Buy Neopets Gambles

Over the years, we have acquired more and more stock. To give the opportunity for every player to get enjoy the game with new nice stuff, we have figured out it would be a great idea to liquidate our items in bulk. You may be wondering what exactly is a unchecked account grab bag. Unchecked account grab bags are accounts being sold as soon as we get them. They are never logged into and also never checked. They are left "abandoned" with their last login time, more than a year ago. We have then decided to divide these accounts and to place them into different categories. Categories will vary depending of what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for Avatars, there are accounts identified as "Avatar Grab Bags" and their main source is based on those. So the account will be valued with the number of Avatar it does have. Not only that, but you can choose between unconverted neopets grab bags, big shop/gallery grab bags, etc. If the grab bag has a bronze tag, it means that the product is not the top, but that it is fairly good. Silver means the product is between bronze and gold. Gold means that you will get the perfect product.

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