Neopets Turmaculus

In one corner weighing at *cough* Uhhh, what was it again?

We don’t know for sure, just keep going!

OK, OK… Uhh, really really heavy we have the Turmulcus—er—Tumacalacus—no, that wasn’t it—Turbo Cactus? Ah, Turmaculus!

In the other corner weighing at 2 pounds we have… your petpet.


Your task? You have to wake Turmaculus (affectionately referred to as Turmy). Turmy is awake for arandom houreveryday. Yup, random. There is a petpage that predicts when Turmy will be awake and you can find it here. Remember, they are predictions and Turmy may wake up earlier/later than the predicted time. Another way to find out is to see the Avatar Chat or the Battledome Chat on the Neoboards; if Turmy is awake, there will probably be a thread alerting you.

Let’s say you were lucky and happened to be online when Turmy was awake. What now? Well, you just mosey on up to him.

You can choose to wake Turmy with any method that you deem fit. All of them will work (with the exception of when you’re unlucky and you just can’t wake him up.) If you do manage to wake him up, he will reward you (not-so) greatly.

LIST OF PRIZES (Your mouse has to hover over the image to see its name. Nifty, eh?)

Other prizes would include 350np, a full pet heal, an increase of strength for your pet, an added level for your petpet and of course the oh-so-elusive avatar.

Ooooh, I’m elusive! Uhm, what does that mean? Difficult to obtain? Eh heh, I knew that!

How do you obtain this avatar, you may ask? Why, that’s by getting Turmy to eat your petpet! Now before all of you faint and dirty my pretty floor, let me just remind you of a small stipulation.


*phew* I’m so glad to get that off my chest. 🙂 Also note that when Turmaculus eats your petpet, you also receive him as a Battledome Challenger! Ain’t that great? 😀 Of course, there are times where Turmy justwon’t wake up, even though everyone else can wake him. Rest assured that this is quite rare, though, so you’ll most probably get a prize! 😀

That brings me to the end of my Turmy guide! So before you go trekking off to Meridell, just remember: MEEPITS WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD! OK, I’m good. This is Ruby, signing off! ;o

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