Neopets Ultimate Bullseye

In the game Ultimate Bullseye, you’re a Turtum which is controlling a crossbow! The basic theme of this game is that you aim the arrows using the arrow keys, apply force by holding down the spacebar down, then shoot the arrows into the target by letting go of spacebar. You have 10 shots per game, and if you get the arrow into the middle circle and get 10 points for that one shot, you get special abilities (power-ups) for the following shots. They are shown as letters: P, F, B and C. If you get a power-up on the last shot, you can continue until you don’t get any more power-ups.

P = Punchbag Bob appears as the target. You need to shoot the apple on top of his head to get 20 points. There is no other way of getting points.
F = A ring of fire appears in front of the target. If you get the arrow through the ring and into the target, the points are doubled. So this means 1 = 2, 2 = 4, 3 = 6, 5 = 10 and 10 = 20.
This also means that if you get the arrow into the 5 slot, that you can get a power-up shot, because it equals 10 points.
B = This means that the middle target (or the apple on top of Punchbag Bob’s head) will grow and shrink constantly. This makes it easier to hit for small periods of time.
Make sure to time your shots well, maybe starting to apply pressure when the target is at its small stage so that when it’s time to release it, it will have grown bigger!
C = The target is much closer to you so that it is easier to aim at it.

Now, into the exciting, fun-filled world of STRATEGY!! *ahem*

My MAIN tip to you to get the arrows into the middle circle is PRACTICE. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times before, but practice DOES make perfect!

But other than that, there are some things I could try to help you with.

As you can see, I’ve marked out with red the angle I usually go with. I make the arrow pointing slightly higher than directly at the middle circle. I then apply pressure up to around the fifth marker on the pressure bar and let go. There may be other ways of doing this, like aiming higher and applying lower pressure, or applying more pressure and aiming slightly lower. Remember, if you apply too much pressure, it will miss the target entirely!

Another thing you may want to do to get more points is when you get the power-ups, save them all for the last shot. So that if you have gotten several during the game, you can combine them all at once to make it easier to get the middle target! If you get all 4 power-ups during the game, it’s VERY easy to get the arrow into the target! Also having F and P together, you could get up to 40 points with just one shot.

Good luck!

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