Neopets Maps

You can find Map pieces around Neopia. In Random events, trades, auctions and shops! However people who find and sell them, do it at a VERY high price!

There are 5 Maps, 4 of them you can exchange for Treasure. These are the Treasure Map, Spooky Treasure Map, Space Map and Underwater Map.
The Labatory Map is the most wanted map, once you find all nine pieces just go to the Neopets Secret Lab. There a Lab Ray will zap your pet! It may change you Pet’s type, gender, hit points, strengh, defence etc. and it may even change your Pet’s colour into a really cool one so you don’t have to Paint it! The Lab Ray will always stay in your account and you can use it as many times as you want

For the Treasure maps just go to the Treasure Map Game to find Treasure!

Once a Map is used, you can’t re-use it or sell it off!

Lab Map – You get access to the Secret Laboratory

Treasure Map – You get around 10,000 np & 3-5 Rare Items.

Spooky Treasure Map – You get around 10,000 np & alot of Spooky Foods.

Underwater Treasure Map – You get around 10,000 np & a lot of Aquatic food items & one pet level up.

Space Treasure Map – You get around 10,000 np & 3 Rare Items & one pet level up.

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