Neopets Shop Wizard

What is the Shop Wizard? It is where you go to search the prices of items. It is sometimes called “The Wiz” or the “SW.”

The Shop Wizard searches all the user shops in Neopia. You should use it whenever you buy or sell something, to make sure you’re getting a fair price or selling for a fair price.

How to use it
I usually click on the little wizard hat on my main inventory scroll.

This is what you will see. Type in the name of the item you wish to search the price of. Make sure that “Shop” is selected. You may want to select “identical to my phrase” because otherwise it will search anything “containing my phrase.” This means if you are searching for a “Blue Cybunny Plushie,” it may search “Magical Blue Cybunny Plushie.”

Just ignore the “Min Price” and “Max Price.” If you are just looking for a picture of an item that is worth a lot of Neopoints, select “Gallery” instead of “Shop.”

The Shop Wizard has a few weaknesses. It only searches one section of the shops at a time– you will notice that a lot of the usernames begin with the same letter. It lists the shops carrying your item from the lowest price at the top to the highest price at the bottom. It also shows you how many of the item the shop has in stock. You should refresh the Shop Wizard at least three times every time you do a search. This ensures that you are searching a fairly large portion of the shops to get the best price.

The other weakness the Shop Wizard has is that you can only use it to search for “buyable items.” A “buyable” item is priced up to 99,999 NP. Anything above that cannot be sold in shops and must be sold on the Auctions or the Trading Post. “Unbuyable” (sometimes abbreviated ‘UB’) items are worth more than 100,000 NP, and user shops will not allow you to sell items that expensive.

Pricing Items with the Shop Wizard
When you are pricing items to sell in your shop, it is very important to remember that the “Estimated Value” given in the item’s description is ALWAYS worthless. Don’t get ripped off by pricing your item based on that! Always use the Shop Wizard. Search the item with the SW. Refresh a few times, then price your item for the lowest price or a few NP below. No one will buy high-priced items, because everyone uses the SW to buy things.

The Super Shop Wizard

Sometimes abbreviated the “SSW,” the Super Shop Wizard is available to Premium (paid account) members. It searches ALL the shops in Neopia at once, but it “gets tired” after a little while and you must wait about twenty minutes before you can use it again. If you are only using it for pricing, you can check the “Price only” box and it will not get tired. It gives you the average price of the 10 lowest prices for the item you search, so you should set your item at slightly below the average. You cannot search Paint Brushes or Potions with the SSW.

The Shop Wiz and Super Shop Wiz will not work when you are on a Faerie Quest. You should try the Quest Help boards to get some help from other Neopians on where to find your item.

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