Neopets Dailies

Neopets Dailies are an essential part of the daily routines performed on Neopets! Everyday, there are various links to visit, and mini-games to play, in which you can receive freebies, neopoints, stat upgrades, and much more! We’ve compiled a list of Neopets Dailies for you to visit daily.

Daily Neopets Rays

Secret Lab Ray

Petpet Lab Ray

Neopets Scratchcard Kiosks

Lost Desert

Ice Caves

Haunted Woods

Neopets Daily Wheels

Wheel of Mediocrity

Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Knowledge

Wheel of Monotony

Game Related Dailies Neopets

Play Featured Game

Faerie Crossword

Neopets Freebies

Free Jelly

Free Omelette

Movie Mountain Snack

Soup Kitchen

Other Neopets Dailies To Do


Buried Treasure

Coconut Shy

Coltzan’s Shrine

Deserted Tomb

Fruit Machine

Grumpy Old King

Guess the Weight

Healing Springs

Money Tree

Monthly Freebies

Potato Counter

Illusen’s Quest

Rubbish Dump

Shop of Offers


Symole Hole

Test Your Strength



Underwater Fishing

Wise Old King

Deadly Dice

Jhudora’s Quest

King Altador’s Reward

Sultan’s Quest

Stock Portfolio

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