Neopets Newbie Guide

A n00b is an annoying player who often is guilty of begging, spamming, and/or attempting to scam (usually badly) other players. Being n00bish has nothing to do with how long a person has played or not; it has everything to do with how a person plays.Some people overuse the term because they don’t know what it means or mistakenly think it means “newbie”. A newbie may or may not be a n00b. For instance, I have seen people fling the epithet “n00b” at a new player simply because they asked a question. This is an incorrect usage of the word. While it may seem self-evident to you or me how to open a shop, make a neodeck, or feed our pets, it is still valid for a newbie to pose these questions. Seasoned players should help newbies learn to play the game as long as the newbies ask politely. I never turn away a legitimate request for help with information or tips.There are certain behaviors and actions that do qualify someone (new or old) as a n00b. These are things that you want to avoid doing or supporting. We’ll cover three main areas: Begging, Spamming and Scamming in this guide.

BeggingBegging usually looks something like this:
This is classic n00bish behavior. But it could look like this:
Hi. I’m new. Can I please have a baby paint brush. I really want one and I’m asking nicely.” <—— This is still begging whether the asker wants to believe it or not.
Begging (in either form) is inexcusable whether it comes from a newbie or a seasoned player. (See Please, Dont Feed The n00bs for why I say this behavior should never be seen on Neopia.)
Begging is often used in conjunction with some of the milder scams you will see perpetrated around Neopia. Begging is rude to others and demeaning to yourself. Just don’t do it.
And this is just me, but I dislike seeing people feed the n00bs (even if it’s flinging dung at them) almost as much as I dislike seeing the n00bs beg. Why? Because the feeder just reinforced the n00b’s bad behavior. The feeders aren’t the only players on the boards so what they’ve done is tantamont to teaching their dogs to beg at somebody else’s table. They wouldn’t do that at home and they shouldn’t do it here. Please, don’t feed the n00bs.

SpammingWhile begging n00bs are my personal pet peeve, there is another n00bish behavior that others may find more annoying. It usually looks something like this:
OMG, OMG, (n00bs use this alot for some reason) MY (insert pet, friend or relative here) just DiEd. I’m SOOOOOOO uPSeT *sob*. PLEEEEEZZZZZZZ cAN U Hellllpppp Me?” (sometimes this is followed by begging for a rare item to make them “feel better”.)
This is the type of thing that my grandmother always told me not to lie about because it can become self-prophecy. You can speak it into being. Irregardless of whether you believe that or not:
1. If you’ve just lost something or someone dear to you, the last place you should be is on Neopets telling thousands of strangers about it. That’s what friends and family are for. Go find someone who knows you and loves you; they’ll be much more sympathetic.
2. If my daughter ever did this and I caught her, it would be the last time she ever used the computer.
3. I have my own life dramas. I come onto Neopet to forget about the things I don’t like about my life, to relax, and to have fun. I know many others feel the same way. We don’t need to be saddled with your issues.
Aside from all of that, it’s spam, it is a waste of server space, you’ll most likely get blasted by those that don’t want to hear or see your life story, you will make yourself unwelcome, and it bogs down the servers.
But this is the help chat and I need help.” No, this is Neopets help and we’re not Dear Abby.
Gift Boards
This is not directed at those generous souls who start gift boards offering free items to anyone who posts, but rather to the people who continue to post that they want something long after the giver has departed. The board continues to get bumped up to the top with ever more outlandish requests until it hits the 500 post limit and is deleted.
If someone is nice enough to offer to give anyone who posts an item, then please be respectful and keep your requests within the limits of good taste. I’m sure your parents/guardians taught you that if someone offers you a toy Maserati that you don’t ask for a real one instead. And make sure to say “thank you” for whatever you get. Pay attention to the giver and when they say, “that’s it” then stop posting. And don’t neomail them or harrass them on other boards.
If you come upon one of these boards with numerous posts and your desire is to ask for an item, then read the board–the whole board–to determine if the poster is still giving out items.
Unfortunately not everyone posts these boards with the intentions of giving items out. Some people create them just to see others beg for things and to bump real help boards down to the bottom where they don’t get seen by other HC’ers. The fake gift board poster seems to think it’s a joke. I don’t find it funny. If you post that you want something and 10 more people do too and the board owner either never answers again or keeps popping in and saying they are going give something away but no one ever gets anything, then stop posting on the board.
