Neopets Trouble at the National Neopian

Trouble at the National Neopian is a game where there are six doors to the bank. The doors open and close as people come in and out of the bank. Each door is controlled by a letter on the keyboard (from left to right, S, D, F, J, K, L). The difficulty says “Easy,” but it gets much harder pretty fast.

Some people like to keep the sound on so they can hear the doors opening, but I immediately turn it off before the game starts (hit X) because the music is obnoxious even though it only plays during the beginning and end, not during actual gameplay.

People come in to deposit their money. Sometimes people come in to rob the bank. That would be these three.

Later in the game, there is also a red Techo with a grey sweatshirt that will also rob the bank. He starts showing up at level 10.

Here are the bank customers and how much NP they deposit.

Bruce: 3 NP
Blumaroo: 5 NP
Shoyru: 5 NP
Jubjub: 5 NP
Kyrii: 8 NP
Aisha: 8 NP
Usul: 10 NP
Quiggle: 10 NP
Guy in Orange Shirt: 25 NP (I actually got him during one of the games I played to get these screenshots, but I didn’t catch a screen of him fast enough.)

When a robber comes in, you have to quickly press the key corresponding to the door he came in, to “jail” him. You have three lives. If you accidentally jail a bank customer, you lose a life. If you fail to jail a robber, he steals half your money and you lose a life. If you press the wrong door, you lose 10 NP.

Once bank customers have deposited 100 NP into the bank, you can turn it into a gold bar by pressing the spacebar. Gold is “too heavy to steal”, so gold bars are safe from robbers. If you press the spacebar before you have 100 NP, you will lose 10 NP.

The game gets going really fast, sometimes with two robbers coming in at once. Once it starts getting hard and you think you are going to start being robbed, press Q. It quits the game and lets you keep the money you’ve earned.

-Levels go so slowly at first. I figure there are about 10 doors per level, so early levels go much slower because the doors open more slowly. I usually get about 6 gold bars, and up to about level 25.
-Losing 10 NP is not that big a deal in the scheme of things. Don’t freak out if you accidentally jail a closed door, or press the spacebar before you have 100. It’s your lives you need to worry about, so catch those robbers and don’t jail the commonfolk.
– Playing the game a few times will help you be able to recognize robbers quickly. I usually go by color and basic shape. Robbers are usually dark colored or red (The two I most easily confuse are the Quiggle and the masked Usul. They are the same height and color and I often jail the Quiggle by mistake). Sometimes my eyes even get unfocused because I am staring so hard.
– Keep your fingers loosely on the six keys you need. You’ll be able to press them faster and are less likely to press one by mistake. I usually keep my pinkies out of the way.
– Unlike most games, the smaller screen is easier, because the doors are closer together so you don’t have to look around as much. They’re all right there so you can watch them all at the same time.
– Turn your NP into gold bars as soon after getting 100 as you can, so if you do get robbed, you’ll lose less. Glance up quickly, especially between levels when you have a tiny break.

A fun note: I had to play the game one time for each screenshot of the Neopets that come through the doors. I’d play until someone I hadn’t captured a screen of came through a door, then quickly press the screen capture key, then quit playing the game so I could go save the screenshot. It took longer and longer for each person, because the later bank customers don’t come until the later levels. (The orange shirt guy came at about level 11 the one time that he did come.) That’s over 12 plays through for this guide! See what I do for you people!

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