Buy Battledome Neopets

Have you just recently started playing Neopets and found interests in the Battledome? Maybe you're saying that your pet is too weak to battle and that you want a stronger one. Or maybe you're on of those people who are really busy with real life and don't have the time to always train their pet and assign them with a course. This is not a problem, because we have what you want. Here, you will find the pet with the HSD (Health, Strength, Defence) of your choice. Actually, Battledome pets are very unique and therefore, if there is one that interests you, you will have to decide quickly because, as you already know, it is first come first serve. Sometimes, TNT decide to introduce plots and events that will require you to have a BD pet (like the obelisk war) and many people will not have one ready for battle. Save yourself the effort of training and get one that is ready to battle quickly. This way, not only you will be able to battle and defeat the opponent you've always hated, but you will also be able to get a nice looking site event trophy during the next plot!

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