Neopets Money Tree

The Money Tree is a place where people donate their Neopoints, and people who are far more needy can come and get them…if you wish to make a donation or see if there is anything going for free, then you have found the right place! The more items you take per day, the less chance of you picking something up.

Mostly, the money tree is filled with pointless items. However, as a newbie, it can be a nice place to get a few free Neopoints. You have to be very, very fast. Refresh, click something, and hope for the best!

Sometimes ‘ghosts’ steal all the items from the tree! Just refresh, and you’ll see more items. The ghosts will also steal from users, and put these neopoints in the Money Tree. The ghosts are not a user, just a fun little addition by the neopets team.

To donate neopoints, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you see “Make a Donation”. Just enter the amount of neopoints you want to donate! It must be a number, with no commas or spaces.
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There are two ways to donate items. If you want to donate just one item, find it in your inventory, click it, and choose the ‘Donate Item’ from the drop down menu.

If you want to donate multiple items, it is best to do it from your Quick Stock. Underneath the word ‘Donate’, click the little button next to all the items you wish to donate, then click Submit. If you accidentally select something you do not want to donate, just double click the button.

The Money Tree has several scheduled ‘giveaways’, that is items are put into the Money Tree by Neopets itself, not users. Here are the times for these:

Chocolate – Sunday, 5:50 PM NST
Faerie – Wednesday, 7:00 AM NST
Health Food – Every day, 7:00 AM NST
Muntando Fruit – Monday, 10:45 AM/PM NST

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