Neopets Kass Basher

The objective of Kass Basher is simple; use a stick, bat or a loaf of bread to whack a Lord Kass plushie as far as you can! However there a few factors that determine how far you will send it.

First off, it is a good idea to set the game size to full screen. These way, there are fewer distractions and you have a larger image to focus on. Secondly, turn the sound on. There is no annoying background music in Kass Basher, but there are handy sound effects that will help you later on in the game.

When you first open the window, the main menu tells you that there are three levels for you to choose from. At first, you must play with the loaf of bread, the easiest level. The Kass plushie will drop very slowly in this level, making it easier to hit. In later levels, the plushie will drop faster, but mallet will be stronger, enabling you to project Kass much farther. After you hit over 175 M with the loaf of bread you will be able to advance on to the stick, and when you have hit a minimum of 450 M, you can unlock the bat, which is the hardest level.

In order to get the longest possible whack, you must wait until the wind speed is at 9 meters/second. This is the fastest wind speed in the game, while the lowest is –9 M.

Once the wind is at the desired speed, hit the space bar to drop Kass from the tree branch. Wait until the plushie is right over your head, and then hit the space bar again. If you prefer, you can click the left-mouse button instead of using the space bar.

Once you have hit Kass, do not let go of the space bar! This causes the plushie to tuck in its wings, sending it farther into the air.

When the plushie reaches it’s peak height, it will begin to level off horizontally, as soon as this happens, release the space bar, and Kass will slowly flutter back down to the ground.

Now, don’t think you are quite finished yet! Immediately after Kass makes contact with the ground, you will hear an impact noise, this is your cue to re-press the space bar, and the plushie will bounce back up into the air.

While Kass is in mid-bounce, continue to hold the space bar. Do not let go until he begins to level off again. Repeating this process causes Kass to bounce more often, and therefore increases your total distance. When the plushie stops bouncing, hold the space bar one more time, forcing Kass to tuck in his wings and help you gain a few more meters while he is sliding, all of these things add up!

Now that you are done, you have a few options. You can send your score, restart the game and select a different level, or simply restart at the same level by clicking anywhere on the screen.

After you have finished whacking Kass you may notice a few circular imprints in the grass, these are markers from previous hits. By placing your mouse over them, you can view information from that particular hit, including distance, wind speed, the time and date. If you wish, you can clear all the distance markers by clicking the appropriate button on the main menu. Take caution while doing this because it will re-lock both the stick and bat levels, forcing you to start from the beginning level once again.

Neopets has hidden a cute Easter egg within the game. When you hit Kass to a distance of around 816 M, you should see an oddly shaped object on the ground. Apparently, this is a rock, and if you click it just once, and whack Kass again, a Drackonack will appear with your score, instead of the regular Turtum. You can see the rock in the above screenshot directly underneath the Kass plushie.

In case you happen to visit the High-Score table you should notice some extremely high scores, up to and around 1,700 M. This seems like an impossible score to reach, but in fact, these scores were probably obtained by playing in the secret bonus level, where you can whack Kass with a tree. The tree is the most powerful of all the mallets; so using it would drastically improve the distance of your farthest whack. As of now, unlocking the tree seems to be completely random, but if you just so happen to be one of the few lucky people that have the opportunity to be able to play with the tree, be sure to send your score and you’ll most likely receive a spot on the high score table.

You receive the Kass Basher avatar by sending a score of over 850 M while playing the game Kass Basher.

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