Neopets Illusen and Jhudora

There is a long theory as to why Illusen has lived in Meridell for so long! Some believe that she was forced out by Jhudora and her followers, some think she left voluntarily, bored of the clouds. But my theory is… Somewhat different from what everyone else says. I have my questions, if Jhudora had forced her out, why would she have chosen MERIDELL to live in? Why not Tyrannia of Maraqua or kiko island or Roo island? Why Meridell? Meridell is an old town, you might tell me, perhaps she feels at home? Or maybe she has a friend there? I say, who knows someone from all the way up in faerieland? No, I have my own theory, and a theory which you will, most probably like.

I believe that she and her sister were once peasants, living life out on the street. Illusen always being the nicer and wiser of the two would beg and beg for food and water, while Jhudora would plead and use whatever means necessary to get money from all. She beat, slapped and kicked, and always got what she wanted. However, so did Illusen, she cried and begged and pleaded, and the people felt so sorry for her that they gave her water and food and blankets and anything she wanted really.

One day the faeries in faerieland were in the palace, discussing matters which I cannot share with you, as I am sworn to secrecy, however, the word slipped that there was a particular begger on the streets of Meridell who, not like other beggars, punched and screamed, she was polite. The light faerie representative said: ‘I think we should grant her a wish!’ ‘I think she will not accept that’ said the air faerie representative. ‘She will accept it, she will not believe it though. Having said that how many people have actually been granted a wish by a faerie?’ this was the fire faerie representative speaking whilst she made a flame magically appear in the palm of her hand and she gently lit a candle which had gone out. ‘Perhaps, but it is definitely an honour and I agree that we should grant her a wish’ The Earth faerie representative said this and she was very strict about it. She conjured up a few crisps and lay it before all the faeries, then she said, ‘This food I place before you, does it satisfy your needs?’ ‘Of course not, what you lay before us is little more than what a peasant eat…I see what you are saying, if we give this much to the peasant, she will be overjoyed!’ the air faerie looked ashamed. ‘And imagine how overjoyed she will be if we give her a gift, or a wish! Your Majesty, Queen Fyora, may I be so bold as to ask your opinion?’ The Fire faerie asked as she slowly looked at her food, turned away and burned it.

She spoke to the whole room, projected her voice in a way that she sounded daring, but not frightening. ‘If these crisps got burnt, we would discard them and simply throw them away, could we be any more rude, and unkind, when this person on the streets would search through the ashes to find something eatable? We should be ashamed of ourselves! Queen Fyora, your royal Highness! I ask you to think about the point that the Earth Faerie rose and request that the Beggar should be granted one wish!’ Fyora rose, all the others kneeled. ‘I agree that this beggar should get a reward, however, not a wish, a wish can be granted to any member of all Neopia, if she or he comes in first. No. I believe that this beggar should be given everything! After living 160 years begging, she deserves a great reward!’ All the faeries were baffled! ‘What? 160? Only people brave and strong or are faeries live that long? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?’ The Water Faerie said, while on her floating cloud of water. ‘Oh yes, Illusen, the beggars name, is brave and her sister Jhudora is strong! That is why they have lived so long! And she will remain that way. I would like all of you to come with me now, as I will go see her. Rise!’ And so they went.

I have created a dialogue for this section as it will be much simpler.

Illusen: Can anyone spare some food? A loaf of bread perhaps? Or maybe some water, so I don’t have to drink from the rain? Can anyone spare 10 Neopoints, for me to buy a loaf of bread! Money for the poor sir? (but unlike most beggars she asked politely, and did not tail the kyrii)

Kyrii: Oh, poor soul, here is a thousand Neopoints, I hope you put them to good use.

Illusen: Oh thank you, thank you! I will buy 3 loaves of bread and share them with my sister!

(The kyrii looked at Jhudora, who was pulling on someone’s purse, but not wanting to offend, he just smiled. When no one was in the street except for the two sisters, Fyora appeared!)

Fyora: I have come to grant you a great honour, one which only 3 people have gotten in the last 3000000 years! You will be given the gift, of becoming a faerie, Illusen, an earth faerie! (Illusen just stared but then said,)

Illusen: I must be hallucinating it is the lack of food.

Water faerie: No, you are not hallucinating! You will be an earth faerie, because it is your destiny!

Illusen: (she believed now) This has been a short conversation your highness, and my parents told me always to accept whatever comes to me, for that is the only way I will survive. But not without my sister! My sister will be a faerie too! This is my only condition.

(the faeries discussed quietly amongst themselves)

Fyora: Very Well! Jhudora, what type of faerie would you like to be?

Jhudora: What is there?

Earth Faerie: earth, water, air, fire and light! Choose.

Jhudora: I do not like any of those, there must be a new category of faeries!

Air Faerie: Impossible! Scripture says that a new category can only be created if a faerie turns evil, she will then become a dark faerie!

Jhudora: I will be Air then! I want to know the full length of my powers!

Fire: All in good time, all in good time!

And so Illusen has lived there ever since, In Meridell, where she came from! And Jhudora became evil and stubborn, becoming the first dark faerie in centuries. How do I know all this? Well, That’s for me to know, and you NEVER to find out!

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