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Ok, maybe you’re like me and you can’t get a good score in your game for your… account. Well, there is another way to make money. I get a lot of items from random events. The more you click around neopets, the more random events you get. There can be a whole load of things from random events, including items. I almost always put these items in my shop. Because I get them from random events, I can price them very well. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What the heck is this person talking about? I though she was going to say how to do this.” Ok, I admit I might belong in an asylum but I guess I should stop your talking about me unless it’s positive.

First let’s learn how to make your shop. On the sidebar you’ll see one link called shops. This is where you find a lot of things but we are looking for your shop. There is something near the top that looks like rolled out parchment.

You’ll see a lot of things. You see, Neopets really loves pop-out books so they modeled the page after it. Anyways, you want the second from your left. It looks like a house and when you hover over it it says, ‘your shop.’ Click it. Then you will want to click the first link below the parchment. It says, ‘Create/Edit a shop.” Click that. It will cost you 150 np to make your shop.

Then you get to make a shop name. How cool is that? Think of something creative.

Anyways, now you pick what world your shop will be in. This means NOTHING. Only malls (I don’t know exactly how many time you have to upgrade your shop but it takes a lot of neopoints) are displayed. Your shop will only be found by someone going through your userlookup or your price being the cheapest on the shop wizard.

Now you get to choose a little shop description. If you want to put a blog in, you can go to the many awesome blogs Neopets gives you or get one from a Neopets site. Of course, you won’t find one as awesome as You may just want to say you have good prices or whatever. Browse around shops to see what people say. You can also put a background on your shop page and to do that you place the coding here.

Next up, you choose a shopkeeper. Some of them are pretty awesome. You probably want to click the box that says transparency if you have a background. That way there won’t be a white box around your shopkeeper. Ok, below that you choose your shopkeeper’s name. It can be anything. You can even use one of your pets’ names.

Lastly, you choose what your shopkeeper says. It can just say welcome if you want. Once you have created your shop, you will most likely want to be able to put more than five items in it. At the bottom of the page it says upgrade and has a cost. The first price is two hundred neopoints and it goes up two hundred each time. You multiply your shop size by five to see how many items you can hold.

Anyways, it does no good to have an empty shop so let’s find out how to stock items. Remember that pop-up parchment? Go there. The very first picture to your left is how you go to your items.

There are two ways to stock. Here is the longer way:
1.) Click the item you want to stock
2.) Go to the scroll down menu and get to ‘Put into Shop’
3.) Click ‘Submit’
4.) Go back to your shop

Here is the shorter way:
1.) At the top it says ‘Jump to:’ Click the second link which says, ‘Quick Stock’
2.) Stock= put in shop,
Deposit= put in Safety Deposit Box so the Pant Devil and other random events can’t steal it
Donate= put on Money Tree*
Discard= put it into virtual trash bin to never be seen again by any Neopians even though there are hundreds of thousands in the Neopian circulation
Gallery= you can only do this if you have a gallery… Choose what you want to do
3.) Click ‘Submit’
*= If the item is junk you do not want to crowd the Money tree with it. Nobody wants your broken rod, so you should discard it. If you’re confused about this, see here.

Now you will see a list of your items. Each is priced at zero right now. If you want to see really good prices to price yours so it will sell quickly or at all, you should use the Shop Wizard.
1.) Copy the name of the item or just remember the exact spelling.
2.) On the pop-up parchment, click the wizard hat (sixth from left)
3.) Paste/ type in the box next to, ‘What are you looking for?’
4.) In the box next to ‘search for items’ you should prolly put ‘identical to my phrase’
5.) Don’t put a min and max price
6.) Find the lowest prices (it is in order of least to greatest)
7.) Remember the lowest price and refresh a couple times to see if you really have the lowest price– it searches different sections of the market each time.

Now you are ready to give your item a price.
1.) Go back to your shop and look under ‘Your Price’
2.) Put in either the lowest price you found or around it
3.) Click update

If you have out a bunch of items in your shop and when you go to ‘Shop Front” and see 0 items you have made a simple mistake. If the price is set at zero then the item won’t show up and it won’t go above 99,999 neopoints. Ok, so say you have put an item in your shop and you don’t want it to be in there. All is not lost. There is a column called ‘Rm.’ This stands for remove. Just choose which item and how many you want to remove and put back in your items sections. Then click update.

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