Neopets Trophies

Oh fudge, is your lookup looking a little…plain? Even a customized background isn’t enough to give it jazz? Well why not spiffy it up with some shiny Neopets trophies!

Game Trophies

Level Completion

Some of these trophies are probably the easiest to earn as they lack one thing: competition.
Unlike the others, these are awarded when you complete certain levels of a game rather than by beating other players with high scores and such, so the main factor in winning these trophies is your own ability. Most of these games also don’t require flash or shockwave to play. However, that doesn’t mean that all these games are easy. Completion time can range from a few hours to a few months.

Games that award Level Completion Trophies: Neoquest I/II, Cheat, Invasion of Meridell, Snow Wars,Cellblock, Defenders of Neopia, Go! Go! Go!, and the Kadoatery.

The links lead to game guides on the JellyNeo Site.

Lucky Streaks

Harder than the Level Completion trophies, these trophies are given when one wins certain games several times in a row. Not many games award trophies this way but the ones that do are Pyramids and Geos.

High Scores

One of the two most difficult game trophies to acquire. To win these you must score within the top 17 high scores by the end of the day. Once you win these trophies they take a permanent seat on your lookup, but if someone bumps your score down by the time the trophies are awarded you will not receive one. So unless you’re a rather spiffy gamer (with lots of free time) it’s probably best to set your sights lower. Any game with a point system awards these trophies.


The same idea as the high score trophies, to win these you must be the winner of a monthly tournament (by being the one with the most points). The only three games that participate in tournaments are Kacheekers, Geos, Armada.

Contest Trophies

Neopets hosts many different contests around the site for players to enter. They’re usually either art or writing themed but in the Random contest there have been contests about sounds. There is also the Lenny Conundrum which is based on logic, and Mystery Pic which is about figuring out mystery pictures. Depending on the contest, TNT may read all the entries or it may not.

Battledome Trophies

Defenders of Neopia

Pretty much like the level completion trophies of the game category, but I decided to put it here as it involves the Battledome. For Defenders of Neopia players win trophies after they complete missions, where Judge Hog sends a defender out to defeat a certain opponent in the 1-player Battledome.

War Trophies

In the aftermath of a war, TNT gives out trophies to participants in the plot. When plots do have wars, players can defeat war opponents to gain war points. The type of trophy you get depends on your total score at the end of the war. Once a war is finished, these trophies are never given out again.

Punch Bag Bob

Perhaps the easiest trophy for Battledome newbies to win, for this one you just need to defeat Punch Bag Bob (who has 5000 health). Fortunately, Punch Bag Bob doesn’t attack at all, so in theory one should be able to beat him eventually.

Other Trophies

Lucky Space Faerie Charm

To get this trophy, you must have premium and need to refer two people to premium service. The Lucky Space Faerie Charm can randomly double the pay out of a flash game making it a really nifty trophy. However, this trophy will be lost when the user is no longer premium.

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