Neopets Trading Post

Deep in the blazing tropics of Mystery Island, there is the Trading Post! A crazy bazaar where Neopians gather to trade their items and neopoints! It’s similar to the Market Place, except here Neopians can barter, pay in items and there’s a larger neopoints limit. Oh, still confused? Well don’t worry because that’s what this guide is for!

Creating a Trade

Alright let’s start with the basics, creating a trade. It’s one of the first options you’re given when you visit the Trading Post and the whole system revolves around it.

So what does creating a trade mean? Pretty much, you put up some of the items in your inventory up for ‘trade’ where other Neopians can offer you different prices for it.

For example, I can put up a Jhudora Day Cake for trade. Then other users can offer items and neopoints to trade for my item. So someone puts up a Caylis Lamp and 30,000 neopoints, another Neopian offers me 3 Yellow Eyrie YoYos and so on. I get to choose which offer I want to accept giving me full control over how much profit I make, well…as long as there are offers.

The Trading Post is a good place for buying and selling extremely expensive items.

Step 1: Choosing the Items You Want to Trade

First a window full of all the items in your inventory appears. Check the items that you want to put up for trade. Keep in mind that you’re only allowed to have 10 items on one trade and that it’s usually a good idea to put related items together.

Step 2: Writing the Wishlist

If you look underneath the checklist you should see a place where you can type your wishlist. The wishlist is the place to write what types of items or how many neopoints you’d be willing to trade your item for. This will give other traders ideas of what they can give you to ensure a successful trade.

You can also put other things you’d like to tell traders too, like if they should be patient and let you think over the offers for a while or if you’d accept the highest offer you receive in ten minutes. You can also put that your trade is meant to be for a specific Neopian or that you’d prefer for traders to neomail their offers first before then actually offer.

If you’re still unsure what to put in your wishlist, here’s a generic one as an example.

Highest bid wins! Looking for [insert what you want here], no junk offers please!

Now keep in mind that the wishlist is a wishlist. There are some things that your wishlist is not allowed to contain:

  • Chain Letters
  • Guild Advertisements
  • Shop Advertisements
  • Anything else that doesn’t abide to the Neopet rules

After you’re done with your list checking and wish listing, you are now able to create your own trade! And ready to enter the world of accepting and rejecting trades!

Step 3: Having your trade on the lots!

Okay so you’ve made your trade, wrote out your wishlist and now you’re waiting for Neopians to offer on you trade.

Or course depending on the item you have, offerers may flock to your trade or it make take a long time before someone posts. (If no one offers within two weeks, the trade is automatically cancelled). It’s probably safe to wait until at least three offers are made until you decide, but check the rest of the Trading Post or the Market Place to see the relative price(s) of your item(s) and the item(s) being offered. This way you can ensure that the trade is fair.

Every time an offer is given or withdrawn one of these two faces pop up in the corner to alert you of the event.

But if you really don’t feel like taking the risk on accepting items, you can ask for pure neopoints in your wishlist. However, this works best for items over the Market Place’s price limit (100,000 neopoints) and under the Trading Post price limit (800,000 neopoints). It isn’t recommended to put an item over 800k on the Trades if you’re only interested in pure, because this would require two Trading Post transactions. Thus, even though the offerer may give you 800k on the first transaction they may scam you by refusing to pay you the rest of the amount.

Of course, if you’re offered an offer you don’t like you’re given the option to ‘reject’ the offer. It’s usually better to reject as soon as possible so that you don’t let offerer hanging.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes offerers can be impatient people. So if you don’t respond within a few hours (or sometimes within a few minutes) they may withdraw their offer. Don’t worry though, surely there will be future offers out there.

And finally, if you realized that you don’t want to trade away your item, you’re allowed to take it off the trades after 15 minutes.

Browsing the Lots

Now that you know the ropes of creating trades, it’s time to learn the other side of the Trading Post: Browsing the lots.

Step 1: Finding the Desired Item

Well for starters, it would help if you know what item you’re looking for be it a Blue Cybunny Plushie or an Obsidian dagger. Luckily if you do, Neopets has made a search bar just for the Trading Post!

When you’re using this feature, it’s best to set the trades to be arranged from newest to oldest. Sometimes, the price of an item may change rapidly and so it would be better to see the current wishlist prices rather than one from a week ago.

If you really don’t know what you want to trade for and actually want to ‘browse’, there’s also an option that will display the latest twenty trades.

Step 2: Making an Offer

Okay, so you’ve found that item you were looking for! Now it’s time to make an offer!

Under the trade there’s a button that says ‘make an offer’, click on it and you should be taken to a page that looks very similar to the ‘Creating a Trade’ page. You can only offer items that are in your inventory but you can also offer the neopoints you’re carrying with you as well.

You should keep in mind what the trade owner said in their wishlist before you finalize your offer. Sometimes the wishlists are pretty straight forward but they may have some Trading Post vocabulary and phrases!

  • NFT – Do not offer on a lot that has this in its wishlist. NFT stands for “Not-for-trade” and offering anyway usually results in a block from the user.
  • Reserved – Don’t offer on this lot either. The explanation for this is pretty straight forward, this item is ‘reserved’.
  • Auto [followed by an item or amount of neopoints] – This means if you’re the first to offer the following items or neopoints, then you’ll be guaranteed a successful trade! 🙂
  • Neomail to Haggle – Remember that haggling I mentioned earlier? Well this is what I was talking about. If a trader puts this in his or her wishlist, it means that you shouldn’t offer on the trade first but instead neomail the user with what you were planning to offer them. Then the trader would reject, perhaps suggesting you add more to your offer or ultimately accept. So, here we have the makings of a bartering system!
    To neomail a person, click on their username in the trade lot. This should take you to their userlookup where at the bottom there is a button to neomail them.
  • No Junk Items – Okay, so what is a ‘junk item’? Pretty much any item on the site that can be gotten for free. This includes (but is not limited to): Tombola booby prizes, Giant Jelly jellies, Giant Omelette omelettes, Coltzan’s Shrine food, Advent Calendar prizes and Underwater Fishing prizes. The reason why these items are ‘junk’ is because since they’re given free to every Neopian in Neopia there is mass inflation, so the prices of these items go way down.
  • Pure – Usually followed by a number of neopoints. This means that the trader would prefer only neopoints in your offer and not items.
  • Rot – This refers to when a trader will not respond to an offer (neither accept nor reject it). Usually done to undesired ‘junk offers’ and meant to be… a tad vexing. However, just because a person doesn’t respond right away may just be because they’re thinking over different offers or simply logged off.

When your offer is accepted or rejected, one of these faces will pop up in the corner to alert you.

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