Public Thanks You’s 
If by chance you are lucky enough to have someone (neofriend or total stranger) give you a really expensive item. Use neomail and not the message boards to say ‘thank you’. It wouldn’t be very polite to re-pay your benefactor by making them the target of beggars and scammers. They may receive so many neomails and neofriends requests that they have to set a block on everything. And people will think that if they can just give away expensive things like a morphing potion to you that they have a rich account. This could make them a target for scammers or attempted account break-ins.
Brag Boards
Oh my goodness I just won a Tyrannian Paint Brush and 1,000,000 NP’s”
I know it’s tempting to celebrate your good fortune on the message boards, but most of the time you’ll get as many “Can I have it?” posts as you will “Oh, wow congratulations!” In other words, another board with people not reading that you aren’t giving away that expensive item and begging for it or anything until it hits the 500 posts mark and is deleted.
Not only that, but now you’ve called attention to yourself and your username. You may become the target of a scammer for advertising your good fortune. And you’re sure to have a sudden surge of popularity via neomail and neofriends requests.
And one last consideration. If you ever have to fill out the form to recover your account, it asks you to verify certain information–like whether you’ve redeemed any rare item codes, won any rare items, how many neopoints are in your bank account, what items are in your SDB, or equipped to your pet. If you brag about all of these events, it’s no longer information that only you know about your account.
Chain Posts
Post this message ten times on ten different boards and then go to the lost desert paint brush stall. When you go to your inventory you will have one of each paint brush and 1 million neopoints. It’s a Neopets Code!”
Yeah, right! And pigs fly!! If this worked everyone would have paint brushes, 4 painted pets and be millionaires. This is more like it:
Post this message ten times on ten different boards and get your account frozen.”
Because that is exactly what can happen. The only way to get a paint brush is to win one, find one (both rare random events) or buy one. The latter is your best bet if you want a paint brush.
Off-Topic Posts
Personally, I don’t mind if a conversation about Neopets evolves into a quick chat about the dog, the kids, or the movie you saw and then it winds down. I find the people who jump into those boards and yell “REPORTED” to be ridiculously obssessive. That said, there are limits to what should be tolerated. If you want to spend two hours talking about Pirates of the Carribean (yes, I liked the movie and yes, Johnny Depp is good looking) then please go find a POTC fan club elsewhere and have your two hour conversation there. The Help Chat is not a substitute for the defunct General Chat. You’re not Siskel and I’m not Ebert and this is a two-thumbs down way to act.
Whiner Boards
I hate people who report people.” “I’m tired of people being so rude.” “I hate it when people yell at n00bs.” Etc. etc. etc.
Most of the time, lets face it, the person whining is the one that got reported, got told they couldn’t have something they were begging for, or got called a n00b. Etc. etc. etc.
Don’t break the rules, don’t beg, don’t spam and you won’t have to worry about being reported. If someone reported you and you didn’t do anything, then don’t worry about it. You won’t get in trouble.
As for being rude–It’s rude to beg, spam, and act like a n00b. If you don’t want to called a n00b, don’t act like one.
Neopets Stinks!!! And I’m Leaving!!!
Good, GO! And don’t let the browser hit you on the way out!”
If you decide to leave, don’t post about it. Most of us won’t care. Put a pet a day in the pound until you have one left, donate your Np’s (keep enough to put your last pet in the pound) and items to the money tree, put your last pet in the pound and go here:
Have a nice life!
There is an exception to this. If you are a well-known, well-liked player and you are leaving with a good attitude, by all means come and say good-bye.

There is a special place in Lord Darigan’s dungeons reserved for scammers. Of all the n00bs they are the ones that ruin the game the most for everyone else. Scammers employee many different techniques to get ahead in the game at the expense of others. Here are a few of the different types of scams:
The Medicine Scam (methods used: begging and drama)
This might be honest so one should give this person the benefit of the doubt. Always politely suggest that they take their pet to the healing springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes. Their sick pet should be active and it may take one trip or several trips for the faerie at the springs to heal their pet, but she will eventually. And it’s free.
A newbie honestly may not know this and that is fine. Where you may want to get suspicious at is when you and ten other people have given the advice above and the person insists that the faerie won’t or can’t heal their pet, their pet will die within a given time, or they just continue to beg for the medicine. At this point you may want to check their pets’ lookups to see if one is really sick. Sometimes they aren’t and you can call this scammer’s bluff.
