uni mask

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