Neopets Pet Colours

Your pet needs a new look. Little Mogie the Moehog is just too plain in his red skin. But that Maraquan Moehog… hey, you really dig that style. You need to paint your pet. The way most Neopians judge another Neopian’s “status” on Neopets is from the number of painted pets they have, and what colors they are. Make your pet look and feel awesome, and yourself look good to other Neopians.

Painted pets are one of the most coveted things on Neopets. Those who don’t have ’em want ’em, those who have ’em want more of ’em. Just go to the Neoboards. On every single board (especially Newbie and Help), you see tons of threads created. “ne1 paunding painted pets?” is the cry heard ’round Neopia. Why pounding? Because it is dang expensive to paint your pet, and no one wants to spend the NP to do it.

How do you get a painted pet? There are quite a few ways for your pet’s color to change.

  • Jacko the Painter can give you a paint brush (random event)
  • Boochi can zap your pet to Baby (random event)
  • Zap your pet with the Secret Laboratory Map (must have all 9 pieces assembled).*
  • Your pet may change to Blue when it is sad or depressed (so keep it happy!)
  • Your pet may change to Red when it is angry (eating something it doesn’t like)
  • You may win a paint brush from the Alien Vending Machine, Test Your Strength, or the Fruit Machine
  • You may complete a quest from the Fountain Faerie (random event)
  • Use a Morphing Potion or Transmogrification Potion (sometimes these can be cheaper than paint brushes!)
  • Purchase a paint brush from a user’s shop, Auctions, or the Trading Post

* If you are not picky about the color or species of your pet, and you just want it to be anycolor/species as long as it’s painted, the Lab Ray may be for you. It is less expensive than many paint brushes and is re-useable, as paint brushes are not. Decide carefully, and remember you have no control over the Lab Ray. If you are shooting for a specific pet/color combo, you definitely want to buy a paint brush.

So, you decide to get a paint brush. Well, first you decide what color you want your pet to be. To look at all the colors for all the pets (and petpets) go to the Rainbow Pool. The Rainbow Pool is located in Neopia Central, at the bottom of the giant rainbow that takes up like half the screen. There you’ll be able to select either the species (it will show you all the colors that species can be painted) or the color (shows you what species can be painted that color). Keep in mind that some colors are “Lab-Only.” This means that they can only be changed that color if they are zapped with the Secret Laboratory Map. Make sure the color you want to paint your pet is available for that pet. A complete list of the brushes can be found here. Royal and Usuki paint brushes paint differently depending on your pet’s gender, so check out both genders. It’s worth noting that Chias can also be changed to fruit/vegetable colors by feeding them the Chia pop of that flavor. Here are all the Chia colors.

Lab-only colors:

  • Jelly
  • Snot
  • MSP (Poogles)
  • Garlic
  • Alien
  • Sponge
  • Ice (Bruces)
  • Robot

Ok, so you’ve decided to paint Mogie the Moehog Maraquan. Now you have to get your hands on that stupid paint brush. Maraquan paint brushes are on the expensive side, as far as paint brushes go, at this point in time they are well over 1.5 million NP. Prices change all the time, though, so you should shop around for a little while. Prices for popular colors tend to go up around the time that an especially cute/cool pet of that color is released. So, if they just released a really awesome Grey Eyrie, you might want to wait a few weeks or even months until the price of the Grey paint brush goes down, if you wanted to paint your pet Grey.

Now that you’ve got the paint brush, it’s time to head back to the Rainbow Pool. Make sure the pet you want to paint is active and the paint brush is in your inventory. Don’t leave the paint brush in your inventory while you browse around the site, in case you get a bad random event. It’s best to transfer the paint brush from your safety deposit box to your inventory and then go directly to the Rainbow Pool.

Select the paint brush you want to use (in case you have more than one, hahaha, lucky you!) and the pet you wish to paint. Paint it! Ta-daaa! Now your pet is interesting!Petpet Paint Brushes

Petpet paint brushes work the exact same way as regular paint brushes, except they’re smaller. There are some Petpet Lab Ray only colors. These colors are Jelly, Strawberry, Gold, and Chocolate. Zapped petpets cannot be painted. Painting your petpet to match your painted pet looks totally awesome.

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