Neopets Neoquest II

This guide is written for those who completed Normal and want to play in Evil mode, so it doesn’t have much introductory information. Maybe I’ll write more later, but for now, people who’ve played some NQ2 will understand it better. If you want to skip my reasoning & strategy, you can jump to the final table and just see what skills I got at each level.You start NQ2 with no skill points to spend and earn one every time a character goes up a level. By the end of the game, each of your four characters will have earned up to 59 skill points. Each team member has 7 potential skills, and each skill can go up to 15 points. Armor & weapons that you find have skill bonuses on them – these are incredibly helpful. (It’s also nice that on Evil & iNsAnE modes, you will find equipment after some random battles, not just after boss battles.)It’s critical to note, though, that bonuses will not increase a skill beyond 15 points. If you’ve spent 15 points on one skill and then use a weapon that would increase that skill by 4, the last 4 skill points you spent were wasted.My method is to spend skill points knowing what the possible bonuses are, and once I’ve gotten my chosen skills up to the level that would make them 15 if I get the bonus, I stop spending skill points. Then when I get the final set of equipment, I go on a spending spree.In my mind, I divide the skills into three groups by how they help:1. increase some attribute of your character, e.g. strength of hits or magic resistance2. increase the likelihood of a good thing happening, e.g. stunning an opponent3. give your character a new ability that you need to cast when you want to use it, e.g. healing a team member.Another thing to note – the first five skills will get bonuses through weapons you can find; the last two skills for each one (those called innate), will get bonuses through found armor. (Weapons and armor that you buy have no skill bonuses.)
When you start, you’ll have no points to spend on Rohane. I like to put his first skill point on CA, and the next 11 on DI, then I take CA to 11. After that, he gets stunning stikes & IMH … the order I take them up to 11 each depends on what I feel like doing that game.
Skill nameDescriptionMy opinion
Critical Attacks (CA)Each hit has a chance of being extra hard.An excellent skill; when it’s maxed, you’ll get at least one per battle, and do much more damage than your normal attack can do at its best.
Damage Increase (DI)Average damage to opponents is increased.A necessity. It also increases with levels and weapon upgrades.
Combat Focus (CF)Cast this so opponents can’t hit him very hard, but he can’t hit hard either.I don’t use this — he has the most HP and is one of the main attackers, so it would be counterproductive.
Stunning Strikes (SS)Each hit has the chance of stunning the opponent.This is nice when it works, but many bosses are immune to it. I add it in after my first three choices.
Battle Taunt (BT)Cast this to make him the most likely target of the opponents.I like to have a point or two here for the final battle, to draw Terask’s attention away from Velm.
Innate Magic Resistance (IMR)Increases resistance to magic.I used to max this out, but now just put a few here when I have extra at the end. Velm will give him some IMR anyway.
Innate Melee Haste (IMH)Increases attack speed, so his next turn happens sooner.Super helpful – the more turns he has compared to the opponents, the faster you win & the less your team is hurt.
My final skills for Rohane my second time through on evil were as follows. The numbers in ()s are bonus points from the sword and armor that I had found.
Skill NameCurrent LevelNext Level
Critical Attacks13: Dire Strike (+ 2)14: Catastrophic Strike
Damage Increase14: Bladedancer (+ 1)15: Fury of the Ages
Combat Focus0: no skill1: Braced
Stunning Strikes11: Overpower (+ 2)12: Bewilder
Battle Taunt0: no skill (+ 3)1: Taunt
Innate Magic Resistance10: Mystical Skin I (+ 2)11: Mystical Skin II
Innate Melee Haste11: Flowing Steps II (+ 4)12: Flowing Steps III
I put 13 skill points on CA; if i had spent 15 points, then 2 skill points would have been wasted because the final sword gave a 2 point bonus. This time through, Rohane had so many bonus points that I had a lot of left-over skill points to put on on IMR.
I generally get Mipsy at level 10 or 11, so I have 9 or 10 skill points to spend immediately on her. One goes to IMD, the rest to GDD.
Skill nameDescriptionMy opinion
Direct Damage (DD)Cast this to do up to 100 damage to one target.Nice… but GDD is nicer.
Group Direct Damage (GDD)Cast this to do up to 64 damage to all opponents in one shot.Excellent. I get this up to 11 shortly after I get Mipsy, and she does 48 to each opponent while Rohane is still doing 20.