One thing to keep in mind before being tempted to give this person the item or some NP’s–if their pet is sick–there are some people who will intentionally feed their pets stuff to make them sick. Then they’ll sucker a “nice” person into giving them a 12,000 NP magic cookie. Lastly, the scammer takes their pet to the healing springs until they are healed for free and they sell the cookie for the NP’s.
Neopets don’t die. It won’t hurt if they are sick for a little while before the faerie heals them. The only time in 10 months that I’ve bought medicine was when I was new and didn’t know any better or during a war so that my pets wouldn’t have to sit out of the fighting. Granted it once took the healing springs faerie a week to cure a nasty case of Cricky Neck given to all 4 of my precious pets by Hubrid Nox, but at least I didn’t have to spend 120,000 plus Np’s on neck braces.
The Quest Scam (method used: begging)
These are perhaps the stupidest of the minor scams you will encounter.
I need a codestone for the dark faerie. It’s for a quest. Can anyone give or sell me one for cheap?”
Bah! Get it right! Dark faeries don’t ask for codestones. They only ask for toys–unless it’s Jhudora’s quest. (And if you are doing her quest without a enough neopoints to even buy a codestone then you won’t get far anyways.)
Here’s the list of what the faeries will ask for:
Fire Faerie — Clothes
Light Faerie — Trading Cards
Earth Faerie — Magic Items (Her quests really aren’t worth doing. Magic items are pricey and she only feeds your pets. The Flea Pit Motel is cheaper.)
Air Faerie — Beauty Products
Dark Faerie — Models or Toys
Water Faerie — Usually books but something to give her more knowledge.
Queen Fyora — Random usually pricey.
There are no time limits on the random faerie quests so the player doesn’t have to finish the quest immediately. They have time to play games and earn NP’s for the quest item. The only downside is you can’t use the shop wizard for restocking until you complete the quest.
If the faerie type doesn’t match the item the player is asking for, this is a scam. Most HC’ers will happily look up quest items and post the cheapest shops. A few might even buy the item and give it to you. But in general you should expect the first and be pleasantly surprised and grateful if you find someone who does the latter. If some one gives me something I usually try to respond in kind. It is a part of my personal belief system that if you are given a gift you must also give a gift of equal or greater value back to the giver. The giver may not expect it, but I consider it to be good manners.
The Game Scam (method: begging and drama)
OMG, My DaD jUs FiXD It So i CaN’t DoWNLOad the GAmES. IM soooo POOR (may say their pet is sick or hungry or they are on a quest) CAN SUM1, ENE1111 GIV Me Sum STUF or NP’s?
My first response to this is: “If you can’t play the Flash games then play the non-Flash games like Pyramids, Sahkmet Solitaire, Scarab21, Dice-a-Roo, Faerie Crossword, Kacheek Seek and Neoquest I and II.
Some newbies honestly don’t know they have a choice. But if the person swears they can’t play those games either–reader beware! It’s a scam.
Check their user lookup and game scores. You can see how many games they have played, which games and what their scores are. More often than not the list is choked full of Flash games.
I have Flash on my computer and cable internet, but I have an older computer. The Flash games freeze up about 2x’s as many times as I get to complete a game or send a score. I play non-Flash games by choice. For one, I’m better at puzzle games than action games and secondly–you don’t get random events while playing Flash games. On non-Flash games you are navigating through the site and you are more likely to get a random event. (Might be bad, but it might be great like a rare potion, a paint brush, or a map piece.)
The Avatar Scams (method: begging and theft)
There are a couple of different avatar scams–one is simply annoying because it is begging and the other is more hurtful to the victim. I’ll talk about the milder one first:
The Pack Rat ScamPlease everyone give me your junk items. I have 200 items and I am working on the Pack Rat Avatar.”
I call this a scam because the system only counts one of each different item for the avatar. I don’t know and you don’t know what the person already has in their safe deposit box (SDB). They are sure to get duplicates, perhaps lots of them and they will sell any duplicates for a profit. There are too many cheaply or inexpensively bought items for them to buy to need us to give them our junk. If they want the avatar then they should play fairly and collect their own items.
And as I said in Don’t Feed The n00bs not all “junk” is worth only one neopoint. Several items sell for more. Why shouldn’t I or you sell our junk to get the items we want? And if you want to get rid of it without it taking up space in your shop, then by all means donate it to the money tree. At least the people there are making an effort to get the stuff–they are playing the game the way it is meant to be played.
