Instant Delivery FAQ

How does Instant Delivery work?

The instant delivery is a system that will automatically offer you the item you have purchased with a manner of seconds. That means when you place an order for a specific item and successfully checkout, you will be instantly emailed with the information of an account containing the product you've just purchased. When you receive your order on the account, you can later transfer the items/nps/pets to your main account. In other words, when you will place an order and checkout, go to your email and a new message will be waiting you with the information of the account containing your items. You will be emailed with the account username, password, pin, and birthday.

What products qualify for Instant Delivery?

All items that have the option "Instant Delivery" after their product name will be instantly delivered to you. Many of these items will be located in the clearance section of our site.

How long will delivery really be on 'Instant Delivery' products?

Orders with instant delivery will be delivered within 15 seconds of checking out. Sometimes it will take some more time if a high amount of orders is currently being taken care of. If, for some reasons, you have not received your product within 15 minutes after purchase, email us using the contact form and we will deliver your purchased products as soon as possible.

So what do I do after I've gotten the Instant Delivery email?

So now you have ordered and received an email from us containing your new accounts information. Copy and Paste carefully the information we have sent to you and save them on a notepad or write them on a piece of paper. Never use the same IP Address you use for your main account to log on the newly acquired one. Only do so if you're purchasing a shell account as a side account or if you've purchased a main account for yourself. You will have to hide your IP Address and to do so, login to any shell accounts using the Tor Browser, which will hide your IP Address every time you will open a new page. This is perfect for transferring your newly acquired items to your main, safely, so that TNT does not raise flags on your account(s). If you do not want to use Tor Browser, and you prefer using a VPN, you can do so. There are VPNs out there that pretty much free.

How will I send the items to my account?

The best way to receive items on your main account is to send them, from the purchased one, as a gift. Send a few everyday to ensure you don't raise flags on your account. This is actually the best method, because there is no trading post, auctions or shops involved.

I have ordered an Instant Delivery product, but have not received an email?

Please, wait 15 minutes for your items to be delivered. Sometimes there is a high number of orders occurring at the same time. Instant Delivery items will always be delivered within seconds, though. If you have waited more than 15 minutes and still have not received your order, do not panic. Simply mail us using our contact form and we will deliver as soon as possible.

What can I do to keep my account safe?

To keep your account safe, the best way would be to protect your account by avoiding to get reported. When multiple people report you, there will be a higher chance that TNT will start looking into your account and taking actions if necessary. To avoid that, when you purchase something, never tell anybody and keep it a secret. You do not want to get suspicious.

Do I have to return the account that my Instant Delivery product came on?

The account is a complimentary gift from us because we want to ensure your safety.