Group Haste (GH)Cast this to speed up your whole team, up to 38%.I use this, but I don’t cast it until I have at least 8 points in it; the increased speed doesn’t make up for the time spent casting it for short battles until it’s higher.
Slowing (Slow)Cast this to slow one opponent of your choice.I don’t use this, prefer hasting my team since that’s everyone at once AND guarenteed to work.
Damage Shields (DS)Cast this to set up a shield around your team that damages any enemy that hits one of your teamI sometimes use this at the end, when other skills are where I want them.
Innate Melee Defense (IMD)Increases her defense.I put 1 point here immediately, and then increase it if Mipsy gets hit too hard. I usually go up to 5 or 6 in chapter 1.
Innate Casting Haste (ICH)Increases her casting speed, so spells take less time.Necessary, after getting GDD to 11. The faster she casts, the more damage she does.
After GDD was at 11, I put a few more points on IMD, until Mipsy wasn’t threatened much during battle. Then I recommend taking ICH up to 11. Once that’s done, I like to work on Group Haste, although I don’t cast it until she has about 8 skill points there; until then, it’s not worth the time it takes her to cast it.My final skills for Mipsy my second time through on evil were these.
Skill NameCurrent LevelNext Level
Direct Damage0: no skill (-1)1: Disrupt
Group Direct Damage13: Anarchic Wind (+ 1)14: Solar Furnace
Group Haste11: Rapid Action (+ 4)12: Nimble Movements
Slowing0: no skill (+ 3)1: Disinterest
Damage Shields13: Wall of Entropy (+ 2)14: Wall of Discord
Innate Melee Defense11: Nimbleness II (+ 4)12: Nimbleness III
Innate Casting Haste11: Agile Conjuration II (+ 4)12: Agile Conjuration III
For those who don’t want to be as defensive, the third time on evil, I only put 5 skill points on IMD, plus a bonus of 4, and it worked fine.
I generally get Talinia at level 22 or more, so I have at least 21 skill points to spend immediately on her. I put 10 or 11 on Bow Damage, and 10 on MT. Then I work on haste.
Skill nameDescriptionMy opinion
Increased Bow Damage (IBD)Increases the damage she can do.Absolutely necessary. She doesn’t do much damage without this. I give her 10 immediately.
Multiple Targets (MT)Cast this to shoot multiple arrows at once (1-5, 2 targets; 6-10, 3 targets; 11-15, 4 targets).I love this skill, and put it to 10 immediately. The higher the skill, the faster she can use it again (some turns in between, you’ll only be able to attack normally).
Ranged Attacks (RA)Delays any opponent who tries to hit Talinia (similar to stun).I haven’t used it much, but it is nice when opponents are set back. If I have points left over at the end, I put them here.
Shockwave (SW)Each hit has the chance to also send a shockwave, stunning all opponents.This doesn’t happen very frequently at first, and only pushes the opponents back a second or so, but it is quite nice when it happens. It’s my #4 choice.
Slowing Strike (SS)If Talinia hits an opponent, that opponent may be slowed by 1% (and it adds up).I don’t use this – she has many better skills.
Innate Magic Resistance (IMR)Increases resistance to magic.I used to max this out, but now just put a few here when I have extra at the end. Velm will give her some IMR anyway.
Innate Melee Haste (IMH)Increases attack speed, so her next turn happens sooner.Super helpful – the more turns she has compared to the opponents, the faster you win & the less your team is hurt.
My final skills for Talinia my third time through on evil were as follows.
Skill NameCurrent LevelNext Level
Increased Bow Damage13: Still Pond (+ 2)14: Rock Steady
Multiple Targets11: Fourth Arrow (+ 2)12: Quad Shot
Ranged Attacks10: Isolated Ground (+ 2)11: Horizon Outpost
Shockwave13: Alarming Hearsay (+ 2)14: Fell Tidings
Slowing Strike0: no skill (+ 2)1: Delaying Hit
Innate Magic Resistance1: Magic Resistance I (+ 4)2: Magic Resistance II
Innate Melee Haste11: Flowing Steps II (+ 4)12: Flowing Steps III
I had a lot of extra skill points at the end due to the bonuses, so I tried out Ranged Attacks. I do like how it delays any opponent who tries to hit her (even if they miss!) but it’s not a high priority for me. I’d rather she be fast herself.
