Neopets Invasion of Meridell

Invasion of Meridell allows you to recreate the famous battles in Meridell during the Darigan war. King Skarl has called upon your services, and it is your job to command your troops and save Meridell, one village at a time. Do you think you have what it takes?

I highly recommend this game to people who can’t resist a great strategic war game. For war game veterans, Invasion of Meridell (IoM) is a snap, because it is much more simple than the PC/console games you can play. In this guide, I’ll cover all the basics and give you the best tips you need to win. Remember, the kingdom needs you!


You begin the game with five villagers who are devoted to saving their homeland from evil, mutated Darigan invaders. Your villagers are five different species: a Moehog, Techo, Grundo, Scorchio, and Skeith. Each has their own specialty:

Moehogs are the weakest of the characters, but they are quick are around the board, able to move up to four spaces in one turn.

Techos are well-rounded fighters that improve very well when you upgrade their weapons; they move up to two spaces in a turn.

Grundos have horrible stats, but their magical abilities can come in handy; they move up to two spaces in a turn.

Scorchios are powerful fighters that improve massively as they grow in rank; they move up to two spaces in a turn.

Skeiths are your slowest character, but they have powerful attack power. Their limited movement (one space per turn) can be improved with items you can find in each mission. There is a “Troops” option at the bottom of the game screen that allows you to view your troops and even name them. However, remember that you may only have five troops at a time, and you are automatically taken to this screen after a victory to cut your army back down, which grew during the battle. I recommend keeping your original five troops, especially the Moehog and Techo – both will be needed in much later levels. NOTE: I have heard the only way to beat the game at the end is with a Moehog. You cannot get Moehogs in the later levels, so keep you original!

You can improve the rank of your characters by defeating enemies; as rank increases, so do vital stats your troops need to win. Each time a troop defeats a Darigan pet, they are given a “save point” – because after an enemy is defeated, that enemy is saved and turned into a good pet that will fight for Meridell. After one of your troops saves enough Darigan pets, they will increase in rank depending on that number. Remember that each troop can only increase in rank once per mission. Any extra saves they get will not count toward promotion. Here are the number of saves needed to increase in rank:

Villager: default/no saves; all characters start here
Defender: three saves
Soldier: nine saves
Captain: eighteen saves
Lieutenant: thirty saves
Corporal: ninety-six or more saves

To win battles and missions, your troops need good statistics, which include ATTACK, DEFENSE, and HIT POINTS. It’s just like your Neopet’s stats.

*The maximum stats a troop can have are 18 attack and 14 defense strength. I recommend always viewing your troops’ statistics in detail by clicking the “Fixed Full” button at the top of the game screen, to the right of the game board. That way, you can see all of their stats, including the weapons they have, and not just their HP.

Remember that statistics increase as a troop increases in rank, but they can also increase with a weapon/lost item a troop picks up.



During each battle within a mission, you will face Darigan pets. In mission one you face Darigan Moehogs, mission two – Darigan Techos, mission three – Darigan Skeiths, and so on. Their mission is to destroy the villages that you are defending, and if you get in their way they will come after you, too!

Don’t fear your enemy; they are not invincible. Yes, they can be hard, and at times you might have to double-team them, but don’t let them double/triple-team you… that can turn ugly. They cannot pick up and use weapons; if they move to a square with a weapon on it, the weapon disappears.

If you defeat a Darigan pet, they will be “saved” and turned into a good pet like your troops. This is great, because they will now fight for you! When the odds seem overwhelming, this can be very handy.

If an enemy defeats one of your troops, it has an opposite effect. You troops turns Darigan and starts attacking you! This can become extremely annoying when your troop is at a high rank and has exceptional weapons, because even if they are rescued/saved, once a troop turns Darigan and is saved they lose everything and start back at a Villager with no saves and no weapons. Beware of this! If all but one of your troops are converted to Darigan pets, you lose.

Sometimes in the later missions, it is too difficult to defend every single village, and one accidentally slips through your fingers. In other words, it is destroyed by an enemy. The enemy can only destroy a village by moving on it’s space, just like a troop can only pick on an item by moving on the item’s space. Try not to allow your enemy to even get near your villages; put up a defense line. If you allow too many villages to be destroyed, you lose and must start over the mission – not the game.

I recommend trying to predict the enemies’ next moves. Remember that their objective is to destroy the villages and any resistance.


