Neopets Petpetsitter

Firstly, I highly suggest playing this in fullscreen mode, it makes everything easier to see. Right after you start the game, type ‘oscillabot’ for an extra life. Now, petpets will start to appear.

Your job is to drag them to the correct door. I never really look at the graphics (though the chart is below) instead I double click one, giving me an arrow pointing where I need to drag. Remember, the Oscillabots will only ever be dragged into the garage, so no need to double-click them.

This Noil needs some sleep! Drag tired Petpets on to the Bedroom Door.This poor GX-4 Oscillabot needs a lot of maintenance – drag it into the Garage!
If you see a Petpet that needs a wee, drop it off in the Bathroom!This Feepit is SO hungry. Drop hungry Petpets off in the Kitchen.
This Babaa wants to go out and play – drag it on to the Garden Door.Last but not least the mighty MOP! If you see a Petpet that has made a mess then click on the Mop and drag it over the mess to clean it up!

Sometimes petpets will knock over the bottles or bucket in the corners, by clicking the mop icon and dragging it over this you will gain 10 points. (Though you lost 5 points when they were knocked over, making the point gain minimal and not worth it after the first few petpets)

Eventually, the petpets will come faster, and you will have less time to drag them. They each have a timer underneath them, and as the game goes on, you will see this going under 5 seconds, at which it will turn red. When choosing which ones to drag, scan the screen for red numbers and do those first.

Submit a score of 2500+ for this avatar.

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