Neopets Keyquest

What exactly is Key Quest? The only thing we know so far is that it’s a mass multiplayer game that will use the tokens received from a code that comes with the Plushies and collectable cards sold at Target.

As more information becomes available, this page will be updated. Currently, not much is known about the game itself, but what we can share with you is how to get the tokens you will use to play the game. It is not known whether these tokens are necessary to play, or if you will be able to get a token without buying the merchandise.

There are 14 different plushies to collect, and right now you can get up to 18 unique tokens. The tokens are easy to collect, you redeem a Key Quest code and you get a token. Below are the various tokens, and the merchandise you have to buy to get them.

 – Pink Bruce Plush
 – Yellow Kacheek Plush
 – Brown Uni Plush
 – Red Scorchio Plush
 – Speckled Acara Plush
 – Starry Grundo Plush
 – Striped Cybunny Plush
 – Cloud Kougra
 – Plushie Wocky Plush
 – Plushie Mynci Plush
 – Plushie JubJub Plush
 – Gold Gelert Plush *
 – Gold Gelert Shoyru *
 – Gold Gelert Aisha *
 – Get all 14 Plush Codes in Series 1
 – Keyquest Item Code in Select Trading Card Fun Paks
 – Keyquest Item Code in Select Trading Card Fun Paks
 – Keyquest Item Code in Select Trading Card Fun Paks

* – The Gold plush toys are limited edition, and are not as available as the other plush toys. Each box displays one of each standard plush, and one of the gold plush toys.

Trading Cards – The card paks are not the Wizards TCG cards. They are collectable cards which depict a neopet or character in Neopia. They also may come with a cardboard standee, stickers, tattoos, or puzzle cards. Each pak comes with a rare item code. Some come with a Keyquest Code, which can be redeemed for a token and an item.

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