Another thing to you need to win are weapons. Without them, you won’t get far. Don’t worry; you don’t have to purchase them or anything. During each battle, you’ll find them just lying on the field, waiting for one of your troops to pick one up and use it.

However, there are certain weapons that work better when used by a certain character. Below the game board, you’ll see the words “Click for item info :” followed by pictures of all the items on the game board. I recommend clicking each of those at the start of every battle to see which items work better with which character. For instance, a “Magic Force Spell” can be used by all troops and will give them an attack bonus of +3. In the hands of a Grundo, however, that +3 bonus becomes +5, and Grundos can zap allies (your other troops) too, healing them on the spot. Now do you see what I mean? Always check an items information first.

Each troop can hold a total of one attack weapon and one defense weapon – no more. If a troop already has an attack weapon, and they grab another attack weapon, the old weapon will be discarded, and your other troops may pick that old item up and use it themselves. Same thing goes for defense weapons. Another reason it is always helpful to read an items information is that you can see if that item is better than the item your troop already has. This is a great way to improve your troops statistics and beat the enemy.

During each battle, there usually will be at least one potion on the game board. These are very handy if one of your troops is weakened by an enemy, but don’t waste them! Once you use them, they are gone. Save them for troops that really need them.

In each mission, along with handy weapons, you will also find a Lost Item at the opposite end of the board. One of these, and only one, is available during each mission, and it is highly recommended that you get it. It will increase your troops stats by one in both attack and defense strength.

After defeating a few invaders that stand in your way on the board, you can easily send one of your troops to fetch the Lost Item, but don’t wait too long. If you only have one enemy left to defeat, the Lost Item will disappear, so you need to grab it before then. However, if you don’t get it at that time it will appear again in the next battle, but if you go on to the next mission that item is lost forever and a new one exclusive to the new mission will appear.

I recommend using a troop that can move fast (a Moehog, for example) to grab the Lost Item. Skeiths are fairly useless in this part, because they can only move one space at a time. Even with a Skeith gains an Amulet of Teleportation, they still cannot teleport into the last three rows of the board. Moehogs, who are able to move four spaces, are the best to use.


You can actually use mathematics to calculate how much damage a troop will give an enemy, and vice versa. You need to be in “Fixed Full” mode to do this, however.

Once in “Fixed Full” mode, locate the troop that you are about to attack with, then the enemy he will attack. View your troops attack power and the enemy’s defense power. What is the difference? Obviously, you want your troops attack to be greater than the enemy’s defense so you can win.

Remember that every time you attack or are attacked, a virtual die is rolled and can land anywhere from 1-20, 20 being the best.

When you attack, this determines the damage that is dealt: B (attack bonus) + R (the random number rolled) = S(strength of the attack)

When you are attack, this determines the damager you receive: S (strength of the attack) – D (defense) = I(Injury dealt from attack)


Keeping all of these hints/tips in mind will bring you victory. They were stated earlier in previous sections of the guide, but in case you missed them, here they are again…

1. At the start of the game, always view the information for the items on the game board; that way, you know what items are better with which character or if your troops current weapons can be upgraded/improved.

2. Create a defense line with your Troops as they move to protect the villages; if too many are destroyed, you lose.

3. Always go for the Lost Item; it can increase your troops stats.

4. Try to predict the movements of your enemy. They may not be too bright, but they know their mission: destroy villages and anyone in their way.

5. It is recommended that you try to calculate an attack before you even attempt it; that way you don’t waste a move (you only have 5 moves per turn). The formulas in the COMBAT section will be exceptionally useful, so keep them in mind or close by.


At the end of every battle, you receive a few Neopoints for every village you saved. Subsequently, your high score is pretty much determined by the villages you save throughout the game. That is why it is so important to protect the villages!

When you beat mission 5, you will receive a shiny runner-up medal for your efforts. You don’t have to enter the monthly tournament to win this; you can play for months before you earn it. However, in order to get any better trophies (third, second, and first), you must restart your game at the beginning of the month and make it on the high score table of the monthly tournament.

The ever-illusive Invasion of Meridell avatar is coveted by avatar collectors because it is very difficult to get. It is said to be a random event while playing the game, so there is no telling how long it will take you to get it! Rumors contradict each other when it comes to which mission is most common for finding the avatar.

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