The Rare Item Avatar Scams
This is the scam that is the most costly to people being scammed. It is a hurtful and truly ugly thing to do. It often involves the lending/borrowing–but not returning–of a rare item such as Tiki Armour, Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) aka “MSPP”, or the Faerie Queen Doll among other things.
As Shakespear once said, “Neither a lender, nor a borrower be.” This is your safest bet. Lending items is discouraged by The Neopets Team. There are some honest people in the world, but it is hard to know who they are from one computer to another. Just don’t do it.
Another tack on this one is:
The Avatar Pool Scam
Help me get the NP’s to buy (insert rare item here) and I’ll let you use it for the free. Just buy something from my shop.” (usually over priced junk)
Chances are this person will cut and run once they have the item. You’ll be out the neopoints and still won’t have the Avatar.
Even if the pooler’s intentions are honest, he is setting himself (or herself) and you up to be scammed. You might be number four on the list to get the item and number two cuts and runs with it. The pooler is out, you are out and worse you still don’t have the avatar.
Pools are specifically pointed out on the Avatar Chat definition as being a scam. They are against the rules, so don’t start one and don’t jump in one. (pun intended–yes, yes, I know it’s corny, but I needed some comic relief.)
The Guild Scam
I’m going to make some people mad with this one, but it has to be said. A lot of guilds are just a front for scams to make the guild leader/owner rich. A lot, but not all. The only way to know for sure is to join a guild that doesn’t ask for donations or run contests.
A guild should be a place to meet people with common interests or backgrounds. If anything, being a part of a guild should benefit the members–not the guild leader. Yes, I know there are people who run their guilds and guild contests fairly. There’s just as many who are scamming. At any rate, contests, lotteries, raffles and giveaways are against the Terms and Conditions they agreed to abide by when they created their account.
If a guild leader claims to have expenses that can’t be supported by a smartly run guild shop (buying low and selling for the average) then it’s usually because they are breaking that rule.
If the guild you joined expects you to donate items or buy overpriced junk for a chance to win or just because the guild has “expenses”, then you might want to look for another guild.
You may never win even if there really is a prize. The guild leader may “award” the prize to an account that is actually his/her second, third, forth, or fifth account or to a friend. The other scenario: the guild leader transfers all the prizes and Np’s, kicks out the members, and deletes the guild all while you are dreaming of that (insert rare item name here) that you are hoping to win.
Sell your own items and save your NP’s. You have a better chance of getting what you want that way than on winning it in a guild contest. You may think it will take longer, but really it probably won’t.
Oh, but that takes all the fun out of being in a guild!
My guild doesn’t do contests, but we do play games. Word Scramble, I Spy, Scavenger Hunt and Trivia just to name a few. The only prize is that whoever gets the answer right or finds the item first gets to post the next game.
A few ideas to try: snowball fights, food fights, or play cards–battle cards, that is.
Make it entirely voluntary to participate and if you are the guild leader then make sure that anyone who posted “throwing” something gets something of equal value back. Don’t let there be an odd man out. A guild should make everyone feel like a winner.
The Shop Contest Scam
Buy an item in my shop (all junk marked over 1000 Np’s so the scammer can “know who bought what from me”) and if you buy this week’s secret item, I’ll give you a (insert rare item here). Another variation is “And whoever buys the most from me will win.”
Rot!! It’s just a ploy to get you to buy overpriced junk. There are no free rides in life–virtual or otherwise.” This person is breaking the rules. And you are too, if you play party to this scam.
There’s no substitution for hard work(play) and determination. You’ll meet your goals faster doing it on your own steam.
Other scams you may encounter in shops are “The Bait and Switch”, “The Sudden Price Increase” and “The Fake Login Page”. Don’t get in too big of a hurry to hit the buy button. Double check the price before you say ‘yes’.
The Pet Sale Scam
It is against the rules to sell Neopets. (not petpets) The person offering to sell you a Neopet has no way to guarantee that you will get the pet. The only way to adopt a pet is through the pound. Once the pet is there, it’s anybody’s baby.
And if you neomail the person that beat you to it to ask for it, at best you’ll be blocked and at worst you’ll be reported for harrassment and possibly frozen.
The only fee you should have to pay to adopt a pet is the fee that the Neopian pound charges. You may be lucky enough to find a painted pet in the pound or you can adopt or create a natural pet. Then play games, sell stuff, save your NP’s and buy a magic item, morphing potion, secret lab map, draik egg, krawk petpet or paint brush to create the painted/restricted pet you want.
