Neopets Account Security

Scammers run rampant on Neopets. They will try to trick everyone out of items, pets, or Neopoints in any way they can think of. There are scams to be found everywhere from shops to the Trading post. But don't worry! You can protect yourself.


Remember: You can't be "hacked." There are only two ways to get your account stolen.
1. You gave your password away or someone guessed it.
This is by far the most common reason people's accounts are "hacked." Don't ever, EVER give your password away to anyone. Don't give it to your best friend, your Neofriend, or ever enter it into any website besides Check the address bar to make sure you're at Neopets. Frankly, if you're dumb enough to give out your password, I have little sympathy for you if your account is stolen.
2. You were cookie-grabbed.
Don't go to suspicious sites. If someone Neomails you and says, "Get 200,000,000 NP and 95 PBs if you go to!" have a little common sense. Most CG websites will be free domain names-- freewebs, geocities, and the like. Few people will actually pay for a domain name just so they can steal people's cookies.

If you are nervous that someone has grabbed your cookies, simply change your password ASAP and clear your browser's cookies. I have listed how to do this for the more common browsers, but if your browser is not listed, follow the link to below.

Internet Explorer 5 & 6
To delete all cookies:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
  2. Click the Delete Cookies button.
  3. Click OK.

To delete certain cookies:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Click the View Files button.
  4. Click the View menu and select Details.
  5. Click the Internet Address column header to sort, then locate the Internet addresses of the cookie files. For example, a cookie Internet address may be named similar to the following:
  6. Highlight the cookies you wish to delete, then press the Delete key.


  1. Click Tasks and select Privacy & Security then choose Cookie Manager.
  2. On the submenu, choose View Stored Cookies. The Cookie Manager opens and lists the cookies stored on your computer.
  3. Select one or more cookies and click Remove Cookie. Clicking Remove All Cookies will delete all cookies.
  4. Optional: Choose to prevent removed cookies from being re-accepted later.

Opera supports the exact same format for setting cookies as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. This means that Opera will be able to accept all cookies that work with these browsers. Cookies are stored in the file named cookies4.dat located in the main Opera directory (usually C:\Program Files\Opera). It is not possible to edit the file cookies4.dat by hand in order to remove unwanted cookies from your hard drive, but you can download the Opera File Explorer and use this tool to view your cookies.

Other ways to protect your account
Don't choose an easy password! Neopets has made it so that new accounts must have a password that includes at least one number. This is a good idea anyway, because it's harder to guess. Don't use your pet names, your username, your real name, or anything else easy, like "password1" or "n3opets" or "abc123."
Don't give your dang password away! This was covered before, but just to hammer it home. People will say they are the Neopets Team. They'll say they need your password for any reason they can possibly think of to get it. They'll try to get you to enter it into a website. They'll say they need it to guarantee whatever. DON'T LISTEN!
Don't give out the password to your email, either. Remember that you can request to have your Neo password emailed to you. If someone knows your email password, how easy is it to just have it sent there?!
Log out of both Neopets and any webmail when you're using a public computer.Remember that cookies are saved in the browser, so whoever gets onto that computer after you can just go to Neopets and you'll be logged in. Same with email clients like Hotmail.

I've had my account for almost five years. I've never been hacked, scammed, or fallen for a scam. A good rule of thumb to remember, both on Neopets and in real life, is "there's no such thing as a free lunch." People aren't just going to hand you free things. You have to work for them. And as appealing as it may sound when someone says, "go 2 for 9,000,000 NP!" have a little common sense. Why would anyone give you money or rare items when they could keep them for themselves?