Neopets TNT Staff Smasher

Whack-A-Staff-Member is a great way to let off some steam on all the idiot staff members on Neopets! They’re always changing everything and putting up stupid advertisements and.. Okay let get back to the game guide shall we?

In order to whack a staff member go to Games on the sidebar and look for it all the way at the bottom of the action games. The game is really easy because all you have to do is well, hit people! You need to use your mouse to use the mallet to hit each member on the fore head. Once you have the mallet over the fore head you can either use the left button on the mouse or the space bar. (I find that the left mouse button is easiest because I’m not that coordinated.) But be careful because if you’re not paying attention you could hit a neopet and then you’ll lose points. The point of the game is to get 75 points in 30 seconds, the more points you get though the higher you score will become.

Even though after the first round you lose the little bulls eye there is still hope of hitting the staff if you aren’t good at aiming. After each round starts type in a5paragu5. This will increase your mallet, thus making it easier to hit the staff. But remember, you still only have 30 seconds to it the staff and gain at least 75 points. Speaking of points, each 100pts you score equals 35np. Which is why every time you see a little or big head pop up, you should hit it in the order it appears. This makes sure you have enough time to hit the other heads that come up after it.

The amount of points you get for each staff differs. Such as the dark skinned guy with the facial hair (+12), the annoying guy in the orange shirt with scruffy hair (+11), and the guy with glasses that pops up very randomly (13.498 ) are the guys who give out the highest points. Most of the girls are over 10pts and Poptart gives out the most (+20).

Like most games, Whack-A-Staff-Member gives out an avatar. If you score Score 2250+ you would most likely receive this lovely avatar.

There are also trophies for this game, so far by looking at the high sores table you need at least 2,999 points for the gold. You need 2,948 points for a silver trophy, and at least 2,817 points for a bronze. The minimum for getting a place on the high scores table for Whack-A-Staff-Member is 2,498 points.

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