The Graphics/Fonts/Siggy Pet Scams
It is against the rules to charge for graphics, neoHTML, or siggy pet codes. There are plenty of people who do free custom or pre-made lookups and layouts and neoHTML fonts. Why pay for something that you can get for free?
If someone tries to charge you for a lookup, shop background, blog, or guild layout; find someone else to do it. Too many times I have seen posts where a player has paid for graphics and received nothing in return.
Another point to remember: The person doing your graphics, font, or siggy pet does not need your keyword or to get into your account to create a lookup, layout, siggy or font.
Never give out your keyword to anyone. If you do, you’ve just given away your account.
The designer can neomail your neoHTML or siggy pet code to you. Layouts and lookups are a bit harder. Neomail won’t let you send off-site links or urls. And often the coding gets garbled.
If you ask for a layout or lookup, you may have to give the designer an email address for them to send you your code. This has risks and if you are a minor you should ask a parent’s permission before giving out your email address. If you do give anyone an email address, don’t give them the address you use for your Neopets account.
I have done layouts for people and to get around needing their email address I have posted the code on my image hosting site and sent them directions to get to it through Neomail. (Boomspeed and then /dragon92398/yourcodehere.txt)
Make sure that if someone does a user lookup for you that you can see your vital statistics. People have apparently been warned and/or frozen for covering up the section with their name and how long they’ve played.
The Departure Scam
Im leaving Neopets. Who wants my account?”
1. It’s against the rules to giveaway, sell or share an account.
2. This is usually a scam.
Inevitably the person “leaving” Neopets wants something for the account. “Give me a bottled faerie or a codestone and I’ll give you this great account that has 100 million NP’s and an SDB full of rare items.
Pshaw! If they had all that, I doubt they would be leaving. And if they are leaving, then why do they need a faerie or codestone that can only be used on Neopets?
You may get an account for this, but chances are no matter how old it is–it’s empty. The scamming n00b has your faerie and they’ve gone off to their real account while you are left holding the bag. (Why do people fall for this scam?)
The Neositting Scam
Ummmmm, right. Okay, first–your pets aren’t kids they can look after themselves. Most pets (grarrls and skeiths excluded) won’t mess with stuff or eat you out of neo-house and home.
Secondly, there is this delightful little resort in Neopia Central called The Neolodge. For 5 measly NP’s a day your pet can stay in the lovely Cockroach Towers. The staff there will make sure that your pets are happy, healthy and full. And you don’t have to give the Neolodge carte blanche access to your bank account and SDB.
Never ask for a neo-sitter and never agree to neo-sit for anyone else. It is one of the oldest scams on Neopets. Often the neo-sitter is asked to give their keyword to the pets’ owner so they know they can “trust” you. You will either get nothing, a fake keyword, or an empty account. Neo-sitting is a scam, period.
The Shared Account Scam
Sharing accounts is against the Terms & Conditions for some very good reasons. I’ll illustrate my point with a recent post on the HC. At the beginning of the war (Battle for Meridell) a young user’s best neofriend convinced him that they needed to stockpile food, weapons, bottled faeries and codestones for the war. A new account was created and both had access to it. The poster told us all how he had worked to save up items and had stored them in the shared account as planned. Towards the end of the war the poster had gone to sign onto the account only to find that the keyword and email address had been changed.
Don’t share an account, someone is always going to get the short end of the stick.
The Instant Messenger/Email Scams
AIM me and I’ll tell you the secret to making lots of NP’s and finding lots of rare items.
There are no secrets and no get-rich-quick methods to use on Neopets. You have only to invest some time and a little effort playing games and having fun to save for what you want.
Chances are if they can’t tell you the “secret” in public on the Neoboards, then it’s something everyone knows or it’s a hack or a cheat that might get your account frozen when you use it.
Often, when you message this person they will ask for an item–like a bottled faerie or a codestone. That’s a lot to pay for a tip you could have had for free on the HC. Or you’ll simply be told, “Play games.” and find yourself on the wrong side of an ignore button.
The Secret Places Scam
Give me 1000 Np’s and I’ll tell you where to find the Hidden Tower.” Don’t fall for this. A hundred people in the HC will tell you for free.
The Neopoints Generator Scam
Email n00bscammer@anyemail to get the website address where you can put in your Neopets code and get 100 million NP’s”
The only website that can give you neopoints is Neopets. Even if someone really did create such a program it would be an illegal infringement on Neopets’ copyrights. Your account would be frozen for using it.
