Neopets Destruct-O-Match III

Here’s how I get avatar-worthy scores at Destruct-o-Match II. It’s a mix of luck and skill. The guide is pretty long because it explains the way I approach the strategic elements of this game. Hopefully something in my strategy will be useful for you to adapt into your own method of playing.

1. Before you even get started, begin to think of your eye as a radar that will search for one selected color at a time.

2. Take a look at the chart of how many points you get for different sized clumps. Obviously, it’s better to get rid of things in larger clumps, if possible.

3. Begin the game on “Normal” setting

4. Level 1. On every level, first get rid of the “Morph Boulder” brick. If you don’t, it and any boulders of the same color that are touching it will turn into “Indestructible Boulder” (see Figure 1). Indestructible Boulders can only be destroyed by a “Fire Boulder.”

5. Second, find the “Overkill Boulder.” Let’s say it’s orange. Don’t click it. Instead, turn your eye into an orange radar, and destroy every clump of orange boulders you see. Save the Overkill Boulder for last (make sure another orange boulder touches it so it will be clickable).

5a. Here’s how to do step 5 strategically: ONLY click boulders the same color as the Overkill Boulder (remember, ours was orange). There will be some standing alone that you can’t click, that’s okay. But think ahead so you get all the points you can by just clicking orange.

Example: in Figure 2, your honed eye would instantly pick out four orange chunks, three of them clickable in pairs or clusters. If you click the top one first, you’ll get 3 points, the one on the left will give 2 points, and the one on the bottom will give another 3 points. If you did things in that order, your total would be 8 points with one extra boulder left over. However, if instead you clicked the bottom cluster first, you’d produce three clusters of three bricks (Figure 3), yielding 9 points with none left over. When there are no moves left, click the Overkill Boulder and get rid of all remaining orange boulders. You should always be strategic about how clicking one cluster might affect the others.

6. Now you have three colors left to get rid of. Your objective at this point, in Levels 1 and 2, is to get rid of all the boulders and get 250 bonus points.

7. I usually click the “Fire Boulder” last. Everything touching the Fire Boulder will explode when you click it. So it’s okay if you are left with something that resembles Figure 4, you’ll click on the Fire boulder and end with no leftover boulders, earning your 250 point bonus.

8. Regarding the “Fill Boulder” (the one with the question mark). When clicked, it produces a line of new boulders. If there is only one color of boulder other than the color of the Fill Boulder cluster, the new boulders will the same color as the remaining boulders. In Levels 1 and 2, it’s best to use Fill Boulder in one of two ways. Method 1 is to have the Fill Boulder and its cluster of same-colored boulders all together, surrounded by boulders of one different color (Figure 5). When you click the Fill Boulder cluster, the new line of boulders will make one monochromatic cluster (Figure 6). Method 2 is to just get rid of all boulders except for the Fill Boulder Cluster. When you click it, you’ll get a line of boulders in one random color.

9. Level 2: Repeat steps 4-6. You should get about 350-420 points each for Levels 1 and 2.

10. Level 3: At this point two new elements are usually introduced. This level brings you a fifth color (woodgrain). Every new color complicates things a bit. This level also usually brings the “Mulitplier Boulder,” which is a great asset to your score. The game really changes once the Multiplier Boulder comes into play. Now the goal is to add as many boulders as possible to the Multiplier Boulder cluster. From here on, it usually still makes sense to do the Overkill Boulder process described in step 4 at the beginning of each level. But this isn’t a rule, just use your best judgment in each situation.

10a.The Fill Boulder can be used differently from this level upwards, too. If you think you won’t have enough points to progress to the next level, a Fill Boulder might give enough new boulders to make a difference. (It’s random, but worth a shot.) Also, you can try to use the Fill Boulder to build a bridge to link a Multiplier Cluster to other boulders in the same color. In Figure 7, the orange multiplier cluster has 11 boulders in it. I wanted to link to the cluster of orange boulders on the left, so I clicked the grey Fill Boulder to see if it would help. It worked!

It dropped an orange boulder right in place, bridging my original 11 to a cluster of 5, making the whole cluster 17 total!

Note: Be cautious about the Fill Boulder too– it can hurt your score if you save it for the end and it causes you to have too many leftover boulders to earn bonus points.
11. I like to have over 930 points by the end of Level 3.

12. Cheat: Type in “Destroy Boulders” at any time to clear all boulders in one color.

That’s it! This strategy should bring you through the rest of the game and help you to get the avatar. Here’s what to expect in the levels to come:

Level 4 —130 points to progress to next level
Level 5 —purple is introduced. 100 points to progress
Level 6 —115 points to progress
Level 7 —130 points to progress
Level 8 —145 points to progress
Level 9 —red boulders introduced. 100 points to progress
Level 10 —115 points to progress
Level 11 —130 points to progress
Level 12 —145 points to progress

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