Neopets Lab Ray

The Secret Laboratory is a special and hidden place in Neopia where you can put your Neopets under a special Ray. This Ray will change your pet, either for the good or for the worse. It can do such evils as blowing up your stats, or to charming things such as turning your pet Maraquan.

Neopets Lab Ray Link

You have to collect all nine pieces of the Secret Lab Map that are hidden around Neopia. You can only get them through Random Events, or buying them in user shops for about 55k a piece. Some users even sell all of the pieces on the Trading Post for around 500,000 Neopoints. Its very expensive!

Once you have all of the pieces of the Lab Map – and forked out a LOT of cash – you need to go here with all of the pieces in your inventory. And if you have them all, they will show up, and you will be granted access to the Special Laboratory for life!

Just to help you, we have put together each of the pieces of the Secret Lab Map for you to look at.


What can the Secret Lab Ray Do

Lose Pet’s Strength
Lose Pet’s Levels
Lose Pet’s Movement
Lose Pet’s Defense
Back to Level 1 for your Pet
Gain Levels for your Pet
Gain Pet’s Movement
Gain Pet’s Defense
Gain Pet’s Hit Points
Gain Pet’s Strength
Change Pets Colour
Species Change for your pet
Gender Change for your pet
Have Change At All on your Pet

So you have found your way to my lab, have you? I’m working on a new experiment, a ray that will give any pet super powers, and great strength. Of course it’s not finished yet, but if you are willing to take the risk then I may let you have a go.
“WARNING – This process could severely damage your pet… we at Neopets take no responsibility for what happens when you do this!!!”

You may only zap a pet once per day, and only one pet. But beware that something disastrous could happen, do dont go and get access without thinking on the consequences!

Oooh…it changes my Neopet’s COLOUR?

Yep it certainly does! You may no longer have to buy a paintbrush! Your pet can change into a colour that you could never afford – Camoflauge, Biscuit, Faerie, Desert, and more! But a downside is that your pet can not be painted Royal, Usuki, Quiguki, Plushie, Baby, or Pirate.

And there are also a load of exclusive colours – ones that only the Lab Ray can paint your pet, and that you canot get a paintbrush for! These are: Alien, Chocolate, Clay, Coconut, Garlic, Ice, Jelly, Marshmallow, MSP, Robot, Snot, Sponge

Neopets Lab Ray Avatar
Finally, yes, there is! You can get the avatar below if one of your pets gets a Species Change.

So, some stuff to remember:

  • Only once per day
  • Can change your pet drastically, with no going back!
  • Can paint your pet amazing colours!
  • Its Expensive!

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