Neopets NeoHTML

NeoHTML is the code you use to create your fonts. To enter and use your neoHTML, you’ll have to go to the Chat Preferences.

The Basics

Everything in neoHTML is inside brackets. These are brackets: [Your code] These brackets surround the word neoHTML. They must start, and then be ended, with a slash.


The default font looks like this:


Anything part of the font you do not specify (size, face, color, etc.) will remain default.

It is easiest to ‘build’ your code. You begin with this:


Let’s say you want to center your font. You’d add this:


As you can see, center is contined in brackets before ‘neoHTML’. It is also after it, with a slash in front of it. This ends the command of center. You MUST end every command this way, or else it will not work!

Now lets say you would like to change the color, size, and face (or type) of your font. You would add this:

[font c=blue s=1 f=verdana][center]neoHTML[/center][/font]

‘C’ stands for color, ‘S’ stand for size, and ‘F’ stand for face, or type. This would create a font like this:

Your font would look like this.

As you can see, once again the font command is ended.

Color Change

Now you ask, well what colors can I change it to? Feasibly, every color on the planet, with something called hex codes. Hex codes are 6 digit codes for a number. You can find a chart with them here.

Let’s say we picked the hex code #CC0099, which creates a purple color. Our code would look like this:

[font c=#CC0099 s=1 f=verdana][center]neoHTML[/center][/font]

It would look like this.

Size Change

There 5 different sizes, 1-5. To change it, merely change the number after the ‘s’ to 1,2,3,4 or 5. The sizes look like this:

Size 1
Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Size 5

Face Change

There are several different type of fonts to choose from. To use it, merely place the name of the font after the ‘f’.


Text Tags

It is also possible to emphasize text, using these codes:


Spacing Font

Perhaps you wanted to place something that always appears above your font? This is very simple! First, enter the code for what you want appearing above your font.

[center][font c=blue s=1 f=verdana][/font]

(NOTE: I did not end the center tag right after this, because I want the REST of my font to be centered. This is just the text to appear above my post. In order for it to be centered, you will have to place [/center]

at the end of your entire code!).

Then, you want to have your message that you type appear below, so add the tag [br] after it, then your regular font code!

[center][font c=blue s=1 f=verdana][/font][br][font c=red s=1 f=verdana]neoHTML[/font]


All the above formatting works in the signature box as well! But what if you want to get rid of the signature line that appears between your post and signature on the boards? Place a [ at the end of your “Enter your neoHTML here” box, after you have closed and finished all your coding. Then at the very beginning of your “Enter your NeoSignature here:” box, add a ][br]!

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