I generally get Velm at level 31 or more, so I have at least 30 skill points to spend immediately on him. 11 go on Group Healing, 11 on Group Shielding, and the rest on ICH.
Skill nameDescriptionMy opinion
Healing (Heal)Cast to heal one team member up to 150 hp when at max.This takes less time to cast than GH, but I really prefer healing more team members at once, so I don’t use it.
Group Healing (GH)Cast to heal all team members, up to 100 each at max.The best skill! I put it up to 11 immediately.
Group Shielding (GS)Cast to increase defense & magic resistance for all team members; lasts about 30 seconds.Critical. Put up to 11 here right after GH and ICH.
Mesmerization (Mes)Cast to mesmerize one opponent for up to 30 seconds; if that opponent is healed or damaged during that time, mesmerization disappears.I use this sometimes, but it’s something you have to really watch, because you don’t want to have Mipsy cast GDD, or Talinia cast MT, and undo the mesmerization.
Celestial Hammer (CH)Cast to cause a small amount of damage and may delay one opponent up to 3 seconds.I’ve tried this, but haven’t found it helpful enough; too many opponents resist it, and he has more important things to do.
Innate Melee Defense (IMD)Increases his defense.This is the fourth skill I increase for Velm. It’s a help in the final battles, because he can get hit hard otherwise.
Innate Casting Haste (ICH)Increases casting speed, so spells take less time.Necessary; put it at 11 immediately. The faster he casts, the more he can heal & help.
My final skills for Velm my third time through on evil were as follows.
Skill NameCurrent LevelNext Level
Healing0: no skill (+ 2)1: Heal
Group Healing13: Vivification (+ 2)14: Rejuvenation
Group Shielding13: Arcane Haven (+ 2)14: Holy Bastion
Mesmerization11: Enchant (+ 2)12: Beguile
Celestial Hammer0: no skill (+ 2)1: Apprentice Carpenter
Innate Melee Defense7: Diversion I8: Diversion II
Innate Casting Haste15: Battle Voice III– max –
I was trying out high levels of mesmerization; if it works, it can mesmerize an opponent for 30 seconds! However… I recommend more IMD if you aren’t into taking risks at the end. For iNsAnE, I put 15 on IMD; I didn’t want to chance losing Velm in the final battle!
This table is an example of what skills you could spend at each level (and how many experience points your characters need to reach each level). It assumes you get Mipsy when at level 11, Talinia at level 23, and Velm at level 33.Mipsy: 9 GDD, 1 IMD.Talinia: 11 IBD, 10 MT, 1 IMH.Velm: 11 GH, 11 ICH, 10 ICH.
Levels & Skill points
21,0001 CA
32,1001 DI
43,3002 DI
54,6003 DI
66,0004 DI
77,5005 DI
89,1006 DI
910,8007 DI
1012,6008 DI
1114,5009 DI
1216,50010 DI2 IMD
1318,60011 DI10 GDD
1420,8002 CA11 GDD
1523,1003 CA3 IMD
1625,5004 CA4 IMD
1728,0005 CA5 IMD
1830,6006 CA6 IMD
1933,3007 CA1 ICH
2036,1008 CA2 ICH
2139,0009 CA3 ICH
2242,00010 CA4 ICH
2345,10011 CA7 IMD
2448,3001 stun5 ICH2 IMH
2551,6002 stun6 ICH3 IMH
2655,0003 stun7 ICH4 IMH
2758,5004 stun8 ICH5 IMH
2862,1005 stun9 ICH6 IMH
2965,8006 stun10 ICH7 IMH
3069,6007 stun11 ICH8 IMH
3173,5008 stun1 GH9 IMH
3277,5009 stun2 GH10 IMH
3381,60010 stun3 GH11 IMH
3485,80011 stun4 GH1 shock11 GS
3590,1001 IMH5 GH2 shock1 IMD
3694,5002 IMH6 GH3 shock2 IMD
3799,0003 IMH7 GH4 shock3 IMD
38103,6004 IMH8 GH5 shock4 IMD
39108,3005 IMH9 GH6 shock5 IMD
40113,1006 IMH10 GH7 shock6 IMD
41118,0007 IMH11 GH8 shock7 IMD
42123,0008 IMH9 shock8 IMD
43128,1009 IMH10 shock9 IMD
44133,30010 IMH11 shock10 IMD
45138,60011 IMH1 IMR11 IMD
46144,0001 IMR1 MES

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