Neopets Go!Go!Go!

It’s puzzling how a bunch of dim-witted Tyrannians can invent a game with rules that can be both confusing and annoying. Still, they managed to do it. Go! Go! Go! is their game, and though it falls under the Luck and Chance game category, there is some basic strategy to it, which is what this guide is all about.

I know you are thinking: “Ha! It’ll be a snap to get a trophy for this game, just like Cheat.” Well, you are right about one thing: you can earn a trophy from this game (up to three) because the scoring system is similar to that of Cheat. (For instance, you must win two games for a Third Prize Trophy, and so on.) However, it won’t be a snap unless you are already very familiar with the game.

At the beginning of the game, each player (you and three Tyrannian Neopets) are dealt a total of 9 cards. Three of those cards go in your hand, three go into your “Face Up” pile, and three go into your “Face Down” pile; all of the other cards are set in a Draw Pile. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. You must first start with the cards in your hand, and you may only place down one card at a time, unless they are the same (example: three Kings). One card from the top of the Draw Pile always begins the “Stack Pile”, or the pile where cards are discarded. You will have the first turn. Check your hand for a card that is equal to or higher than the card in the Stack Pile. If you have one, place it on top… if you don’t, pick up the pile. Don’t worry if you have to pick up the pile, it’s only one card! However, later on in the game you might have to pick up a pile with a ton of cards, and if that happens, there is a very low chance that you will win. Remember, this game is part luck! If you have a mundo-jumbo amount of cards from picking up too many piles, go back to the home screen for Go! Go! Go! and restart the game. I had to do that a ton of times because I’m so unlucky!

If you were able to place a card (or more, if you had matching cards) on the Stack Pile, then you will have to draw from the Draw Pile. You must have three cards in your hand at all times during the game until the Draw Pile runs out (which means that you won‘t have to pick up a new card every time you put one down). When that happens, and you have placed down all of the cards in your hand, you move on to your Face Ups. Gameplay continues normally, except that you cannot place more than one Face Up down on the Stack Pile, even if you have two 3s or whatever. Also, if you have to pick up the Stack Pile because you don’t have a legal move with your Face Up cards, the lowest of those Face Ups is added to your hand along with the cards from the Stack Pile. You will not be able to play from your Face Ups again until you get rid of the cards that are now in your hand.

When your Face Ups are gone, you move to the Face Down cards. Face Downs are the trickiest because you place them down blindly (one per turn, like the Face Ups), and if you place down one that is lower than the card on the Stack Pile or makes an illegal move you will have to pick up the Stack Pile and those cards will go in your hand. When those cards are added to your hand, you have to get rid of them to play the Face Downs again, just like your Face Ups.

Do you understand so far? Now comes the confusing part! There was several “Special Moves” that can be performed to help you get rid of your cards.

Clearing the Stack Pile

1. The first way to clear the Stack Pile is the easiest – you simply place a ten down, and it will automatically clear the pile.

2. The second way is to have four of the same card in a row. For instance, if someone placed two Kings down on the Stack Pile, and you place down two Kings right after that player, you clear the pile! This is also true if you have four Kings in your hand and place them down.

The Wonderful Two’s

Two’s are wildcards, so keep them until you need them! They can be placed on any card (except a Three). This card will help you get out of some very hairy situations!

The Specifics of Three’s and Four’s

Three’s and Four’s both operate in similar ways, except Three’s handle odd numbered cards and Four’s handle the evens. If a Three is placed on the Stack Pile, the next player may only place down an odd card (3, 5, 7, 9, J, K). If a Four is placed on the Stack Pile, the next player may only place down an even card (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q, A).

I’m sure you are ready to learn how to win, correct? Well, it’s very simple. If you happen to get rid of all your cards (Face Ups and Face Downs included) you are the winner and can advance to the next round with a couple hundred Neopoints as the prize. If you are not the first to get rid of your cards, but you aren’t the last, you still get a Neopoint prize, but you cannot advance to the next round of play. Unfortunately, if you are the last player (meaning the other three players have already finished playing) you win nothing and cannot advance. Here is my advice if you want to win (and advance to the next skill level of play):

1. Always try to hold on to your Two’s and Ace’s. They are the best cards, and you shouldn’t just throw them around lightly.

2. Learn the “Special Moves” and use them. Believe me, you won’t just win with luck… there is a little bit of strategy behind the game. For instance, if the next player is on his/her Face Down cards, you might try to place a higher card down or a Three/Four. That way, there is a better chance that the card they blindly play will be illegal, and they will have to draw the Stack Pile.

3. If you still aren’t 100% certain what an illegal move is, just make a move and the game will tell you if the move was illegal. Don’t worry, it will allow you to make another move! However, you cannot do this while playing your Face Down cards. An illegal move is anything that isn’t a Special Move (example: trying to put a 6 on top of a 3, and so on) or doesn’t follow the rules.

4. Have patience! It took me forever just to get the Third Place trophy, because I am so unlucky (and impatient!). If you don’t win the first time, don’t give up… it only costs 50 Neopoints to play!

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