Neopets Gallery

Have you ever seen a person’s gallery and thought ‘Wow, I wish I could do that?’ You can! It’s really easy and quite fun. First you have to pick a theme. You probably want to make a theme that interests you, and be creative.

Make your gallery by going here. Think of a name for your gallery, again creativity will make your gallery stand out from the rest, so don’t just name it ‘plushies’ if you made a gallery for plushies. Try something like ‘The Plushie Express.’ Once you’ve typed your gallery’s name in the box, you can choose your gallery’s setting, this really doesn’t matter so just pick one. The next thing to do is your gallery’s description, you don’t really need to worry about this yet, wait until you have some items in your gallery. The last three things you have to do is to choose a shopkeeper, give it a name, and type in what it’s going to say.

Now that you’ve got all that done you can go get items for your gallery. Some items you might have to save up for. You can also ask people to donate to your gallery, don’t beg just ask. Once you have a few items in your gallery you can move on to the next step.

The next thing you do is add graphics to your gallery, graphics add a nice look to your gallery. Try to keep the graphics the same theme as your gallery. Once you’ve found a good graphic add it to your gallery’s description and check it out. After you’re done with the graphics, it should look something like this. Just kidding. That’s Leia’s gallery, and it’s a horrible example. For examples of cool-looking galleries, check out the Gallery Spotlights!

Once you’re satisfied with the size and look of your gallery why not submit it to the gallery spotlight? Chances are you picked a theme with some expensive items in it, don’t worry, almost every good gallery has them. Save up your neopoints and you’ll have enough for it in no time. Good luck with your gallery, I’m sure it’ll turn out great.

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