Neopets Quests

Firstly, they are COMPLETELY RANDOM. You can get them anywhere, at anytime, and they can ask for anything. Let’s go over the faeries.

The Fire Faerie Quest

This one I recommend. She asks for clothes, which are, USUALLY, quite affordable. In return she raises strength by one point. Cheaper than codestones, eh?

The Light Faerie Quest

This one is awesome. In return for trading cards, she’ll raise levels. Depending on how expensive the card is, you can save a lot of neopoints.

The Earth Faerie Quest

Never, ever, EVER, do this one. She asks for magic items, then just makes a pet have ‘bloated’ hunger. Really, don’t do this, it is much cheaper to just purchase food.

The Air Faerie Quest

This one is also good. In exchange for beauty products (Often very cheap!) you get speed raised by 1. Recommended.

The Dark Faerie Quest

This one is GREAT. For a toy or plushie, she’ll raise health by 1.

The Water Faerie Quest

In return for books, she’ll raise defense by one. Only good if the book is cheap!

The Faerie Queen Quest

This is the second best, but can sometimes be very expensive, so judge the prices beforehand. She will raise a combonation of stats at once, really a good quest.

The Rainbow Faerie Quest

This quest is very rare, and extremely recommended! In return for finding an often expensive item, you will be able to paint any of your pets almost any colour!

Extra Help

As you may or may not know, when you get a quest it bars your access to the shop wizard. So, what do you do? If you have a spare account, go on that and look up the item. If it’s a really popular item, look at the the third least expensive. Then copy the URL of that shop, log back into your normal account, and buy the item. Or, you can try asking on the neoboards!

Edna’s Quest
Type: Must be accepted
Time: Around 1.5 hours

Okay. Honestly, unless you’re after the av which could take you forever and a day to get, avoid this quest. Her items outweigh the benefits by a couple thousand. The most she ever gave to me as a reward was around…150 np? And I had already spent around 700 on her quest. Unless you want the av and a whole mess of spooky food, don’t do it.

Brain Tree Quest
Type: Must be accepted
Time: Around 2 hours

This quest is… expensive. He asks for two pieces of information (they never repeat, you can’t give answers away) that you have to get from the Esophagor. To get this information, you have to do two of his quests. Which are extremely expensive. Then you huddle back to the brain tree and give him his answers, and usually get rewarded with a flimsy prize. Do it if you’re willing to take a risk. Keep in mind, after completing his quest, you will recieve him as a battledome challenger.

Snow Faerie Quest
Type: Must be accepted
Time: Around 1.5 hours

This one I love. If the items she asks for total LESS than 2,500 neopoints, go for it. If not, skip it and wait it out. The reward she gives you is anywhere from 1k-2.5k, with a rare item and a snowball, so you’ll get more bang for your buck, so to speak.

Kitchen Quest
Type: Must be accepted
Time: Around 1.5 hours

This gets really expensive in some cases. Sometimes, he’ll give you a stat increase as a reward, but mostly I get battledome items. Usually the food he asks for is rare, though, so do it at your own risk. Generally it is best not to do the quest if the items cost more then 4,000 neopoints.

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