As it is most of these sites are just to collect your user information so that the site owner can get into your account and steal your NP’s and items, boot your favorite pet out into the pound, create havoc on the message boards and send your account to Iceland.
Usually these sites are a simple form with space for your username, your account keyword and a submit button. Or they may say something like, “Enter your user name here and change your keyword to “ShowmetheNPs”. No, you didn’t give them your keyword–you just used their keyword. And now your account is gone.
The Neopets Team probably won’t be too sympathetic to victims of this scam. You were cheating or attempting to after all. Your account is your responsibility to safeguard. Never give out your keyword. Repeat after me: “I ———- will never ever give my keyword to anyone for any reason.
The Neopets Team will never ask for your keyword. They don’t have to because it’s stored on their data base. If they wanted to they could look it up, change it, delete it, or broadcast it over the evening news.
Another thing you might want to consider when offered the opportunity to visit an unfamiliar website–it could have a cookie grabber or download a virus to your computer.
Many websites use cookies to track visits to and activities on their sites via stored information on your computer. Neopets uses cookies and so do a lot of online banks and credit card sites. Visiting an unknown website could cost you or your parents a lot more than just your Neopets account. Identity theft is a serious crime and the number of victims is rising at alarming rates.
If your curiosity demands that you absolutely must visit a website advertised on the boards (some are safe like, and to mention a few) then take some precautions.
Maybe I go a little overboard, but if curiosity gets the best of me or when visiting any Neo-related website for the first time I do the following:
1. Log off Neopets
2. Close the browser windows I was using for that session.
3. Go to internet options and delete all history, files, and cookies.
4. Reboot
5. Go to the website and satisfy my curiosity (just remember what killed the cat.)
6. Shut down the browser.
7. Do a virus scan.
8. Reboot
9. Log on and change my keyword just to be on the safe side.
See, it really isn’t worth the effort to bother going to that website after all, is it?
You can rely on the fact that if any of these scams are posted on the HC, that there will be a number of HC’ers to post warnings that it is a scam. What never ceases to amaze me is that people will fall for it anyways.
Case in point: One night I watched this scenario play out with a Neo-sitting scam. A dozen well-known HC’ers and myself posted that it was a scam and still people (newbies and on up to several months old accounts) flocked to the board to say they would sit the poster’s account. Twenty minutes later I received a neomail from a distraught young player who had just lost her best account to the scammer. The victim had been on the boards when the warnings were posted. Why didn’t she listen to the seasoned HC’ers?
Inevitably the victims of these scams come “crying” to the HC that they were “hacked”. No, they were greedy and they fell for a scam. They were scammed, not hacked. If this happens to you all the HC’ers can tell you is to report it, dust yourself off and start playing games again. And be a little smarter the next time.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one last ploy used by scammers on the boards. I call it the “buddy system”.
A suspect post will come up on the boards and quick as a flash ten HC’ers will post “Don’t do it, it’s a scam.” And there will be an account that will say, “Hey, you guys, this is for real. I just went to the website and put in my code and I got a 100 million NP’s or (insert rare item here)
Then every greedy person (n00b) will rush to try it despite the warnings from people who know better.
There are two possibilities for who the endorser is:
1.The original poster is on a second account (This becomes obvious when they work so hard to defend the originator of the board who never posts again.)
2. A friend of the poster working as a partner in the scam.
Again if the poster can’t tell you the “secret” on the boards or if you have to email or message them to get it, it’s a scam.
There is an old adage: “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.”
I have one last thing to say about account security. If you aren’t actively playing, then log off. Safeguard your account. I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve seen where family or friends who were mad at a player had ruined their account.
Your keyword is your secret. Tell no one.
Well, we’ve come to the end of a long journey through the pitfalls and quicksand of playing on Neopets. I want to leave you on a positive note: Even though all of the things I’ve talked about happen, playing on Neopets is great fun.
I have met some wonderful people on this website–especially in the HC. I have neofriends that are in their teens up to their 40’s and I have a great time with all of them.
This website is the only place where I can have a pet dragon, be a millionaire, shop ’til I drop and not worry about tomorrow’s bills, and create my own little corner of the world–petpages, galleries, shops, and my guild.
Just play fair, play smart and play safe. Good luck and best wishes on reaching your neo-goals whatever they may be.

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